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  1. Should health issues be included besides Safety and it should also include non popular areas. Most off the popular areas are close to Auckland for half day sailors or a day sail. What about over nighters and 3-4 day spots. Who is the judge re what constitutes a high natural beauty that should be protected, Like art is it not. Many variations and opinions. High natural beauty is not an exact science. What has been determined so far and what documented representation has been lodged. A copy please UPDATE please. OC
  2. Goodness how does YNZ provide the same if this goes ahead [ which it does not ] to Huntly, Hamilton, lake Taupo, lake Tekapo, Stewart Island, Tauranga, Napier, Nelson, Picton, wellington, Raglan, Taranaki, Wanganui, B.O.I. Dargaville, Dunedin, Christchurch as a follow on to all these places. A travelling mobile education training,information,liaison, recruitment drive mobile unit instead so all Auckland and other areas around NZ can be serviced far cheaper and a lot more cost effective. OC.
  3. Rehabilitated

    YNZ's silence

    They are at present with the NZ army getting flak helmets. OC
  4. Rehabilitated


    You mean unlike YNZ they have ...... I trust that trusting your word is worth considering. So Pete has definitely resigned. For the uneducated who is Ralph Roberts. Keep the facts rolling. Does YNZ get funding for other sources. They keep hamming the issue that members funds are not used re this issue and not stating that none on their funds are used. That is a big difference and what does their charter state re the distribution re funds at their disposal OC OC
  5. YNZ does not need to get involved. It is not their goal or stated aims. It is not their job. YNZ is for grass route NZ domicile sailors and for better organised local clubs with help for their training retraining and recruitment membership drives.
  6. Quote "A travelling road show is completely inappropriate and not what this is about." YNZ we are not talking about a travelling road show but a mobile travelling road information, training unit, centre to travel to all parts the length, width yachting areas around NZ which whilst at those areas help the individual clubs canvass, educate the prospective public to get involved, whilst also would give the unit and the trainers the opportunity to improve the local club coaches skills, with the latest technics, programmes, and interact with the real nz sailors, club officials, grass route
  8. The latest regatta showing on SKY was worse. OC
  10. A Performance factor that allows SAND BAGGING. and rewards it / is Cheating we should all say and efforts should be made to eliminate this practice CHEATING, SAND BAGGING, SETTING YOUR OWN HANDICAP and shouting the handicapper every time he / she is at the BAR OC
  11. The posting above by GUEST is ISAF wording they are promoting it / pushing it [ READ THEIR WORDING ] and the USA have joined the revolution towards it. Quoting Europe is a no argument. The argument is decided on how many are unhappy with the present flawed system within each ZONE.. The system once a DATA model is established is not expensive. What is expensive or not expensive [ not expensive if a volunteer expert compiles the data development model or another model producing organisation. ] QUESTION What price do you put on FAIRNESS ? DOES IT NEED TO BE PRICED ? and YNZ avoi
  12. Careful, you should not have made that statement. Read the answer from YNZ they are reviewing or have they completed their review. You have the answer to pay only once if clubs allow and promote I.E. Full membership class called donation member or some other way so they do not have to pay YNZ, which YNZ say the present system the clubs don't get charged by YNZ. Your ides could have a actual huge swinging influence for people who for various want to support numerous clubs simultaneously which I sure if significant YNZ will counteract and they YNZ should not. [ YNZ attitude wro
  13. Rehabilitated


    Can you quote the others that have, as you say walked. Be more specific. Have they resigned? Evidence would give credibility to your postings. Quote source with hyperlink or documented web links sources . Does the report state where the rest, money is coming from and whether they have had funds from YNZ or expect FUNDS from YNZ. OC
  14. YNZ WHERE IS THE REPY. This system is becoming a revolution for overseas clubs and answers the falling numbers issues entering races and local yacht clubs and inter yacht numbers races. A reply would have been expected and the system adopted / encouraged / recommended as the ISAF are recommending it and promoting it and they are above YNZ. OC
  15. Ketchup Give them fair time to respond. You possibly might be firing blanks from your pistol They have perhaps it appears made a contradicting statement and needs to be clarified in addition to the boat show non appearance questions. Your argument could be correct depending on how they reply. http://crew.org.nz/forum/index.php/topic/12260-boat-show/ If you enjoy shooting people for the fun on it to get your kicks on route 66 [ no disrespect Ketch ] join a small target shooting gun club and make sure your gun is licenced. OC
  16. Rehabilitated

