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  1. Decision was reserved on the day, not been published yet as far as I can see
  2. Wait - something useful has come out of climate change and near catastrophic flooding?
  3. Theres boats that orams won't lift due to multis being wierd sizes, i.e. too wide for the smaller travel lift, and not feasiable for the big lift. There is also the wider local auckland boat servcing capacity that has been significantly downgraded in the last year or so with P21 gone, LSB basicaly gone and now the landing closed. I don't mind paying to haul out, I just want to be able to !
  4. A big part of the issue was the local board was responsible for setting the haul out rates, but hadnt updated them for years, hence the yard was very cheap to use, but struggled to cover its costs. Nobody is objecting to a price hike to bring it in line with other commerical operations
  5. We had a fitting on the tiller connecting bar fail, gutted to have had to pull out The Friday party had an awesome atmosphere, with Phil and the band doing great work
  6. Ed


    Clutch is an adjective as well as a noun and a verb these days Language evoloution and etymology is very wierd sometimes!
  7. Thats the raw weather balloon data, pressue and temperature will predictable change relates to altitude, hence the angled gridlines to provide a straight line in theory. Red line is temperature and blue line is the dew point
  8. Ed

    What is this?

    Reaching strut, it’s for improving the angle to the spinnaker guy when you are tight reaching with the pole almost on the forestay. You rig it usually somewhere inline with the shrouds/ mast straight out the side of the boat, pushing the guy a bit further outboard and significantly reduceing the load on it
  9. Resurrecting this topic as I found the solution, but haven't seen it mentioned anywhere else. It turns out I wasn't going mad and the system did have an issue. There was a second heading sensor on the network. Turns out the ZG100 stops transmitting heading if it sees anything else sending heading onto the N2K bus(even if its the chartplotter spitting out COG as a HDG sentence). The solution (cryptically written in the instructions I admit) is to change the instance of the Zg100/point-1 from 0 to 1. Problem solved!
  10. I can't think of any yards in the greater auckland area that you can get to mast up that have a ramp that would suit the trailer and wide multis, and the costs of building one would be significant (even ignoring the consenting requirements)
  11. If you ask nicely, they'll make it in just about any colour you want....
  12. Burnsco are showing stock online in most of their stores for orange smokes?
  13. Coastal is Cat3 minus dinghy/liferaft, got changed a couple of years ago
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