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Pile moorings available at Weiti Boating Club for shallow draft boats

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Hey Guys and Gals

We have the following moorings available that would be suitable for a bilge keeler, trailer boat, multi's (maybe) or a launch that don't mind sitting in the mud....

#8 - 9.4m long & 1m deep at low tide 

#10 - 9m long & .5m deep at low tide

#13 - 13.7m long & .5m deep (if that) at low tide

#16 - 9.3m long & .5m deep at low tide

#136A - 14m long & .5m deep at low tide

#154 - 9.7m and dries out at low tide

#167 - 9.4m and dries out at low tide

Before we can allocated a mooring you do need to join the club as a senior ($290.00) or family member ($380)and pay the non refundable/once off entrance fee ($193.43 or $241.78), your membership will then be processed at the next General Meeting which is on 3rd Tuesday of the month. Mooring fee is $880 for boats under 9.4 metres and for boat over 9.4 metres it is $93.86 per metre per year plus a non refundable/once off mooring levy of $500. You also need insurance and get an inside dinghy locker. We like to allow 1 to 1 1/2 meters either end of your boat on the piles, for example mooring #8 would only fit a boat 7.4 metres or less.  

If you are interested in one of the above mooring please give me a call 09 424 5905 or email info@weiti.co.nz.

Thanks Katie

Club Manager

Weiti Boating Club

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