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  1. As a person with a boat for sale. It seems a real struggle to find a broker who is any good , let alone one who will tell you the truth. They seem to have caught the real estate agents disease, tell the vendor just what they want to hear and inflate the worth of the boat in order to get the listing and tell you that they will have no problem selling your boat. So you feel happy however as time goes on you never hear from them except an email every now and then suggesting that you review your price down.

  2. Sabre you may be suprised to know that I actually agree with you.  However a treaty greivance industry has developed which only helps those involved in the process not those who should be getting the benefit of the settlements.


    Even once a settlement is made,  who benefits?  Certain individuals and their immediate whanau seem to do extremely well out of the settlements.  But what of the iwi members at the bottom of the pile?  They get sfa. 


    So remove the snouters and let the benefits of the settlements acrue to all iwi members not just some,  then and only then would I support the process.

  3. My mast is keel stepped and water comes down inside the mast, it is driving me nuts.  Has anyone tried this successfully ?



    Select a point lower than your lowest halyard entry-exit point, don't worry about any cables as they can be sealed without problems.
    Insert a balloon through the lowest halyard opening and blow it up soft enough to be able to push down inside the mast.
    Try to get the top of the balloon about half an inch or so below the halyard opening. Mix some closed cell balloons with an epoxy resin a bit thinner than toothpaste; inject this to cover the balloon and when curing starts, mix a little more and create a slop to drain the water out of the halyard hole.
    When cured, add a little paint or resin with pigment added to avoid UV degrading of the epoxy.


  4. Well i reckon its a bad thing. Reason being that keeping them seperate means the house load wont ever drag your start battery down so far that you cant start your engine. Unless you can and enjoy hand cranking your engine.

  5. Well I sit with feet up on a Friday looking forward to weekend , a ding sound from the iPad , e mail from gulf harbour , Marina fees increase for water and compliance issues to all Marina uses $21.00 an day $76.00 a month what next , I am sick of this bu,,Sh,,t , I would hardly use water. , , so that makes the avarage person renting a 10.6 to $630 an month or $7665 pa unbelievable I need to go for a walk


    Do you rent from the marina company? I havent recieved any email.

  6. As a Coastguard volunteer master NOT speaking on behalf of the organisation - let me quickly assure you our training clearly and continually reinforces the fact that we have absolutely no more authority on the water than any other member of "Joe Public".


    The vast majority (if not in fact all) of the volunteers I've met over the years are not interested in any form of enforcement or confrontation - they just enjoy lending a hand.

    argh! please don't pick on CG, they were asked to do a job i.e. transport someone to the yacht,


    have a go at MNZ or minister of transport if you want but don't pick on the volunteers who where doing what was asked of them

    However they did participate infact enable this deplorable incident. It is my understanding that the defence of just carrying out someone elses orders didnt work in the war crimes trials after world war 2.


    And before I get flamed for hating CG, I am a member and do believe they do a good job until this incident. They have been used and should have declined mnz request to be enforcers.

  7. Hmmm ScottiE, personal insults. I see you are a great believer in player the man not the ball. Perhaps if you could refrain from personal attacks upon people who dont agree with you then better discussion could be had, after all last time I checked this was not sailing anarchy.

  8. We are looking at installing pressure water and a gas califont. What size califont should we put in? Usage for basic showering and a hot tap at the galley(although i might not connect that). Usually just the 2 of us on board but sometimes guests.

  9. I have always found the individuals working at Gulf Harbour great. But the company and its rules and rippoff rates not so good at all. You have to wonder if they are deliberatily trying to chase boaties away so that their mates in the trailer fizz boats can have more of the hardstand for their racks.

  10. Trouble is I really don't see that much difference accross most of the marina's. The companies run them know that they have a captive market they can fleece and they are doing everything in their power to do so. Just look at The Gulf Harbour lot.

    One of the problems is of course that there is a lot of boats in and around Auckland so that marina space is being pushed. We are starting to hear of people buying a boat because they want the berth and hope to flick the boat off cheap. Lol maybe thats what I need to do.

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