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Crew available From NZ to Aus/Pacific

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Hello!!! This is the resume...


I'm Omar, nowadays I'm living in New Zealand working and traveling. Next year I will start the journey back to México and I would like to do it being part of a sailing boat crew. 29 years old, keen, physically fit and hard-worker I consider that I have a lot to offer on a boat trough the oceans of the world, from cooking to whatever it needs, even when I have no experience on boats before. Please let me know if you need someone to depart around February or March to Australia or some Pacific Island. Right now I'm living in Timaru so if someone need crew for the next month around Chch, Dunedin and Timaru for the weekends let me now.







And this is a longer info about me and my plan :D...



Living with heart, I'm a smiley person that always try to learn new things and share knowledge and good moments with others. I like music and now I'm learning Jarana (Mexican little guitar); photography it's also something that I enjoy. Bikes, Bookbinding, crafts and food are included in the repertory. I like nature, long talks, read books and boats :D


I consider myself as a hard-worker, keen to help, learn and share my knowledge/experience and make others feel confortable working together. I have experience working in groups of any age. I know about the importance of be responsable with other and myself to make that things happened. I don't have any experience in boat but I'm willing to take a course to learn the basics about sailing before start my journey. I know that crew is not that easy but I'm keen to give my best to learn fast the necessary to be an excellent crew member.


My plan is to leave New Zealand in February/March 2016 on a sailing boat towards some Pacific Islands/Australia and then continue to Indonesia/Singapur/Malaysia to start the journey to continental Asia. The plan is to could come back to México from New Zealand without use any airplane and as long as possible to meet people and know more about the world in this unique journey.


Grow and living in a huge metropolis as Mexico city is, far away from the sea, only videos and dreams get me closer to the boats that I saw when visit to my family in the pacific coast of Mexico. Now in this New Zealand journey  I realize about the opportunity to be part of a new way to travel (for me), friendly in every aspect. Also I think that it's a unique experience to discover the world while I'm travel back to my home country.


If you have some tips and info about the best place to crew and if February or March it is possible to sail to Aus/other islands let me now.


Thank you for read!!!!



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