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  1. Oct 7, 2015, 18:09:00 (New Zealand Daylight Time) Definitely a Benetau OCEANIS 60 footer. A Hong Kong registered 18.2m sailing yacht Europa, Beneteau Oceanis 60, owned by yacht broker and experienced offshore sailor Robin Wyatt, left Hong Kong for Subic Bay at 1020h on Thursday 1 October 2015 with an ETA at Subic Bay no later than 5 October 2015. The passage plan was to head for the north of the Philippines – possibly Vigan – in order to avoid Tropical Storm Kabayan (international name Mujigae) and then sail down the coast to Subic. A friend who met the crew at the Royal
  2. America's Cup - ISAF and Cup Jury summonsed by California Court The International Sailing Federation, the controlling body for world sailing, and the five individuals who made up the International Jury for the 34th America's Cup have been served with a Summons by a San Francisco Court. The action has been brought by Matthew Mitchell (NZL) a former Oracle Team USA crewman who was one of five to be penalised by the International Jury after conducting an investigation and Hearings into allegations of boat tampering in the America's Cup World Series. The papers were filed with the San Fr
  3. Yacht Europa lost on Devilery and Oman Sail reports man overboard and dead Yacht Europa http://www.mysailing.com.au/news/robin-wyatt-and-sailing-yacht-europa-missing-on-delivery-to-subic-bay?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Enews+Oct+9+2015&utm_content=Enews+Oct+9+2015+CID_dfe528b00b2ff210088868280862892d&utm_source=Email%20marketing%20software&utm_term=Robin%20Wyatt%20and%20sailing%20yacht%20Europa%20missing%20on%20delivery%20to%20Subic%20Bay Yacht Oman http://www.mysailing.com.au/news/robin-wyatt-and-sailing-yacht-europa-missing-on-deliver
  4. Ditto YNZ should be telling clubs they are misrepresenting YNZ by stating incorrect YNZ FEES, are obtaining revenue by fraudulent means, are contravening the consumers guarantee act and the clubs should be deregistered if they do not comply after a warning. REPLY PLEASE YNZ OC
  5. BOOBOO READ the programme ORC VPP System already in existence. Velocity Prediction Program (VPP) Velocity Prediction Program (VPP) It is intention of any rating system to give a boat rating which depends on her characteristics in order to equalize her with other boats of different size and characteristics. Characteristics that are positive for boat speed, like length of the water line or sail area, and those that are negative, like beam, displacement and wetted surface, are the most common influences in any rating system. Establishing which of these
  6. VPP handicap system Ketch.
  7. No it's not. A reasonable question and got the answered that it guess work as well. I understand the existing handicap systems which every poster so far has criticized and confirmed they have misgivings with them. Your quote "PHRF is the same basic formula but with some wise (very wise) men giving it the fudge factor to take out the abnormalites in performance and level it out." Where is the provision to programme the race weather for the course and provide a elapsed corrected time simultaneously for the whole course, fleet, each boat when using PHRF. VPP all though I have neve
  8. Does any racing crews or clubs use the latest handicaps RACE TRACK HAS LATEST RACE RESULTS AND AMENDED HANDICAPS NEARLY ALL NZ BOATS AND CLASSES INC MULTIHULLS. http://www.racetrack.org.nz/select_club.php OC
  9. A reply is needed and how do you reply to the questions that have been asked on the threads that have been locked? Convenient they have been locked and remain locked. OC
  10. The ISAF VPP is the opposite it is computer programme with the weather for the race, the vessel designers, crew weight and other info all incorporated to arrive at a handicap for a particular vessel. It can be the decision of the race organisers to scrutinize the vessel to see if the vessel conforms to the information supplied to the handicap programme. Any alteration non compliance results with a disqualification. The designers from their computers give the designed boat speed also . The handicaps are based on 100% sailing skills for the whole duration / race. as the best handicap a
  11. Agree that's why a fairer handicap system is warranted. Line honours Ketch is not subject to certificates or ratings handicap or other. It's totally the fastest boat any size that has all the go fast equipment and combined with the most skilled sailors which general means who has the biggest wallet overdraft for any boat race. Where did I say it was for mixed class fleet racing handicapped series or races. Oc
