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  1. The Habour Classic is coming round again, Josh Leys will be providing the music at the party on Friday night, and the race itself on Saturday 9th March. Entry fee is now only $30, and that still inlcudes 2 nights berthing in Jellicoe wharf! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Prepare to set sail as PIC Insurance Brokers extends their support, allowing us to significantly reduce the PIC Harbour Classic fee to only $30! In our unwavering commitment in making th
  2. Z Pier if the tide is right and its just a quick pickup.
  3. You mean this deed? and yes, all publically available BC10061547382.pdf
  4. Ed

    Parnell Poo Pipe

    Squaddy raced last night...
  5. Ed

    Coastal 2023

    The call on staring location is being made at lunchtime today
  6. Ed

    Parnell Poo Pipe

    Using a tennis court as a standard unit of measure feels like a very Parnel thing...
  7. Ed

    Parnell Poo Pipe

    A couple of things I don’t follow. Is the sewerage flowing into harbour continuously because of sink hole? Yes - the line is blocked, so the flow isn't getting to the Orakei pump station which would norrmally push it through the Hobson tunnel and ultimatly to Mangere Or only when stormwater ingress floods sewer system beyond capacity? - This happens due to the legacy combined sewage/stormwater system. This is steadily being seperated, but very expensive to do completly. Case in point the St Marys Bay Tunnel, caputred all the flows that would have traditionally gone out into we
  8. Ed

    Parnell Poo Pipe

    Dont worry, we're on it
  9. From the RAYC annual report... " RAYC has a close association with the Akarana Marine Sports Charitable Trust ("AMSCT"), a controlled entity of RAYC by virtue that RAYC appoints 4 of the 7 trustees of AMSCT. " and "The Akarana Marine Sports Charitable Trust ('AMSCT') is a related party as the General Committee members of the Club are also Trustees of AMSCT and the Club appoints the majority of the AMSCT Trustees"
  10. they are just dropshipping / scrapeing from promptparts trademe listings for the one I want
  11. Bit of a long shot, but has anyone got a Solas 3013-087-05 lying around surplus to requirements? Blew the bushing out of the prop yesterday, and promtparts has them on backorder, need something for the SSANZ this weekend! (I've got a backup motor if all else fails, would be good to have this ready to go though)
  12. I've got a plastimo hand bearing compass someone from the uk kindly sent me for christmas, totally useless, card just binds when held horizontal
  13. Decision was reserved on the day, not been published yet as far as I can see
  14. Wait - something useful has come out of climate change and near catastrophic flooding?
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