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  1. On my Farr 1020 I went for a Rocna 10kg which fits into anchor locker. It has very good holding power and is easy to handle off the bow roller to locker due the D on the top of the anchor. I increased the depth of the locker installing a Hi Tech AWO3, Marine Deals stock them, which was very easy to install and increases depth by 245mm. the anchor well now takes 60m of 16mm rope and 20m of 8mm chain, also the anchor.
  2. strath


    She looks great a lot better than the last time I saw her. Well done
  3. When we get back the the marina we pour at least half a bucket of fresh water, plus a spash of blue stuff, into the toilet boil, pump it out using dry boil action. Dont seem to have any smell troubles.
  4. Hi CarpeDiem I would like to have alook at the cyinder for heating water, is it possible to post a picture of it. Thanks Strath
  5. Where can you buy a 10L engine coolant heated marine cylinder? without the electronics.
  6. So its a Lancer Crac Cat
  7. I think the defence definitely should be sailed in Auckland. I am no longer a member of RNZYS. Unfortunately it is the case that the revenue from advertising, sponsorship and media coverage etc. would be far greater, the cup being sailed in the northern hemisphere than in NZ due to the time and the vast population that can watch the sailing live. Money to some, means more than loyalty.
  8. I want to replace my existing winch with a two way rope to chain gypsy, 8mm Din 776 chain I have a Maxwell Nilsson wench, one direction, rope drum and chain gypsy, which is probably as old as the boat 1987 a Farr 1020. The winch stopped working a couple of years back and I rang Nilsson's who sugested taking the winch off to them for repair. The problem was I could get the rope drum off, but not the gypsy. The gypsy does not appear have a key and has two grub screws which screw onto the shaft which I could not get out. I finish up just taking the outer case off the motor and taking it to t
  9. strath

    Gas Solenoid

    I recently got a registerd gas fitter to replace my possibly 30year old gas line on my Farr 1020 with copper amd fit a BEP regulator and shut off valve. I also had to add another gas detector under the oven to comply. This was a very expensive excercise, however I now have a Gas Certificate, which gives me peace of mind, the last thing you what is gas explosion on your boat, and then an argument with your insurace company.
  10. As new, never been wet or used in anger. It amazes me in this day and age to be told it is uneconomical to replace the battery. Why?
  11. Hi All for your comments. Shane my son brought the boat in May this years and he has the boat on the hard in Whangarei, but wants to bring it back to Auckland. He had a marine machanic have a look at the damage SD5O it is the lower gears, shaft for the prop etc, that have the missing teeth and he also looked at the second saildrive, lower end, and he said he though there was sighs of wear slight chipping on the gears in that leg as well. The prevous owner has miticulus maintence records and appears to have carried the required maintence. The Leopard launched in 2009 has 3
  12. Hi my son has a Leopard 46, one of his Yanmar SD50 Saildrive's has broken a couple of teeth of the gears. He has been told that spare parts are not available for these saildrives, does anybody know of or have a secondhand SD50 saildrive or have parts. Aparently the new SD60 saildrives are not available until March next year if you can get one here. Any help or suggestions would be wellcome. He lives on the boat so doesn’t want it on the hard for months.
  13. strath

    White antifouling

    I have had good sucess with Light Grey Warpaint in Gulf Harbour, but like all antifoiling you need to wipe off the brown silt regularly
  14. I Have a Farr 1020 it has a house battery and seperate starter battery which run through a BEP 3x way switch, and VSR. I have a volt meter and an amp meter, the small aprox 50mm round ones, giving readings for the house battery only. I would like to at least readout for the voltage of the starter battery. Is putting in a set of matching voltage and amp gauges in the most econonical option. Also where is the best place to connect to the starter battery power supply, at the BEP switch or Volvo Penta D1-30 starter motor? Thanks Strath
  15. Go on line and have a look at Devonport Yacht Club, handy to Hobson Bay, They do cruising races to nearby destination Waiheke Island, Rakino and further etc. for a beach BBQ and over night stay, over the summer months, also some longer races. They have several under 30ft boat sailing in the cruising series. Go visit the club for dinner on a Friday night introduce your self to the duty officer and have a chat to see if sailing with them fits your requirements.
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