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  1. Ponder this STAT. and communication. Race 7 Performance Data Course: 5 Legs/10.14 nautical miles Elapsed Time: ETNZ – 24:48, OTUSA – 25:54 Delta: ETNZ +1:06 Total distance sailed: ETNZ – 11.6 NM, OTUSA – 12.0 NM Average Speed: ETNZ – 28.32 knots (32 mph), OTUSA – 27.86 knots (32 mph Top Speed: ETNZ – 44.73 knots (51 mph), OTUSA – 41.00 knots (47 mph) Wind speed: Average – 16.3 knots, Peak – 17.8 knots COMMENTS The race score is now 6-1 and the points score is 6-0 owing to Oracle’s two-point penalty. Unless something dramatic happens in the Oracle shed
  2. What the story re a leak. There does not need to be a leak to know what's going on. Ask MATT.
  3. No disrespect. The day GRANT lost the cup was when Grant refused to accept support for return support. Urgent e-mails where sent during the final Four races addressed to Grant and Dean via ETNZ e-mail address with BCC to John Key, Murray Mc Cully and other Gov't Ministers. The last stated Don't you want to win the CUP. Don't know if Barker was Consulted. Motorbike might like to answer on his behalf.
  4. Dean B has announced to the world that he is available for any AC cup Syndicate. Supposedly if the Dollars are large enough. At present lucrative contracts as Tactician for a Russians Syndicate and a American Monohull Racing Syndicate. He would make a formidable opponent teamed with Butterworth, or Ainslie or even ORACLE. ORACLE depending on whether ORACLE want to retain the CUP and BARKER would be able to return the favour to Sir Russell Coutts. Additionally his cv would look - no longer with a LOSING TEAM with a Losing CEO and his [ DB ] CV would read WIN WIN WIN. It's ironica
  5. A syndicate with numerous small funders can't match a syndicate with a dedicated billionaire, with 17 of the worlds top designers designing the boat and rules, more than 17 different foiling boards and with the worlds best and - knowledgeable re tuning a boat to make them go faster - with support from the force and the worlds best tactician - the worlds best strategist and the worlds best multihull helmsman apart from Barker. No one has mentioned it yet. What is Barkers new position with the Russian boat? ETNZ needs a new CEO - Put Dalton as Fund raiser on .250% commission only, o
  6. Agree with you. There was no need to have a different size / design purely on the grounds to save costs. It is a well known fact all they had to do to the 72 footers was to change the rig to a soft sail rig. Speed difference estimated at 1% only. Savings ::: 66 paid staff members and no expensive technology wing sail. How much did the wing sail cost., No need for a high aircraft hanger type building or a crane to store / launch the wig sail. Would not need 12 crew to launch the boat with a traditional soft sail rig. Evidence to support. The previous world speed record holder h
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