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  1. He's Pacific Rim Surveys - I've used him before and he was good. https://www.pacificrimmarine.com/about/
  2. Can't beat the etrex, indestructible and I always have mine as a backup. The only issue I had was that as I aged and my eyes slowly wore out I had to keep getting longer and longer lanyards for it
  3. 1. Having Whangaruru almost to ourselves for a week in February. 2. Just about anywhere, probably bottom end for a day or two.
  4. Probably a dumb question but here goes. Just before lock down we came back from a few days away and I did what I normally do and put the house batteries on charge. It's a decent charger, galvanic isolated with multi step regulator etc (from memory I think it ends up in a sort of "maintenance state" or something like that). Ordinarily I remove the charger next time I go down knowing they are fully topped off... but...you know...COVID. Any issues with it being sat on the charger for months at a time? Or should the multi-step regulator keep it all in good shape? Thoughts anyone?
  5. Neil

    Vinyl Lettering

    Ours was done in 2001 and even though I don't own the boat anymore the signage is still top notch (on both sides). Got a good price on the shade of blue as it was "Foodtown Blue" and they just happened to have a lot in stock at the time Happy to see the signage has outlasted the supermarket brand.
  6. I am 6 foot 4 inches tall and own a Farr 1220. Headroom not a problem in the saloon although I do bang my head sometimes moving through the cabin doors in to the rear and forwards cabins. Headroom was certainly a factor in buying the boat, these days I need to be able to stand up.
  7. This summer we've spent some time exploring the places along the Northland coast that previously we've just raced past in the night doing the coastal. Last week we spent some time in Whangaruru and what an absolute gem of a place it is, great weather, lovely beaches and unlike the BOI hardly a soul about. Of course, I had to do a little flying, so here's a few scenes and views across the harbour from Saturday. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6WVXf5-vCk
  8. Years ago we had a Southern Pacific roll up and it lasted well over a decade with no problems and most of that time it was left outside in the NZ sun. More recently we've had an Aakron which started to literally fall apart in less than 2 years, seams failing, rowlocks falling off etc. That experience meant our next one was a new larger Southern Pacific and am very happy with it. Also the SP was made just around the corner from us in Kumeu so not only are they good dinghies it's also supporting a local NZ business.
  9. Was there a few years ago on a warm day and let me tell you, the smell was truly something, pungent and overwhelming...
  10. Carpet Diem anchored across other side of Bon Accord from us. Main not completely down, top 5 foot or so still up. Might just be nothing but maybe main/mast track problem?
  11. Probably somewhat over engineered. However, as testing consisted of me and my 100(and some)kgs jumping up and down on it I'm now happy it will be ok with a few litres of waste in it. There is still another piece to go on to stop any movement of the the tank backwards but had to plumb the pipes in before I can bolt that on. Now just need to put the boat back together again.
  12. This tank is replacing a similar sized old one that was held in the same way. Bolted to the fibreglass mouldings that form the underside of the forwards V-berth. If you look at the pic of the old tank you can see that the piece that was the attachment was also the top of the tank itself (sealed and bolted to it). The old tank was glass and the seal with the top was failing so decided to bin it and start again. This one never moved and the new one is the same size to am happy the fixings to the boat are strong enough. I like your idea of just a bottom piece and then bearers with rods holdi
  13. Some basic boat building advice needed here. I have a 50L tank (Polyethylene? I think) which is required to “hang” from under a thick sheet of ply as per the photos. The question is how to attach it? The options I’ve considered are: 1) Get some brackets fabricated which will go around the tank and then can be through bolted to the ply – Not sure who would make these and how much it might cost? 2) Build a ply “box” under the sheet of ply that the tank can slide in to. For this I would made the box and reinforce the seams with fibre glass tape (round off edges etc etc
  14. Yep, that first 24 hours or so was a little queasy. Mind you, I think boats leaving the day after (Tuesday) got that front passing over Northland much worse than we did from the reports I've heard. For us though the worst was on the Friday (I think) when it was a fairly strong NW kicking up a short sea which had us bouncing and bruised for the full day. The rest of the trip was great conditions and we never saw anything of the bigger winds that were forecast to catch us up as we approached Tongatapu. Great trip, enjoy the Vavaus.
  15. At the end of May I was part of the crew helping to deliver a Farr1104 (Close Encounters) up to Tonga. The owner has now headed off around the islands for the season while I, unfortunately, had to fly back to the NZ winter. Having been back for a few days I've made a couple of videos of our trip and thought I'd post them here if anyone was interested in seeing a little bit of our experience on the big blue yonder. Here goes. Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYuWj774pys Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLM5aFgSwLQ
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