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  1. Its going to happen a lot more often with mounting water garbage, pollution and debris arriving. They can't and should not rely on a tow. OC
  2. How does a personal comment alter anything re this design. Emergency rudders are not compulsory and are highly recommendations until the race organisers make them compulsory. A cheaper option should the skipper or race organizers decide that they are compulsory can be designed and operate from the pushpit center stanchions and on larger vessels most already have a installed system they can use. .
  3. I do not support those statements by Ketch. You are dreaming. Funny how you can't find the words to define how many boats there are when yachting matching is being sailed IF, IF, IF, IF, AC is not about IF. Ketch we not talking about motor racing or motor rallies. Yachts do not sail on roads. If I'm not on the same planet as you then I'm on the same planet as Coutts, Larry, and the USA, the Great Barrier reef OCEANIA and Bermuda Is. Can you please tell me the distance to your planet. quote "This new TNZ, despite Dalton, has the best chan
  4. John Player Special. Red Plus with king size filters. Roll your own. Ketch every thing buckled even the crew. Looks like a repeat will be happening. Dalton has said the young guys are doing a fantastic job sailing the vessels so far as he has moved away from the sailing team with ASBY the sailing chief 2nd on command. What a fantastic testimonial from the $2 million dollar man and Coutts has given peter a testimonial that PETER at his age is better than he was. From the $12m plus US Coutts. Those two guys do not need DALTON. They also have a shore crew Chief executive. If Dalto
  5. Ketch. Didn't the mast buckle. That was in two pieces, the boom and fittings where in two pieces, the fittings buckled. the foil buckled. The new design team resorted to radical design innovations in an attempt to defend the cup with raw boat speed alone and buckled with inexperience designers. Race four the spinnaker pole buckled and became two pieces also. Look at the sponsors they had the money but wasted it. Where did it all go. Wages, fancy living, expensive designers fees and expensive sails, toms famous wind tunnel fees. etc. Designers Tom Schnacken
  6. Nick here the emergency steering regs as from Jan 2015, 2.01 Categories of Events In many types of race, ranging from trans-oceanic sailed under adverse conditions to short-course day races sailed in protected waters, six categories are established, to provide for differences in the minimum standards of safety and accommodation required for such varying circumstances: 2.01.1 Category 0 Trans-oceanic races, including races which pass through areas in which air or sea temperatures are likely to be less than 5 degrees Celsius other than temporarily, where yachts must be com
  7. Ketch you have not answered how you define the present racing as match racing. Do you agree match racing is between two yachts. YNZ? OC
  8. Try NZL 82 IT buckled and took on water flooding the cockpit from memory. NZL 82 retired due to multiple gear failures in the rigging. NZL 82 was completely ineffective, losing 0–5 to the challenger Allingi. The defeat was largely due to NZL 82‍ '​s lack of reliability and Russell Coutts on the helm Allingi. Other equipment snapped due to increased stress caused by the weight of water in the boat they also had sail hoisting problems and winch problems. OC
  9. Another great article here that gives a incite that has not revealed before. Especially the round the world race involving the 60 class boats. The Race had only 4 Maxi class boats. Total boats entered https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1993%E2%80%9394_Whitbread_Round_the_World_Race http://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/other-sports/71262351/Yachting-commentator-Peter-Montgomery-claims-Grant-Dalton-tried-to-break-me OC
  10. www.3news.co.nz/.../remembering-the-americas-cup-20-years-on-20150 Try this.
