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New Bluebridge Ferry - Feronia

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A new ferry - Strait Feronia - will join the Bluebridge fleet at the end of the month, replacing the Santa Regina.


The latest addition to Bluebridge's fleet cruised into Wellington late last week after a 45-day trip from Sweden.


Strait Shipping, which owns and operates Bluebridge, bought the new vessel - the Strait Feronia - in January to replace the Santa Regina. 


The ferry, which previously sailed the Sweden to Germany route, will officially join the Strait Shipping fleet sailing from the end of June. She will be the longest ship on the Cook Strait route when it enters service.


The 186-metre freight and passenger ferry is larger than the Santa Regina and has the potential to carry 2150 lane metres worth of vehicles and 400 passengers. Passenger facilities include a movie lounge, cafe and bar, children's play area, and drivers cabins.

A few more pics and vessel details here.


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Looks nice, make a great boat for the lads to go fishing with. Hell it could almost doube as NZ's first aircraft carrier as well :D

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I found it interesting that she will be the biggest ship on the Cook Strait run. Can this suggest that Bluebridge has confidence NZ Rail is going to continue with their poor management decisions, thus alienating customers?

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Strait Shipping is owned by Jim Barker group I think, who also own Freightlines/Bulk lines/Regal/Te Kawhata transport if I remember correctly. And probably many other firms.


I deal with them quite a lot for bulk transport - a very good company to deal with from my experiences. No doubt they have transferred the same ethos to their Strait shipping business and it appears to show.

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