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Opinions wanted.

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Hi lydia it's a difficult or near on impossible thing to price

Straight planking is easy enough, but it's all the corners margins and king planks that eat labour. If you look at farina's suggestion of 40 -50k for a 42ftr and considered the the 30ftr may have the same amount of corners and hatches etc to go around the labour content could be very similar, so the only saving would be in the metres needed. The team I do teak decking with are paying about 18k a cube for planking and about 22k a cube for the bigger stuff for the fiddly bits and king planks etc. In a high wear areas you could expect to lose up to 1mm of thickness per year if scrubbing as well.

So lots of things to consider.

A simple 9mm by 47 - 50mm would cost somewhere in the 20-22 per lm

The last full deck we did the straight planking was 29 a lm. So as you see there is near on a 30% difference just in plank sizing. So just too difficult to even ball park

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