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Relative Rating - GBE/Wildfire

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Guys - Our Multihull ratings body just did the analysis on my boat and is returning a handicap rating somewhere between an F-27 (w/chute) and an F28 (w/chute.)  They said that once I put a chute on there, it will rate with the F-31s.  They used maybe 30 different parameters to arrive at the rating.


Does that sound about right when you think about F boats and GBE relative ratings down in N.Z?   For comparative purposes, up here the ratings are roughly:


F-31 = 1.0

F-28R = .97

F-28 = .96


It sounds like I'll start at roughly .9 and they will modify after several races....



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The Farriers are fast in light air, flat water. In a bit of wind we can keep up and can beat Sledge sometimes, which is a F28R I think. The wildfire is newer, a meter wider and has a taller rig than the GBE I think.

There are no Wildfires in NZ racing that I know of. It would be good to see how you go. When is your first race? I hope there is lots of wind.

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Sledge is a modified custom build F82R, carbon I think, where as a F28 is a gelcoated glass production boat, slightly longer, but likely a bit heavier.


Tri's generally outperform similar cats in the light due to being able to induce a little bit of heel and tack more easily, and will have slightly less wetted surface area. However the cats catch up once the breeze comes up a bit.


You'll likely be racing the 28 R on the water, if it's hull flying weather you may have a sniff at the 31's depending on how race orientated they are

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