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Found 2 results

  1. Last spring I realized re-painting was overdue but too late... So this season instead and last fall I decided to do what never happened when we built the boats 30 years ago -- longboarding: If all goes according to plan tomorrow will be the last day of longboarding and painting will start next weekend. What to use? My current thinking is epoxy primer followed by 2-part polyurethane top-coat. Spray painting is out of the question, I think (not enough space between the hulls). Thoughts? TIA /Martin
  2. My log impeller died on me several years ago and I never bothered with replacing it. Its through-hull fitting is still in place. Now I am facing a major re-paint job and I am pondering including removing the through-hull fitting in that job. It will remove a bump from my port hull and and worries about O-rings from my mind. The through-hull fitting is a mushroom-shaped plastic thing and liberal amounts of silicone sealant was usen when it was installed some 30 years ago. How to best deal with this? Just pushing the fitting out from the hull does not seem to work. The silicone clings to
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