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    In Summer I'm Wellington Harbour based and sail a Raven 26 called Footprints that I've enjoyed for 18 years. In Winter head north to Fiji where I have a Reinke Super 10. Member and occasional racer at both Evans and Lowry Bay Boat Clubs. Enjoy solo sailing and have done several long coastal trips. Coastguard tutor with skipper restricted limits licence.

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  1. A really kind thought BP, and perhaps a motivation for those of us in other locales to follow your lead.
  2. grantmc

    NZ to Fiji

    Thought I'd close the topic by confirming I cleared into Fiji last Friday at the end of a 7 day quarantine off Denerau. Trip up from BoI was awesome. Fantastic crew (including a couple of highly capable cooks), and a nice comfy quick boat. We had some great laughs, brilliant music, wit only a single day/night of rain. Wind on the nose the entire trip, but you can't have everything. Very happy to have finally boarded my own boat here in Savusavu.
  3. Not only if you return. We gained our Cat 1 in Wellington in April 2017, sailed up to BoI for checkout there, but weather window closed and we were stuck at Opua for a couple of weeks. The inspector had only given us an expiry of 1 month from inspection date (or first overseas port). So had to have the Cat 1 redone and of course pay again. As an aside there doesn't seem to be clarity and/or consistency for/between inspectors as to the expiry date of a Category Certificate. Recently crewed on another yacht and the inspector entered the expiry date as 12 months following inspection date (
  4. Lovely video and really interesting. Thanks for posting, much appreciated.
  5. I can make a comment on the point made. This has happened to me. 3 years ago I crewed on an Australian registered yacht and we cleared and departed Tauranga. We had all manner of issues with the boat and as you might deduce she wasn't up to the intended overseas passage. It wont help top get in to details, blame etc. But after several days the owner/skipper accepted the only option was to turn back. As it happened, and I think for reasons of anonymity, the Skipper choose Gisborne, and so Customs were radioed and gave permission to enter NZ. Gisborne isn't normally a port of entry. When we bert
  6. I didn’t intend to slide off topic again. I added the post about Okak because the village is on the NW passage and suffered enormously from a white man’s disease. Like all the little villages, hamlets and towns in the far north there isn’t much in the way of medical facilities or evacuation options. Even in 2020! Irrespective, Wheels and Priscilla have rightly brought up the 1919 flu and the horrific effect for Samoa. But you don’t have to look back very far at all to when another disease rampaged Samoa. Only last year they experienced a measles outbreak that decimated the country.
  7. Too late now for submitting motions,. but if you guys really want to have your say get to the YNZ AGM coming up soon. 2020 annual general meeting The 66th annual general meeting of Yachting New Zealand will be held on Saturday 10th October 2020 at the Worser Bay Boating Club in Wellington.
  8. It’s not often we have nautical news in the Capital, and when we do it‘s often sad and bad; yacht sinks, dog drowns, boat fire, paddle boarder carried out to Cook Strait etc. Well we have a nice little good news story today. For years now, opposite the East West Ferry terminal, in the centre of the city, has been moored the Sea Lion, a 26 metre, 100 tonne launch. For the last 15 years a home for the McIntosh family. A while ago the little ship appeared on Trade Me where Ian McIntosh had listed her, along with what I thought was a very honest account of her good, bad and ugly features an
  9. Not wishing to aggravate the sin or virtues of the voyage. And I hope within the bounds of the original post that I made about sailing the northern extremes of Canada. I thought there might be an interest in the little town of Okak (sometimes spelt Okkak). Kiwi Roa will likely sail past Okak, found in the northern extremes of Labrador, perhaps even stop there as this is well south of the ‘finish line’ of the passage. Scientists tell us Okak, an Inuit village, has been constantly settled for over 5,000 years. At the turn of last century Okak held the largest Inuit community in Labrador and wa
  10. Mauritius is too far away to be relevant. The Exxon Valdez disaster brings the point home in a more germane way me thinks. Until Covid, there'd been considerable concern about cruise liners doing the trip, and that sooner or latter a ship would founder and thousands of people would need evacuation. Something that the area doesn't have the capability to do.
  11. Earlier I listed the above table of New Zealand successes. I am stunned and amazed that no one on the forum has picked up on my error. Till now some members have been so quick to point and scream at my occasional mistakes and stumbles. But anyway as you'll all know, Peter Elliott is of course a true Aussie battler. Whilst his boat Typhina was built in France, Peter flagged her as Australian shortly after buying her off a French family who'd lived on her for 20 odd years. A link to his fascinating web site that tells the story of their two season NW Passage http://www.tyhina.com/in
  12. I understand she was originally built in Whangarei. Sistership? don't know. She did the Northwest Passage in 2008 with skipper Juan Ribos under Spanish flag. And it is that journey that's featured in the Youtube video. These days she is a NZ registered yacht and for the last few years she's been sailing around Western Europe.
  13. Vicariously, and from reading/watching, there's never a time when it's clear of ice during the July-Sept cruising season. The issue is the amount of ice and it's interaction with the wind. All sailors take advice and rely on forecasts form the Canadian Ice Service.
  14. Just thought that to try and keep the thread on track, and perhaps add a little sanity, here's a reminder of the Kiwis who've completed a successful NW passage: 2000 Evohe (25m yacht) Stephen Kafka 2009 Tyhina (10.4m yacht) Peter Elliot 2010 Astral Express (12.5m yacht) Graeme Kendall single handed over two seasons 2011 Kotuku (12m yacht) Ian Douglass 2012 Tokimata (13m yacht) Peter Garden 2017 Larissa (13.7m cutter) Mark Domney 2017 Tiama (15.2m skoop) Hank Haazen Just to add Australia have had only 6 successes including 3 by Roger
  15. Very much insurance company specific, but given you've no replies so far here's my 2 cents worth. For offshore then expect skippers/sailors requirements for Cat 1 as set by YNZ minimum. Suggest you refer to the YNZ web site for the Safety Regulations, section 21 and Appendix 6 re Sea Survival. Yachting New Zealand safety regulations of sailing 2017-2020 Mostly very vague I know. But some decent blue water miles under the belt, probably looking for Ocean Yachtmaster qualified or equivalent commercial certification. The other aspect is the cruising grounds where the boat wi
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