  12. The ISAF VPP handicap systems penalises cheque book racing substantially also as wild oats found to their dissatisfaction and allows the organisers to weigh the boat and inspect the boat before prize winners can claim the prizes or title much the same way as horse racing does . Cheque book racing is for lone honours only and correctly so. Have a look at the last SH race WO has set new records but on handicap they have been placed 13th ,15th and Comanche was worse. As for the statement so the "prizes can be shared around" the best way to do that is to shout them to a free sailing skills semina
  13. This thread definitely exposes all the loop holes to the existing handicap systems and is testament a fairer handicap system is essential because you are all kidding yourselves you are good sailors. The systems encourages cheating, sanding bagging, using political influences rather than improving your racing, tactical, trimming sailing skills. OC
  14. Westhaven question. Do you for live a boards seal the head or place unattainable colour liquid in the vessels toilets with regular inspections to ensure they use the on shore ablution facilities to save the marina, near by harbour waters from bacteria and raw sewage contamination like they do at overseas marinas. If they complain about walking a few healthy meters to pre arrange guests to their vessels they surely are contaminating the marina. You don't want to get to the stage like Wellington like not only can you smell it you can taste it if you have to enter the water for hull inspecti
  15. Plus I can remember when AUCKLAND harbour was grade B. it was criminal they downgraded the harbour to grade C so the street wastes /. pollution and ACBD and other areas draining unfiltered, non waste managed and that if the port extensions proceed then infrastructure should be provided for inspectors with officers on the wharf to enforce all on board commercial shipping ships comply with their pollution prevention systems, are engaged / work, including on board sewage treatment plants with registers / logs and they should be forced to retain all non biodegradable waste / rubbish by compres
  16. Most of the information is available already on the ISAF website. It's the manual they provide / recommend for yacht clubs to follow with other handicapping systems and how to organize / run races / clubs free also. So what's the big deal duplicating. OC
  17. The web site also should have a oblong red box noting it has a addition added with the date and section
  18. That's no excuse if their is a better and fairer system. OC
  19. YES Because they also do not want to responsibility you dying from starvation, lack of basic medical purchases, coast guard rescue when you and your crew faint or collapse from malnutrition causing a marine hazard and danger. OC
  20. How's to report coming along. You all forget that Opua is a port on entry for foreign yachts also. It is posted on YNZ and they support this as it is a major problem with all marinas world wide. Just because AUCKLAND is if it costs something then don't do it is no reason for other regions to follow suit. Tauranga not so long ago stated hey had found the fan worm supposedly transferred from AUCKLAND or by a foreign ship and where quite concerned.. http://www.yachtingnz.org.nz/news/201312/far-north-marinas-join-the-fight-against-fanworm As you can see they gather together b
  21. Wheels where you ever employed by a rural aviation firm, at HAMILTON
  22. Most cruisers research all that information from the internet and the local info centre's provide it all. http://homepages.ihug.co.nz/~philclarke/SAILING%20MECCA.htm http://homepages.ihug.co.nz/~philclarke/Overview%20wording.htm http://homepages.ihug.co.nz/~philclarke/Directory.htm http://homepages.ihug.co.nz/~philclarke/Worldwidesurfcams.html
  23. Rehabilitated


    Didn't Russell Coutts do most on his early sailing DUNEDIN HARBOUR which means he did not get much finial support early on The rest on NZ clubs and grass routes have a genuine gripe it would appear. WHAT'S WRONG WITH THEIR EXISTING OFFICES AND FACILITIES. THE HAVE BEEN SUFFICENT SO FAR. "This fund was also instrumental in assisting to secure an entry by the NZL Sailing Team into the Red Bull Youth Americas Cup in San Francisco in conjunction with Emirates Team New Zealand." Where was the YNZ LOGO ON THAT BOAT. THE RED BULL SERIES DID NOTHING FOR GRASS ROUTE SAILING NATION W
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