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Raymarine Evolution tiller pilot

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Would be keen to hear from anyone who has an Evo 100 tiller pilot/package on their boat. It is one of the options we are currently considering for our boat (fin keel around 5 tonnes once we get in full cruise mode), and keen on some feedback on how they work out in the real world.

Not really interested in people just wanting to bag Raymarine thanks.

Feel free to PM message me as well.

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Pete, its a pretty good unit. Has the solid state compass with the pitch/roll/yaw compensation. The specs are good.


Its similar to a Simrad TP32 with a precision 9 heading sensor.

I don't know of any vessels using the Raymarine in a serious manner, (there will likely be some though) but there are several, even 40ft + using the TP32s, including ocean passages.


Both. like any good autopilot, will steer fine, provided the boat is well balanced. If it's hard to steer by hand, an AP will suck a lot of power...

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Hi Pete 


this is What I have on squealer. v good but control head is fogging (unit less than 6 months old) can steers to apparent wind, as well as usual compass course. 

Need to fit a bigger battery bank to keep track of it though!  :wtf:



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RL, take it back while still under warranty. It should not fog.

It can also steer to a waypoint... meaning allowing for set and drift, fastest route between two points, provided stable conditions.

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After extensive sussing I've gone EVO-100 for my 930. It is a bit over kill for a lightish 30 but they means it'll work less, which can't be a bad thing.... I hope.


I also have a ST1000 and a ST2000 (which is the same as a TP32) and they work fine but I wanted the extra brain power, sensors and integration the EV option has. I can also get all the bits most likely to cause issues downstairs well protected i.e. the black box full of software. That 9 axis sensor thing should be damn good in evening out the ride I hope.


There isn't much in the way of options unless you want to go hydraulic, something I really didn't want to do.


Haven't used it yet but if it works as least as well as the ST2000 I'll be happy.

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