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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I am a 22 year old novice visiting from Canada and looking for opportunities to volunteer and gain sailing experience. I am physically fit, I learn quickly, and can think fast. Currently living in Auckland area. Caleb
  2. Hi. I am looking to volunteer as crew for short open ocean sailing trips around NZ. I have plenty of harbor and estuary sailing experience both as a crew and skipper. All of my experience is on small dinghies and trailer sailers (Laser, Sunburst, Phoenix, Noelex 22 etc.). I have no experience on the open ocean. However, my dream is to be able to sail around the world someday, so I figured I'd better start learning how open ocean sailing works. Positives I'd bring to your boat are: - I have a cheerful personality and can get along with just about anyone. I like to avoid conflict so am
  3. Hi! I’m a 28 years old from Argenrina looking to volunteer to start learning sailing. I don’t have experience but looking for it. Only know some basics. I’m really fast learner and autodidactic, but to learn first I need a boat and a captain where I can learn from. I can pay my food and expenses if necessary. Also, I can help in maintenance tasks, as I have experience in car smash repair, construction and more. I really can help in exchange of learning sailing which is one of my dreams. Also, I’m ready to start now if needed Thanks!
  4. Hey there! I've taught sailing for 2 years in the Marlborough Sounds with Outward Bound, but I've never sailed offshore. I am free for all of May 2015, and would love to head to somewhere in the direction of Tonga. Would go from anywhere NZ. Already have my flight home. I'd also like to try a coastal passage before that to see how I fare. Cheers, Thom >>Update 6/3/15 My relevant qualifications include: NZ Boatmasters Marine VHF Operator certificate PHEC (advanced first aid) Marine firefighting 400+ hours launch driving Outward Bound's internal Launchmaster qualification (Ma
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