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  1. Shows how much u know. Another reason for compulsory licencing of skippers Incredible the people that live in the Wellington area being totally ignorant re the harbour rules. Don't know if they still do it but when I got my restricted radio licence it was emphasised the requirements re Tory ch, leaving and entering Wellington harbour. "Recreational boaties are required call up Wellington Harbour Radio when transiting the entrance during restricted visibility or the hours of darkness." http://www.gw.govt.nz/Beacon-Hill-Signal-Station/
  2. Most don't have vhf ,rs The same can b said when entering Wellington harbour
  3. Marinheiro what's payment got do with it. A student that attends uni for 5 years gets a degree with not being on a wage or salary or not receiving any payment what so ever, can you classify him or loosly tie that person to, as a equivalent six former with university entrance as a street kid with skate boarding only person.
  4. Fish so what if they r butchers ECT They have high marine skills and exam qualifications probably more than you. A some of them r semi retired or retired with more than 30years boating experience both inshore and offshore experience, CG continuous trading and some have 20 to 30 years experience as boat owners doing their own boat servicing and repairs. Yes some r mechanics. To call them week end warriors ( as though they r the or 12 foot Alli dingy recreationalo fiisherman, occasional boatie with harbour experience only ) is just halarious plus some have probably experienced numerous badi sto
  5. Marinheiro yes I'm aware what they where but they r not that now. They r more professional and reading the article regarding their new asset re training and qualifications contradicts your post.
  6. Good information. Marinheiro. Yes I experienced coast watch some 10 years prior as a Australian custom service not a coast G service. I was some 300 to 400 mils from the Aussie coast and had not advised them the due notification to arrive in Australia. Came straight for us a faint spec on the horizon. No ziz zagging they new exactly where we where flying at 100 meters approx above sea level. Asked what my intensions where which they obviously must have known by my departure declarations they stated that my verbal communication would be accepted as formal notice of arriving in Australia. No th
  7. You r entitled to your opinion which I disagree with. Stating that the cast guard personal r weekend warriors is a joke. Read their article re their latest asset with the latest equipment and the training they give and the qualifications they have to have to b on that particular asset, and their other assets As 4 your explanation re the planes you confirm the S&R new planes r to big and r really for greater distances from NZ which I have no qualms re that area. To equipe smaller planes for the air force is not warranted when other military assets r begging for possession in military s
  8. Heaps I hope.They giant air polluters.
  9. Hope not. It's supposed to be for NZ business.
  10. The Northern region also in addition to their latest asset another vessel even larger say 20 meters with a greater distant range operational and based near north cape for rescues with a range off 500 nms and return with another plane in association with the vessel rescue operations . Would be far cheaper than the Orion's, quicker to assist distressed vessels, damaged and abandon yachts in trouble than at present relying search and rescue directing shipping to the scene. The same is required for the southern South island region based either at Stewart island or Dunedin. Government funding
  11. Australian Article highlights the necessity to be clipped on at all times especially working the fire deck even in calm waters. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-05-18/missing-sunshine-coast-fisherman-yacht-search-and-rescue/12258320
  12. Do you know the charge amount. The cg could certainly do with another air craft for the south island. Interesting the Minister's thank you speech. More than a thankyou is needed from the Government.
  13. A good analogy but no betting on it. A very good reason for the funding to continue.
  14. Probably not. Not a gov't department. Be interesting though the replies. Would be hard to record. The only way would be for the coast guard not to operate to determine that Info.
  15. In agreement with u there. Is there a charge if the occupant needs transporting for medical reasons when they have medical issues that it is recommended to reframe from strenuous activities and suffers a mild h attack lifting the anchor by hand? Is there reimbursement for their wet weather gear, boots, gloves, petrol expenses getting to and from the CG facilities when on call, duty, reimbursed for a refill their Brandy flask ( smile )😀🏴‍☠️
  16. That's great is it not ? What's wrong with the coast g operating like that?
  17. Y is that a bad thing Would save the CG a lot of time, resources. The coast g should start charging for their services like idiots that run out of gas.
  18. Tell your argument to nz forest and bird and grey power, nz ambulance Ass and see if they agree with u.
  19. So far there has been no suggestion that the CG will become like the USA CG although the USA CG have some good policy like USA CG approved and recognised by the boaties re safety equipement.To use the argument that they r lobby the government as you say is flawed Look at grey power, look at the greens, look at the anti commercial fishing organisations, the recreational fishing groups all their lobby have been totally ignored. Look at the care for the elderly by their children, spouses, other family members requests to b included in funding support. Look at nz forest and bird org and thei
  20. Interesting article. Interesting the government has not commented publicly or offered support in the way of minimum wage legislation wages enforcement by the companies including NZ 50 % share company owners. Will be interesting how this reaches closure. Hope the men hang in there untill the Court ruling. Operating from NZ in NZ"s exclusive economic zone a double whamming / incitement on NZ fishing industry. Incredible to say the least. Thanks Harrytom for the link to the story.
  21. Interesting. How did the mast and booms break. Hard to viasilise them breaking by sinking alone. Not insured obviously.
  22. Interesting. How did the mast and booms break. Hard visualise how they would break by sinking alone. Built 1953 ??? Not insured obviously.
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