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  1. Searching A bit here referring to 2014. http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11399710 http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11399008 If KM was on board your questions would be answered but KM has been banned. My profile and previous postings where lost I'm told when this new web format was instigated during my banning period. Can't find the thread. But the alternative was for Ports - Auckland or Auckland City to purchase all the area from mechanics bay to RAYC a considerable long distance - Guessing 400 meters or
  2. I was replying to Elly's post and with additional general insurance knowledge for all. Like if your house kitchen tidy bin caught fire you do not crack a beer , sit and watch it spread, then when the the heat gets to hot you vacate to the garden chair and sit drinking your beer whilst the whole house burns to the ground.
  3. Like musket Cove the moorings are not cyclone rated / secure. Musket cove have a rating 33 MPH for their moorings and the marina manager gives ample warning to all on their moorings to vacate. There is no safe haven at any Vanuatu anchorages from a cyclone. They should have all gone to Noumea as soon as it was obvious the cyclone path was all the eastern Vanuatu Islands. Being on the waters during the cyclone season is a risk and should be avoided except if you have a vessel that can sail faster than cyclone tracking speeds. Thus more than 18 MPH boat speed comfortably and can motor sail a
  4. Then the Deputy Major and Dick Quax should be invited to speak at the proposed protest by the media and protest organisers to state the Councils case and reasons.
  5. Why not get a petition together and approach The Green party and Winston to make it a by election issue, because a lost seat at parliament makes a big difference for action to take place. Be positive rather than making noises. How many members here that would sign for starters with the web masters support and promotional abilities?
  6. I don't consider that negative other wise you are saying the guardian newspaper is negative and the universities executive's are negative. http://crew.org.nz/forum/index.php/topic/11218-un-latest-climate-outlook/page-5 and http://crew.org.nz/forum/index.php/topic/11616-what-does-a-performance-coach-do/ and http://crew.org.nz/forum/index.php/topic/11598-vestas-grounding-link-to-independent-report/ OC = AM = PM = GMT
  7. Clipper, on 17 Feb 2015 - 10:02 AM, said: I agree with that. Not sure about unwinnable, but ridiculously skewed, more than ever, in favour of the defender (aside from the days of having to sail across the atlantic first) Clipper, on 17 Feb 2015 - 10:02 AM, said: I agree with that. Not sure about unwinnable, but ridiculously skewed, more than ever, in favour of the defender (aside from the days of having to sail across the atlantic first) ---------------------------------------------- OC 18 march 2015 The ac is and has all ways been that
  8. The ac is and has all ways been that way. If Auckland is decided I'm picking it will not then the Europeans will boycott Auckland. Can't blame them. A better alternative the E would accept is British Virgin Is or USA Virgin Is The conditions would be almost the same as Bermuda and would satisfy the European Challengers with little extra costs. Oc
  9. A lot on Europeans dislike flying long distances and they state they will not be flying long distances or travelling by ship.
  10. There seems to be not much interest. Costs money for media coverage. Can't find much on this thread re numbers interest etc. Spectator fleet accompany them will tell the story.
  11. Any person heard re the Vanuatu Yacht club whether that was damaged. If so any chance on some photos. Plus were the over head electricity wires brought down or are they undamaged. Any damage to the international air port and the large tourist hotel around the corner from port Villa. Any crew org members with boats moored at Vanuatu damaged. If so a donation fund for them might be on order if they can post photos showing the damage. The moorings aren't cyclone with standing so it is understanding they would not survive cyclone strength winds and the jetties are not cyclone with standing eithe
  13. It will be interesting the Spectator fleet numbers and photos Tues or Weds.
  14. QUOTE Taken a direct Hit this year Tanna Island Devastated. The tropical cyclone is expected to bring destructive winds of 250km/h, torrential rain and phenomenal seas to Vanuatu on Saturday, the MetService said The category five storm hit Vanuatu on Friday bringing flooding and evacuation orders, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs says. Expected to cross the southern Vanuatu islands of Erromango and Tanna during the next 12 hourswhile intensifying. https://nz.news.yahoo.com/a/-/top-stories/26661350/nz-should-prepare-as-cyclone-pam-deepens/ http:/
  15. Kiwis have been hearing a lot about the role of a Performance Analyst and Coach, with Emirates Team NZ claiming that the function will be vital to their success in the 2017 America's Cup. Well No DB who is going to be best for this role. There is no one? Chris Dickson perhaps. OR ......... Oracles PAC A sailor, but not on the boat. Can offer an objective perspective and give the team more information that they otherwise would not have. Bringing something extra from the outside. It is important that a sailor has this position
  16. Lawyers acting for the aggrieved former Oracle Team USA crewman, Joe Spooner have advised that the AC45 #4 has been arrested by Marshalls in San Francisco. Press Statement of the Three Containers Arrested at Pier 80 at 11.15 am Local SF Time US Marshall Christian Hanson had called Oracle's lawyer at 8.20 am from the Federal Building in San Francisco and told him that no containers with the vessel were to leave Pier 80 otherwise Oracle would be in contempt of the court's order. However as US Marshall Christian Hanson and his Deputy approached Pier 80 two containers were
  17. Further Link http://www.orc.org/index.asp?id=41 http://www.orc.org/index.asp
  18. In my post I didn't call it a leak. Turner, Chairman of the Board, with a far greater knowledge of events than I, called it a leak. I didn't mention that DB assumed it was a leak - you did. AM wrote: "Did the reporter state he obtained the information from a leaked source. No he did not. There was no direct source other than his loop connection." None of this statement is relevent to me being fed up with the crap coming out of ETNZ - needs no further reply. AM wrote: "ScotttiE Go to http://homepages.ihu...ascupstats.html Click on Are grinders needed on a AC boat? Read the articl
  19. With Garmin there is a page for hazard waypoints to be placed with LAT & Longs which automatically show on the electronic charts highway and can be placed manually on the C charts before leaving port and when doing the route plan. If they, which I would have done, place hazard waypoints at the southern most part re the reef - middle part re reef and northern part to reef some 1-2 miles to the east plus large annotations and a line along the entire length connecting the waypoints of the reef for crew to read. They would not of gone on the reef unless they don't look at the chart plotter o
  20. Any photos re visitors to the village 7th & 8th March and visitor count to view the boats. Would have thought this thread would have been loaded. Only three pages with postings.
  21. Antony I suppose my sources tell me
  22. Your Quote and your implication / assumption " So the implication here really is that it could only have been DB who leaked it. In deciding that he wasn't going to be Sail Director they should have known he was gone - not realising that shows a complete lack of understanding of key staff/management. They're a sinking ship."
  23. There was no leaking. That's just yours and DB's assumption. Did the reporter state he obtained the information from a leaked source. No he did not. There was no direct source other than his loop connection. ScotttiE Go to http://homepages.ihug.co.nz/~philclarke/americascupstats.html Click on Are grinders needed on a AC boat? Read the article. When they where writing the rule / recommending re putting an engine on the design for electric winches he received numerous calls from AC grinders expressing there objection to such a rule or recommendation - they sta
  24. http://crew.org.nz/forum/index.php/topic/11522-dean-will-be-around-a-while-yet/page-6
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