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  1. More 1104 offshore memories Neil. Looks like a good trip.
  2. Hot Shot

    Cruise NZ

    The Garmin inreach sounds like a good bit of gear to have on a trip like this. What was the monthly fee for this?
  3. Hot Shot

    Cruise NZ

    6 months is more than I could hope to get away with, but working on being in the Fiords in March would work for me. As Jon said the main thing for me is to know that there will be other cruising boats around. As I said at the start of this the fiords are my main interest and after getting a copy of the book Beneath the Reflections produced by Fiordland Marine Guardians my enthusiasm to explore this part of New Zealand has increased to the point where I am sure I can make it happen.
  4. Hot Shot

    Cruise NZ

    Back in 2012 I crewed for Jon Henry in the SSANZ around NZ race. Down the west coast of the North Island we hit some not so pleasant weather and along with two other competitors we ended up sheltering in Golden Bay at the top of the South Island for a couple of days when we thought the worst of it was over we rejoined the race only to find that the sea state was a pain and we had a problem with one of the jib sheets so we headed into the fiords to find calm water of sort out the problem. Two hours later we were back in the race with wind on the nose and the swell from a completely different direction. when we tacked over later in the afternoon the sea was still very uncomfortable and as we figured we were well of the pace now we headed for another fiord were ( with the wind hitting 50 kts ) we anchored up for a very peaceful night. O.K finishing with the old story now what all this is leading to is I would love to do a more leisurely cruise through fiordland and everyone I have talked to about sharing my dream has expanded it into a cruise around NZ. SO anyone interested in joining us next summer?
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