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  1. It's taken awhile but finally a government that recognises them as a essential public service. https://www.beehive.govt.nz/release/keeping-new-zealanders-safe-water
  2. What size where the claims did the claims come to more than than the premiums for the 20 year prriod. Where the claims close together and near the end of the 20 year period or in the first half of the , 20 year period. The answers to those questions could give u a clue to the Harding attitude. Cheers and good luck. Does not matter if the marina at Bonaire is tiny if they have a haul out area it would be worth considering if they have room.
  3. Same insurance co is it u r at present having problems with.
  4. When the trawler is ready for sinking as a dive attraction in pelorus sound and if unsuitable for towing there would be no problem putting on a barge, & towing the barge to Pelorus sound The costs could be paid for out of the reginional economice development funds ( Hon Shane Jones ,,) & tourist, allocation development funds.
  5. Would be better in the warmer waters pelorus sound as Marlborough Picton, Blenheim needs extra attractions So NZ,s do not have to travel to far, can get therr cheaply in their own vehicles by using the inter Island ferries and using Picton as a base or Port Ligar accommodation with horse treks, hill walks, and fishing spots that is totally under developed and a gem. Dunedin is just to far to travel for most besides can incorporate a visit to the Capital Wellington and Nelson.
  6. Can't it be sold as scrap off shore. Or dismantalled, here in NZ turned into scrap or totally cleansed and towed to the Marlborough sounds, sunk in pelorus sound, Port Ligar as a diving attraction for NZ,s after cleansing, removing items such as fuel tanks and other stuff . . Would create jobs, so would it as a diving wreck attraction. NZ needs more diving wrecks. Fish they have done it previously successfully with NZ navy vessels with no contamination or damage to the environment. You seem to pick on the smallest things in certain politicians, party representation, make decisions on inc
  7. Great ; ; ; The topic has found closure.
  8. Hind sight yes. Am I'm correct u engaged the Spanish surveyor not the insurance company so assuming again you got the report and passed it on top the ins company. What's done cannot be undone unfortunstely. One small Ray of hope who signed the termination letter? The Marine department head or the general manager? If not the general manager then a request to him for a review could succeed as the department heads from my experience do not like to be seen that they have made a bad decision. The general manager if he is worth a grain of salt takes into consideration the bad publicity, fairness, re
  9. The warehouse and Noel lemmings Not all their stuff is junk. And not all their stuff is overpriced.
  10. The probable reason y M10 had to close was they spent to much advertising on sport ie the Mitre 10 Rugby cup or if Bunnings is in your area.
  11. If you can't get insurance, they would not like u being on the hard and unable for u to sail to another island if a hurricane came your way, u would be better to park on the hard on one of three islands never to have been hit with a hurricane. Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire. Grenana averages a hurricane every 25 years the last was 2005.Cat 3 2003 Cat 5.
  12. Another question. Did they refuse "Total loss only conditions with a excess also?
  13. Question: They where on risk and since cancelled the policy and got off risk. What happened that made them decide to get off risk? Something must have changed. Why was the Spanish survey requested. Has the insurance company seen the new survey and r they aware of the new repairs with photos. Suggest you get another marine surveyor to do a report preverable from the British Virgin islands with a connection to Llyods of London and a indenpendant stress analysis engineer and push regiouslly for them to reinstate. Because the problem you r going to have any new insurance companies prop
  14. I wasn't advocating AMOZAN. I dealt with West Marine USA. They where the cheapest, have a good review of the product, tests results, good refund policy, have the equivalent in $nz stock quality product delivered within 10 days. Does burnsco have them? If so why waste the thread with posts when All u had to do was visit them. Took me hrs searching the net to find the thread to give you reliable well tested, reviewed to the hyperlink. Thanks 4 wasting my time. Have a nice day. If other members want details or hyper links I can refer them to this thread and posts.
  15. Pretty B expensive. $79 & $198 vs $398. But the upkeep on the company is costly although claiming tax credits.
  16. Plus https://www.westmarine.com Two brands, review. Hawke $79.00. Only to happy to engage help. Buy one u will never regret it. You owe me a beer.😀🤪🏴‍☠️
  17. https://www.amazon.com/HAWKEYE-DT1H-Handheld-Finder-Temperature/dp/B06Y3BGTM7 https://www.globaltestsupply.com/product/laylin-sm-5-water-depth-sounder?gclid=Cj0KCQjw2PP1BRCiARIsAEqv-pTTSwQZ6qi-3WhpWXYacmZOU1S7Brs4NNCgVfacvIfIoQUC0aUHRooaAsiwEALw_wcB
  18. The skipper would b charged or should have been with large fines monetary wise.
  19. YES. No not poor seamanship. On purpose to crocadile watch.
  20. I first came into contact using a held deepth finder in Vanuatu with a Australia guy. He used it to fishing holes and reefs. Bought one myself and was accurate. Compared it to this boats calibrated deelth finder I was on. No difference. Real Hassel using a lead line then measuring by dinghy. Hand held had other functions like water tempature, current speed. Could use in side the boat as well in conjunction with the installed Sounder. Big plus when anchored in a confined space near a reef in a large boat like 70 to 80 ft. Have a Wind change, lean over the stern and bingo got a deelth reading
  21. Get with tech. A handheld deepth Sounder.
  22. Try asking that question On this site go to forums. https://www.fishing.net.nz/forum/stillwater-wharf-8-6_topic14662_post194893.html Cheers b kind
  23. Yachties sailing to the Marlborough Sounds across Cook Strait from Wellington should take note and b aware THAT ::: The Ministry for Primary Industries today issued a public health warning against collecting shellfish in Nydia Bay in the Pelorus Sound. The warning area applies to the entire bay, out to the heads. Phytoplankton causing paralytic shellfish toxins have been detected at levels above the safe limit set by MPI. Other warnings remain in place for Croisilles Harbour, Marlborough Sounds. Link showing where : map Marlborough Sounds. https://www.mpi.govt.nz/t
  24. When the boarders are closed. Could be some time. Meantime I'm sure both Auckland and Wellington persons will be monitoring any movements. Blackpan u'r sure to b monitored by the 5 eye system every time u sail from NZ.
  25. And mini sailing boots or sailing deck shoes.
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