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  1. There is not much too them really. Prime pump, pre filters, HP Pump, membrane and then product output and brine dump. So, no product water (it does not "make" the brine, it's simply discharging the seawater. No product water is only a couple of causes, either not sufficient HP pressure (check HP pressure display, should be circa 800psi in seawater) stuck/non operating valve or blocked membranes. So, before getting a service, open seawater input thru hull, run unit and see what pressure it's getting up to. If it's insufficient, then when did you last change the pre-filter? Is the prime pump wor
  2. Jon, that RM drive has the plastic gears, right? You can always have metal replacements made. I've done a few tiller system APs for offshore or race boats. The ram/drive is always the issue, along with rudder angle sensor. Some are only interested in performance, not asthetics. They are not too hard - electric motor below deck, SS hydraulic ram above, with tiller pin and retaining clip for tiller end of drive. Solenoid to engage/disengage from AP Controller, or to remove ram, pull pin on tiller slip & off drive. They work well, but you can see the drive, and it's permanently in t
  3. The parallel or series answer is "it depends". Yes, you get more power from series in full sun. However when partially shaded, the whole array is severely effected. Parallel arrays are effected less by partially shading of part of the array, as the unshaded panels still produce full output. Yachts often have partial shading - masts, rigging etc.
  4. Sorry if all this sounds too negative. It can be done, and the area can have fantastic sailing and good weather. You just have to choose you time carefully, and be prepared to change your plans according to conditions...
  5. No Problem. Southern NZ is not an easy place to sail. These Pics are in Cook Strait in summer, same day, about an hour or so apart, in pretty good weather - but a bit fresh! On a bad day, no place for a Yacht!
  6. Hmm, Sorry Mattm, but I dont agree with that. Sure, the BEST POSSIBLE performance is as above (2x12 or a 24v panel). Improvments between PWM and MPPT can be as much as 40% in that configuration, but for a single panel install I've still seen improvements of over 25%.
  7. At this time of year the weather windows don't last long. It's further round the top, and the only real harbour that's accessible is New Plymouth. It has limited shelter and is designed for ships, with little yachting infrastructure. In w/NW conditions its rolly, even behind the breakwater. The west coast is pretty rugged, and more so the further south you get. Remember that that is (mostly) the prevailing weather side of the island. If, for some reason, I had to do this passage at this time of year, from Auckland, I'd go E coast, no schedule, stop if needed, leave the boat if needed. Bu
  8. Palliser bay is a natural wind funnel. You can get out of the waves close in, but in most of the bay the wind will be stronger there than further out - sometimes 2x the real wind speed. The Ngawi fishermen will tell you that in extreme conditions its known to have stones 10mm across hitting the boat up to 10Nm out! This section of the coasts should be avoided in heavy conditions, N or S. If, when you get to Napier, you dont have 2 days of reasonable conditions forecast (for S coast and Cook Strait), my advice would be to stop, and wait until you do. Then leave, and go as fast as you can!
  9. This is friday 6pm; Eases until very light Midday Monday; Tues lunchtime the NE is starting By Wednesday lunchtime it's pretty strong;
  10. Hmm, 1st for this voyage would be - be flexible. A trip to Wellington down either coast at this time of year is not easy. Be prepared to stop, and even leave the boat somewhere if the weather is not looking good. Current forecast is fwd of the beam down to E.Cape friday - thru about Monday, and medium to strong S sector after east cape, until maybe Monday afternoon when it slowly drops off and comes to NE, strengthening (Strong, possibly gale) over the next few days - but behind you if your around E Cape. There will be NW gales in Cook Strait next week. This voyage may only be
  11. On the Vulcan, with everything on, go to menu, network, sources, and run autoselect. Alternatively you can manually select the sources under network, sources, but easier just to let the system do it. report back if that's not it...
  12. I'm not saying you wont find anyone, but you might like to consider a couple of issues. You need to state where you wish to go (for example a SRL <24m NZ ticket is restricted to 12nm off the coast). A coastal ticket (200NM) is worth more per day, Offshore master is more again. The pay rate offered is low, and at peak holiday period. Just for your info, my last job as skipper was $500 AUD/day. Which particular min ticket is required?
  13. The extreme runs on a go sim if you want data rather than calls mostly... From the predictwind website; "Perfect for offshore year round or seasonal use, keeping you connected anywhere in the world. In addition to the Iridium GO, our SIM cards and Airtime Plans are compatible with the Iridium 9555 and 9575 handsets"
  14. Nah, not needed on the phone - just pull up the antenna - its much bigger than the iririum go one.
  15. Pactor 3 will work fine. I can probably lend you a iridium extreme ph (does data as well) as a backup for 6 months if you wish?
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