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Delivery crew wanted Auckland - Tahiti on Gunboat 60 catamaran

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Looking for 1-2 extra delivery crew sailing from Auckland to Tahiti departing around 1 May.   This is on a Gunboat 60 performance catamaran and we're doing the southern ocean run east to around 150W then heading north up to Tahiti.  Totalling around 2500nm over 12-14 days.  So you need to be a reasonably experienced sailor and have done some ocean passage making before.  Catamaran experience is nice to have but not essential.  You must currently be in NZ and either:
(a) EU passport holder that wants a one-way passage to Tahiti; or
(b) NZ resident that wants to do the delivery up and then stay for a while and find your own way home; or join another boat for a delivery back. I know of three boats coming back that are likely to need extra crew.  
Due to current travel restrictions I cannot offer repatriation so this is a one-way commitment.
For more information please email me at prana@pranateam.com
Or call 021 148 1105

Prana in Tuamotus.jpeg

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Hi Scott. Im Interested, but quarantine is a problem. Il look into that. Im retired medical scientist. Have owned my own boat all my life. have taught ocean yacht master and Ocean seamanship. Was an experienced celestial navigator back in the days, and did numerous ocean passages. Have medical experience. Im 75 but fit, strong and active in the mountains and do a lot of adventure cruising. Now a fair bit about Electronics, engines, and am capable handyman. My weakness is Im a pretty lousy cook. Have sailed all my life and did a lot of racing up until about 2005. I speak French but am out of practice.

How would quarantine be handled on arrival at Tahiti?

Tony. 021 881657

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Hi Tony 

Thanks for the message.  Our application into Tahiti should take into consideration the passage time at sea - so we shouldn't require any additional quarantine on arrival.  We are currently making an application for entry and will be advised what special requirement will be in place.  I know that we will be required to do PCR test 72hrs before out departure from here.  But as we are coming form a low epidemic risk country we are expecting they will waive any additional quarintine time on arrival.  The only thing is that at this stage I can only offer a one-way trip without any commitment for repatriation back to NZ.  The other crew are all sailing up to collect boats that are in Tahiti and they are bring back to NZ.  Providing they take more than 12 days and then have 2 days on the dock in OPUA then they will also not be required to do additional quarantine in MIQ here on their return.   I know that both of the boats coming back have full crews at this stage.  What's your plans?  To get to Tahiti and stay for a while?  Do a return passage?   As of today I have pretty much finalise the crew for PRANA.  But I do know of other boats heading up that may need crew.  Feel free to call me on 021 1481105 to discuss.

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