    boat show

    Totally agree with statement. You are a quick thinker. YNZ why where you not there with helium filled balloons for the children to drag their parents to your stand with the words learn to sail, DAD MUM I want to learn to sail, I love to sail, please teach me to sail, Go sailing, Join your local community yacht club and a colour page [ like they get at fast food burger places ]] to colour when they get home. We all know kiddies all want a hellium balloon when they see one Perhaps a yacht scene on a lake or harbour bay with the various youth size vessels for beginners including a pictur
  17. Thanks willow. Can you please give it a green arrow. That's what you suppose to do. and why do you hate to agree with. See my new TITLE REHAB They really corrected my head to be the same as yours. [ Smile ] No offence intended. OC
  18. Quote YNZ AIMS statement. ADMIRABLE. HOWEVER NOT BEING PIN PRICKING PLEASE CLARIFY "We also continue to develop a better understanding of what clubs and members need. "Our role is to help those clubs achieve this by doing the following: · Guidance and support at an administrative and strategic level · Support to ensure programmes are effective and appropriate · Support for fundraising · Providing resources for the club · Promoting and maintaining national sail training programmes and resources · Training coaches · Training race of
  19. Coppins had a testimonial on their web site and other parachute anchor brands also, regarding clients that sustained extreme Hurricane cat 4 atmosphere Hurricane weather conditions with no damage to the vessel with the captain totally pleased with their brand / product. Would make the comment the gunwales are not the best place, strength wise especially custom euro yachts, to take such loads unless situated at a crash bulk heads and centred. or other bulk head and secured / fixed to the bulk head. Many reports have been main page news when an gas, petrol or LPG gas explosion has occurred
  20. Do you know what grade the S steal was. Was it non Chinese S Steel or Chinese S steel and you are not complaining about the prompt work, terrific workmanship. What you do when they do not quote is set / authorise an maximum amount before they commence work and they are to phone for your authorisation if higher remembering if you take a computer to a authorised and certified brand repair you will be charged approx. $80 for pre evaluation and their opinion what the problem is and $120 per hour for labour plus parts if you authorise commencement. That's the charges for ACER computer brand WELLI
  21. Good skills you should ask YNZ to fund with some funds so guest expert boat trimming, crew training experts, cruising safety advice, sail trimming / tips / tactics by expert tacticians, speakers, can speak at the seminar with hard copy re their presentation being distributed and only race entries allowed entry. You should be able to get larger fleets and new members with such a programme that other clubs aren't doing.
  22. There are a numerous post that do not refer to YNZ / Takapuna Takapuna and any other place is the wrong place and YNZ are wasting resources THEY DO NOT NEED A HUB. Would have been nice for the posts to be transferred to a new thread like you have done previously. Are you looking to be nominated to YNZ Board. OC
  23. I was talking about a 40 ft boat breaking wave hitting a vessel with a parachute anchor set. OC
  24. "island time, on 22 Sept 2015 - 2:36 PM, said:" "Interesting. Sweet Disorder is a local boat to Gulf Harbour, and is in good order - but no longer new of course. The rudder shaft is not 2 inch - I'm not sure of the exact measurement, but IIRC it is WAY more that 2 inch (more like 4 +) For it to break off, without hitting something solid, it must have had some unseen issue. Be really interesting to see the failure point close up. Steering a fin keeler without a rudder over long distance is very difficult. I've never been a believer in a bit of ply and some U bolts... due to the l
  25. "First-hand account of yacht rescue after rudder breaks 18 Sep 2015 When we started off from Fiji on the Pacific Circuit Rally leg to Vanuatu we had waited a week to let a Tropical Depression in the region dissipate, but the seas were still lumpy. The forecast was for the weather and sea state to improve so we boxed on, at least that was until we received a Pan Pan via email! The email came in with the evening position reports say­ing Sweet Disorder, a Lotus 1280, had suffered damage to their steering and were taking steps to rectify. NZ Mari­time Radio had been a
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