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  1. April 21, 2015 Trimaran Lending Club 2 successfully completed an attempt to break the Newport to Bermuda course record with plenty of time to spare. The 105ft trimaran simply obliterated the previous record that had stood for 15 years, taking less than 24 hrs to complete the 635-nautical mile ocean crossing from Castle Hill Lighthouse in Newport to [st. Davids Lighthouse in] Bermuda. The new record, subject to ratification by the World Sailing Speed Record Council, is 23hr 9min 52sec at an average speed of 27 knots. Full story http://www.sailingworld.c
  2. Quote "The remaining America's Cup teams have agreed on the format for the upcoming racing in 2017. By Courtesy of americascup.com Dated April 21, 2015" "The America’s Cup competitors have agreed the format for racing in 2017 with all racing taking place on the waters of the Great Sound in Bermuda, the home of the 2017 America’s Cup. “At our Competitor Forum meeting this week, the teams agreed on the details of our race program in 2017,” said Commercial Commissioner Harvey Schiller. All teams will compete in a double round robin format for the America’s Cup Quali
  3. Quote from latest yachting news website. "Japan to announce America’s Cup bid Published on April 23, 2015 | (April 23, 2015) – The long-heralded announcement that Japan is to challenge again for the America’s Cup is expected finally to be made by the end of next week and will see not only a Japanese skipper but the appearance of former Team New Zealand skipper Dean Barker in the lineup. Barker was controversially dumped as helmsman by Team New Zealand who have placed their faith in Australian Glenn Ashby and rising Kiwi talent Peter Burling to take the wheel. Barker’s
  4. April 20, 2015 Latest 20 -04 - 2015 AC news, Bermuda has been confirmed as the only venue ( no Auckland qualifier) and Ben Ainslie has a couple of his team running the London Marathon for charity. OC
  5. Some photos re Gun Boat https://www.facebook.com/gunboatcatamarans/photos/pb.83408473489.-2207520000.1429133699./10153131623323490/?type=3&permPage=1 https://www.facebook.com/gunboatcatamarans/photos/pb.83408473489.-2207520000.1429133699./10153131623313490/?type=3&theater https://www.facebook.com/gunboatcatamarans/photos/pb.83408473489.-2207520000.1429133699./10153131622873490/?type=3&theatre https://www.facebook.com/gunboatcatamarans/photos/pb.83408473489.-2207520000.1429133699./10153163244533490/?type=3&theatre https://www.facebook.com/gunboatca
  6. Dean Barkers 4 wins and a second from five races beating Ray Davies 4 times says something. http://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/other-sports/67513244/axed-team-nz-skipper-dean-barker-helps-new-team-to-four-wins-from-five-races
  7. Dalton and team NZ - designers also had access to the same computer simulator. http://www.blueplanettimes.com/wp-content/gallery/this-that-tother/hydroptere-bow.jpg OC
  8. Can you please show the provisions / rule for you to come to that understanding. Thanks
  9. http://crew.org.nz/forum/index.php/topic/11486-will-nz-host-a-round/page-2
  10. Kiwi skipper charged over Caribbean deaths https://nz.news.yahoo.com/a/-/top-stories/26817301/kiwi-skipper-charged-over-caribbean-deaths/
  11. "Mayor Len Brown said they were consented under rules inherited from the former Auckland Regional Council and council could not legally decline or publicly notify them under those rules. Nor did the council have the power to revoke or reverse the consents," he said. "Mr Brown has refused to say if he supports further port expansion, but is setting up a study on the economic, environmental and social impact of the port on wider Auckland - something he promised in 2013." "Yesterday, Mr Brown walked out of a council meeting following a stoush with councillor Cathy Casey over port expan
  12. They must of heard you [ they are tuned to this thread ] because they are demolishing the wharf and they will not be parking cars there during the coming months.. Great work fish.
