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Westhaven Triple Leg 1 - Around Rangi Race

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This is leg 1 of the Westhaven Triple Series made up by - 


The PCC Around Rangi Race

The RNZYS Kawau Night Race on Feb 9th

and the always fun RYC Haystack race on April 7th.


The Around Rangi Race is tomorrow the 11th on November.

NOR - http://www.pcc.org.nz/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/PCC_NOR_Round-Rangi-2017.pdf

Entries close at 5pm today - Info@pcc.org.nz  or 09 376 0245



In response to a boat asking if the race will be cancelled should the wind exceed 25kts and just to remove any doubt, the RO replied -


It's not the Race Teams decision whether to race or not, it is the boats.


So unless Armageddon is coming down the Rangi Channel or there are no boats in the starting zone we will be honking horns and pulling flags.


In a grudgingly given compromise we need to see sustained winds of in excess of 40 knots at Bean Rock before Armageddon becomes a consideration.


Big thanks to our supporters

lewmar-logo.png and Baltic logo.jpg

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