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  1. Brilliant thanks for that. They should be made compulsory on all our large companies fishing trawlers . Great opportunity for national to include the cameras in there fisheries policies. Hope so. Go the nz national party fishing policies. Get the cameras installed.
  2. 😎⛵ all the way to a 11 mile boundary. Absolutely no fishing commercial & recreational activities. Start the Legislation immediately. No consultation process. 😎
  3. And our production costs r to high to export.
  4. Please tell him where to find the answer R. SpareHand could probably as well. Pittyfull is more the liking.
  5. Did you go to CG website and find the answer to why they investigating a oil spill or alternatively did you send them a email asking them? Your findings, posted as a result, would contribute more than the tactics you r engaging to the thread / topic
  6. You always have to try and have the word. When your arguments fail you resort to internet bully tactics, humiliation tactics, and try belittlement tactics. No I never get the feeling posed by your question. Do you?
  7. Yes I did make the post and Inc a the quote by Mr Hartley. Fish you in your post quoted my quote with the Mr Hartley quote which your post infer I said it which I did not. Apology not accepted.
  8. Why not leave a large bucket of spratts or a couple of baskets of fish bait.
  9. Fish The passage you quoted I did not say. Want the answer that you have asked contact the CG and put your question to them.
  10. You have not answered the question You keep twisting the argument to make look yours is correct. We are not talking about a oil spill we are talking about why the existing Vessel could not be launched for them to go to the vessel observe and assess. Yesterday there was hardly any surf approx 1 meter at the most apparently and the bar was sheltered as there was no easterly but a northerly. The bigger boat you keep referring and not being specific would be stationed at Tauranga and if the CG vessel could not be launched of weather as stated then either training is required for the cr
  11. You have not answered the question You keep twisting the argument to make look yours is correct. We are not talking about a oil spill we are talking about why the existing Vessel could not be launched for them to go to the vessel observe and assess.
  12. I was aware they had their own vessel. My posts was based on the following statement they could not assess even in a protected harbour? Whangamata Vessel Information Gardner Ranger is an 8.5 metre Naiad powered by two 225 hp Yamaha Outboards. Whangamata CRV - "Gardner Ranger" "Unfortunately it’s just not sa
  13. Following pressure from tourism operators, the BIA and other concerned organisations, the Queensland government has announced that boating is effectively "back to normal" after some bizarre and illogical COVID-19 regulations have been revoked. Maritime Safety Queensland issued the following statement on Sunday, May 31 2020: From noon on Monday 01 June 2020, recreational water-based travel within Queensland will be permitted without restrictions. This includes the ability to travel overnight and with no travel distance limitation. Previously advised international and interstate b
  14. Here is an example of not having a bigger rough weather assets in each area to prevent such disasters by commercial vessels. This has the potential to be another reina disaster and the weather at best can in my opinion b described as moderate, not even stormy somewhere in the gale cat. All comments that the other areas r sufficiently served I's BS. https://www.tvnz.co.nz/one-news/new-zealand/two-vessels-stricken-off-coromandel-peninsula-one-leaking-fuel-in-whangamat-harbour Leaking oil in the whagamata harbour, probably blocking the entire harbour to all other boats. And Why? Be
  15. Please do, start on Monday. Seas suit a crossing u should arrive Tues morning 0600 ,hrs🤪
  16. Forgot to mention 2 ND communication app VHF radio.
  17. No issue either except that he had trouble starting the motor which usually means dirty spark plugs. Seagulls are pretty reliable and when they fail to fire means usually dirty oiled spark plugs. He should have replaced the spark plugs with a new at the correct gap setting and taken a spare with some acetone wash them should they have fouled, fully charge his cell phone, taken a life jacket filed a trip report, torch, chart for such a long journey in the dark and had a reasonable compass with a spark plug spanner. He obviously checked the weather otherwise he would not attempted crossing
  18. They should b more permanent repairs while they r at it.
  19. What about the people employed by the council that will loose their jobs that will experience a lot more hardships. What happened to the catch cry we r all in this together? Cancel the AC for 3 years minimum. People where quick to que for a beer and coffee they could easily continue to have at home, quick to rush to KFC when they could eat at home, have a beer at home, buy a thermal flask and take their coffee with them to work. They seem to have money to hire camper vans to take the kids on a holiday this Q B P. H. if TV 1 story is a fair indication of Aucklanders attitudes.
  20. The mayor and councillors once again to scared to increase rates and it make easier for them to be paid. Like automatic payments deducted from their pay weekly or FN. Borrow cheap finance from O/S. Seems a ploy to bait the government into giving more money to Aucklanders in the name of saving jobs. Increase the rates to what every it takes and other chargers, (public transport to the true costs including depreciation and replacements.) like the commercial sector and air NZ have to.
  21. They have not been successful to date. The big boys the minister for fusheries and Winston do not listen.
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