  13. See the net work and miles he could have achieved for less than the price - The Manukau sewerage treatment plant and the wasted funds with browns Is. Nearly 2 billion pounds Like the Sydney harbour bridge built more than 100 years ago. What vision.
  14. Volvo Ocean Race Boats southern-ocean-mayhem. 4 Boats take a swim. https://nz.sports.yahoo.com/news/article/-/26790765/four-ocean-race-boats-tipped-over-in-southern-ocean-mayhem/
  15. That's usual business practice.
  16. If you can't get bank finance to finance a project you have to have share holders and shareholders to attract them require interest rates / financial returns higher than bank term deposits or gov't bonds. It's how the western commercial sectors works rather than we all wear grey boiler / jump suits.
  17. You are not very observant are you. Have you walked along a marina and seen a boat where one side the varnish and paint is completely cracked and peeling and the other side shows no signs - cracked varnish and paint or peeling. particularly when they are beam on facing north southern hemphere.
  18. The Dominion post quoted whirlpools. But the point is Auckland harbour cannot be branded as dangerous. Learn to share the harbour. Read the latest NZ herald statements from the council and the Mayor. They are proposing queens wharf to be entirely industrial free and solely a public domain to appease the Auckland public / thus satisfying the view issue and to counter any 200,000 petition the boaties / yachties might gather. If you are a non boatie and a wharf is gifted solely for public use with views as a choice, which petition are you going to sign. I warned certain poste
  19. He might not have realized that you get more liveable area for the dollar and if the wife is to be kept happy and not go sour this is a vital factor to consider and to be considered with the leaning factor. Has not owned a sailing vessel before. Not critising - checking to see if this important factor depending on how many children they have, has been considered, discussed. If so Fine.
  20. What's the reference to swing moorings. I'm have read and are with the consensus swing moorings are better than a marina berth. A marina berth the vessel is continuously exposed to the elements - weather - uv rays. So one side will be deteriorate more than the other and quicker.
  21. Why a H28. A few where wood. Most are fibre glass and where built during an area when glass was new. At the time it was estimated that fibre glass boats would have a life expectancy 30 years because GRP is a continually curing / Harding process until they become so brittle they loose all strength. Today they over come some on these problems with modern technics and minimal resin. Meaning the resin once the material is saturated the resin is squeegeed to bear minimum. The strength is not with the resin but the fibres / matting / cloth / woven roving's. What causes Osmosis. Poor glassing wo
  22. Talk about being over the top. You state there was 100 to 150 watching from a cruiser ship. Hell - there was probably 800,000 watching the news item on TV . So they all automatically become protesters do they? I have watched many races and it appeared there was no danger. The RNZYS has never made a public statement that it is dangerous. They start many races close by opposite the club race to ponsonby wharf then to Mechanics bay to the start line hugging the wharfs. Even watched Cris Dickson during the match racing series one year that was held there and Russel Coutts with Peter Montg
  23. Dominion post said 100. I watched on TV. looked about 80 I counted. Some where racing. On shore 500 approx. Population Auckland 1.2 Million.? I Watch it on TV to possibly see more than 2000 and about 5000 people seeing a full page ad was taken and what about the 2500 members belonging to this site. So I guess the non Aucklanders did not think it worth while to fly to Auckland to support. Good to read Pete Mont and other célébrités referred to the Council where re their protest and ports Auckland and not personally name drop or singly target or discredit a single individual.. Disap
  24. Whats the alternative. No poster is proposing an alternative. You can't just pull to bits progrees and future expansion unless you can propose an alternative. If there is no alternative or reasonable arguements as other posters have stated, it will proceed and no amount / numbers protesting will prevent it. Another alternative that would probably prevent it from happening would be to have ZERO population growth or even minus population growth for Auckland. Marsden point or Whangarei has been rejected as an alternative. They are proposing further future encroachment is the issue is it not.
  25. http://crew.org.nz/forum/index.php/topic/11620-cyclone-pam/page-2
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