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  1. Panel elfland solar panel SP-37


    Ipmax 5.5A

    Vpmax 18V

    Isc 6.1A

    Voc 20V

    32 cells

    Flexible panel

    Panel is pretty rough looking. Took little box off resoldered panel to it.

    connections are pretty rough.

    Oc was 19 in fullsun today was getting between 15 and 18volts when connected to controller but was only getting 0.4amps other panel getting similar volts but 2.6 to 3amps

  2. Looking to cruise the fiords and sounds so the subject of running sternlines to the shore has come up. My query is how long and what size for a 42 ft yacht. Also do you just coil them up and hang them somewhere when not in use or is there a really efficient way to store them for easy deployment?

  3. Do I need to disconnect the solar panel if I need to run the battery charger? And yes yes I know with solar I wont need to run the charger but I did have to.


    Also a mate was told to disconnect his solar panel when he starts the engine. Any idea why that would be? We certainly dont. Am I doing it wrong?

  4. Im going to have go at building a fridge but cant seem to find what to insulate it with(google has not been my friend).


    Figured someone in crewland will have done this and could point me in the right direction.

  5. Battery and solar help please

    Situation. Replaced wiring for solar panel. Couldnt hook panel up as had no new plugs. Wired solar controller up and ran wire for panel but couldnt put panel on. Did attach panel wiring to controller. Controller is wired to house bank. Bilge pump direct wired to house bank but no significant water in bilge.


    Left boat for 2 weeks upon arrival back with plugs found house bank at 0.86v.


    Put plugs on and hooked up panel(100w panel) engine running controller reckons no power frm panel


    Unplugged panel put tester on panel plugs and at 1:30pm in good sunlight only getting 1volt.


    So question is could controller have dragged batteries down that far?? And is my panel stuffed(3 months old)

  6. Now this idea may seem kinda loopy but let me know what you think.


      We have an issue with our anchor well where the rope warp doesnt really feed down all that well and the chain crowns up and jams up.  So if we have more than about 25m of chain out we need someone to be down below and give it a push every now and then.  Which is a pain but manageable unless I'm by myself.


      With price to go stainless at around $4k and no guarantee that it would fix it(it would help but may not fix it) we are reluctant to spend the cash.


      So now for loopy idea.  What if we cut the chain in half and had the first 25m on the anchor then 25m of rope then the other 25m of chain then more rope. This would mean that most of the time we would be anchoring with the first 50m like a normal boat but if it cuts up then we would let the next bit as needed.

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