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  1. Normal. No obvious problem if that's the only issue...
  2. Looks like an anderson - https://andersenwinches.com/aw/default.asp
  3. OK, so its not marine. But it is sailing! For those interested, keep reading. Urban Land Sailing The New Zealand Open Championships (NZO), the premier regatta for the Blokart class of land yacht, will be hosted by the Auckland Blokart Club at Ardmore Airport, 15th to 18th April. The one-design Blokart provides high speed sailing comparable to advanced foiling yachts, on an affordable, low-tech budget. Designed and built in New Zealand, over 14,000 blokarts have been sold globally. They are popular to race because they are fast, nimble and will pack-down into two bags that
  4. OK, it does now work, you need firmware 20.0.1 (or later, but thats the current one) on your MFD, and the latest version of the link App. Unfortunately it's still a bit flakey. So, if you have issues, reset the default values in the "hotspot" menu. Then make certain you can see the wifi in your phone/tablet BEFORE you try the QR code scan to connect. If you can't see it it wont work, but if you can you should be away. Here is a connection screenshot I took on Island Time a few mins ago;
  5. Done this a few times. If its a strong NW, go to the sounds or Wellington directly, NP is very rolly! They laid lots of moorings for the Solo Tasman race boats when I did that, but iirc they removed them later. There is not a lot of space, but there is a very small marina, and some moorings - ask the yacht club or harbormaster first. Cape Egmont is often where the wind changes on the way south, if it's been S or SW it often goes NW (prevailing wind in Cook Strait) from about there, and gives a great ride home. IMO it's a safer route south than the E coast, esp to the S of Eas
  6. I have an appropriate puller (hydraulic), but my biggest socket is 50mm... Try https://tradetools.co.nz/products/56mm-3-4drive-6-point-impact-socket
  7. Given that a D10 has a max tow load of about 32 ton, tugs with over 400ton BP are pretty damn impressive in my book!
  8. You underestimate the power of a modern large tug. The issue though is the sheer mass of this thing - 200,000 tons. I cant imagine there is a single suitable tow line, nor that an attachment point (Bollard, Sampson post/ Cleat) would be sufficiently strong enough. KM or Rigger, care to comment???
  9. No Problem to do this. Ive done it multiple times with engines up to about 300Kg. If the mainsail is loose footed, no need to remove it, just a strop around the boom. Yes, as MH says above, use the topping lift and halyard for security, and I use a loop around the boom so the load is not entirely taken by the (normally cast) boom end fitting, and maybe a worn shackle eye.
  10. $1500 and its yours. Full new warranty....
  11. 2nd vote for make your own. Pretty easy....with a domestic sewing machine.
  12. I usually just cut the end off one of the short cables, and splice the cable. Provided the splice is good, it'll work fine....
  13. Thanks guys! It just so happens that I currently have a Zeus 3 7 inch on the shelf I'm prepared to do a deal on. RRP is $2500 incl GST. 1st person to make a 1/2 sensible offer on it will own it. You may be surprised what I'll accept!
  14. For anyone considering this, they might find this video informative:
  15. Island Time

    Head vent

    Just make certain that the siphon valve is inserted up the right way! The little rubber valve is V shaped, and the point of the V points down. these valves are designed to open under vacuum, and let air IN to the hose, then seal to keep the odour in the hose. When they do smell, they usually have something stuck in the valve, or the rubber is old and no longer seals....
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