  11. http://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/americas-cup/9222665/Homeless-Team-NZ-catamarans-now-worthless Can you notice the difference. Deduct the tax they recovered. Worthless Bull sh..t. The tax refund would have been huge. Did they advertise the boats for sale or auction them? Some organisation would have bought them to obtain the world speed 500 meters I mile WSSAF record plus other harbour races. All they needed was a soft sail and hey a new world record making boat was on the books also as it did a world tour people would pay heaps for a close, touch the boat or even photo sh
  12. Correct. They beat the bad guy DC http://homepages.ihug.co.nz/~philclarke/cupwinners.html OC
  13. Ketchup. Yes agree. The 3 I remember was GRETEL Australia with The Bulb wing Keel. A new innovation that millionaires money produced. Then the other 2 great match races where KZ 7 the breaking area and innovation of the glass revolution funded by another millionaire { remember the famous USA BAD BOY statement that cost NZ the cup. Why would you build using glass when all others use alluvium unless you wanted to cheat stalling for time for the Fremantle doctor to arrive with conners on one more loss and he was gone and cup probably would have been NZ's. NZ fell for the jibe not having
  14. The same story with the Extreme series. Sky sport did a disservice to yachting. It was the worst yacht racing I have seen on TV IT was Sh..t All the hype that these boats are better faster and more exciting is pure dribble trying sell the public to attend. The Americas cup is not about match racing and will never be. The TV presenters as you put it are looking for Crashes, so always positioning themselves to be ready for the most devastating action shot and as you put it the commentators I think must be ex Boxing presenters announcers, like to a heavy weight boxing world title. Th
  15. Thanks for that. Which reef? Can you give a hyperlink to view from the satellites so we can watch the sinking or destruction or a successful damaged salvage. Showing all the signs it being a insurance claim heading for a total loss. . OC
  16. Thanks Have link to what might appear to be to yacht on the reef. http://www.panoramio.com/map/#lt=-17.847542&ln=177.190359&z=-2&k=2&a=1&tab=1&pl=all Do you know which reef the vessel is on and which entrance he used to enter. Main entrance some distance from the position the hyper link showing the reef where the vessel could be. If that's the case he was not using his charts or took a detour. Can't imagine how he got there. But SOLO sailing, tried, lacking sleep and age, the possible combine cause. On auto pilot perhaps to read chart, GPS o
  17. No progress on salvage of Swan 57 that hit a reef in Fiji 03 Sep 2015 Jack Hargraves, an Auckland-based yachtie who spends a lot of time in Fiji, has posted on Facebook the story of an old Swan 57 that ran aground on a reef near Musket Cove. Apparently the owner was sailing single-handed, coming in from Suva, when he hit the reef at 1am on August 26. There was an immediate and unsuccessful attempt to refloat the yacht. The first suggestion was to try to pull her to the ocean side of the reef, a distance of about 400 metres. In his FB post, Jack was not keen on this idea as it involved
  18. Has any person viewed the sky coverage re the latest regatta. 30 minutes tried to cram 4 days racing with poor camera photography into the time slot. About time they got camera personnel that know something about yachting so we get decent shots on what a boat is doing. Coverage spent more time showing their logo on the bows than any thing else.. Boats would get to the mark but not show the rounding. Most on the shots where brief, from the shore or a craft, mainly from the shore and side on, the worst possible angle from a television viewing point on view. Sorry sky sport presenters you did
  19. Which sponsors or do you mean the host city. The sponsors are paying for not much coverage or exposure, the weather is making sure re that aspect together with the on line coverage as the TV channels are not prepared to pay their enormous charges for the minor unpopular world series, The Challenger series, which the unpopularity will continue on until the main event, the defender racers at BERMUDA WATERS . Even that will not be popular for the TV channels, sponsors and spectators. For the common sailor to view the defender series cheaply you will need to sail their with your own boat with live
  20. Have you looked at what the viewing public has to pay to physically to be a spectator with a good view at Portsmouth England.. Other words prime spot and entertainment arena or main public viewing area. 76 pounds = NZ . $179.45 But I guess that's reasonable. Why should sky TV charge more to see it on TV. I guess they have taken a leaf from the Middle east opec pricing. The reason for their pricing argument [ opec ] when oil was $18 a barrel was all the Governments around the world added taxes which amounted to approx. twice the amount for the barrel that they where being paid. hence
  21. Article regarding title WHO DUMPS THE MOST? So much plastic is dumped into the sea each year that it would fill five carrier bags for every foot of coastline on the planet, scientists have warned. More than half of the plastic waste that flows into the oceans comes from just five countries: China, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and Sri Lanka. The only industrialized western country on the list of top 20 plastic polluters is the United States at No. 20. The U.S. and Europe are not mismanaging their collected waste, so the plastic trash coming from those countries is due to litter,
  22. He also seems to be able to view members profiles and vote. Voting while banned are rule breaches. When I was banned I could not log on to send private messages or vote a member had to log on to be able to activate those functions.. How can that member. I could only read at this web site at that time. Is the format different with the new web site format. Tried as a non logged on member since posting and could not do as you state he can.
  23. "The Annual 18nm Dauphin Island Race on April 25 2015. People missing in the waters of Mobile Bay after a storm hit the annual 18nm Dauphin Island Race on April 25, capsizing boats and pitching sailors overboard Saturday. The race was hosted by Fairhope Yacht Club, located near Mobile, AL. - The NWS began advertising the threat of severe weather four days prior to Saturday’s sailboat race and issued graphical forecasts highlighting the potential as the weekend approached. - Two people have been confirmed dead, while four people remain missing. A fifth person originally feared
  24. Latest artcle "Speed​ with the ​new Amer​ica’s Cu​p is ach​ieving c​ontinuou​s stable​ ‘flight​’ In February 2010, the 33rd America's Cup was won by a 90 foot multihull. It used a 100hp car engine to provide the necessary power to the hydraulics. The 35th America's Cup will be raced in 48 foot foiling multihulls, and the rules state that there will be no engine. Instead, there will be just six crew. At all times, one of them will be required to adjust the hydrofoils, another to control the aerofoils. The other four must wind handles to feed the hydraulics with juice. They mu
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