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Recently moved to Auckland need to get on the water!

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I am a 25 year old male recently moved back to NZ after a stint in Perth for a year.


I am a very experienced dinghy sailor however in Perth I got into keelboat racing and was getting trained up on the foredeck on a Viking 30 over there. In saying that however I would probably need to start from scratch again as it was 6 months ago haha.


I am wanting to get back into racing here in NZ and my Laser has not been transported up from the south island yet I am dying to get back on the water. I am up for either cruising or racing.


My phone number is 0278952975 :)





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Hi my name is Ian and I own a Whiting 29 keeler based at Maraetai near

Beachlands & Pine Harbour.


I have done alot of racing in the past but only

cruise on my boat now. My wife and teenage daughter don't always want to

come out so I have built up a group of crew of many nationalities and ages.

We try and sail at least once a fortnight & take a maximum of 6 of us at any one time. Generally we do a

day sail out of Maraetai, to an island for lunch and home again. Crew either meet at Maraetai or at my place in The Gardens, Manukau City and carpool to Maraetai. Sometimes we do an overnight if we can get a group

together who are keen to do that. Next trip is this Saturday 15th June.


Unfortunately due to the the distance out of town that our place and the yacht club is, you do need your own transport. Have tried public transport a number of times and it really doesn't work. Happy to car pool from my place to the yacht club though.





e-mail is best iangabriel1968@gmail.com or mob 027 457 8220

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Hi Phillip


I have a Farr 1020 which we will be race in the RNZYS winter series fully crewed, and we are looking for a bowman.


Racing commences on 10th May and then every second Saturday.


Races start around 1255 hours, so will need to be on the boat, no later than 1215.


Give me a call if you are interested.


Mob 029 297 7705



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