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  1. Island Time


    Mostly TAO BMS units. The std display does audio and visual, and there are 6 relays std, more of you wish. Despite the name, its a European company with a French electronics engineer designer/owner who is a sailor - currently in NZ, on his boat called Tao. They currently have restricted supply though....
  2. Island Time


    Actually those anderson connectors are not that great for LifePo4. Think about this - only 2 of the 18650 cells (3,2v, look like torch batteries) that are in most of the drop ins, shorted, can produce 75a! Short out one 100a/hr LifePo4 battery can produce up to about 20,000 amps. This will blow a fuse of course, BUT, unless it's a class T fuse, it will then arc across the terminals and current will still flow.... So, proper install needs Class T fuse - for each battery - and battery isolation switches. To meet the NZ regs you need a system that gives visual and audio alarms before it shuts off
  3. Island Time


    for me the biggest benefit is the fast charging. No more hours and hours to get to full...
  4. Island Time


    Yeah, better than the AC!
  5. Not really practical for a yacht - have to take the rig out, cant get under the bridge (8m height restriction)
  6. I was there, and it was great! The on the water organizing left quite a bit to be desired - no clear marking of spectator area, no GPS co-ordinates either, or better still would have been a GPX file to lay out the course, so we could park in the right spot! As it was they had to move most of the spectator fleet on day one, although day two was better. It was their 1st go at this though. The Sailing was awesome, and well worth the trip. NZ could have started better! Penalizing themselves.... I only went down from Wellington, and with the forecast now for the return trip, looks l
  7. Island Time


    Yes. The only exemption is "NOTES: 1 This Standard is not intended to apply to small boats equipped with a battery supplying circuits for engine starting and navigation lighting only that is recharged from an inboard or outboard engine driven alternator." So unless you ONLY have engine start and nav lights.... AND that battery specifically says no alternator charging. IMO there is NO SUCH THING as a "Drop in Lithium battery" on a boat. This article is great, and written by one of the worlds leaders in this field https://marinehowto.com/drop-in-lifepo4-be-an-educated-consu
  8. The only solution is a fresh water toilet, or converting to a waterless toilet (composting). The rotten egg smell is caused by the biological life dying and decomposing in the seawater feed...inlet - before the toilet, so no additives at the toilet can work.
  9. I too have a set of wired in bypass switches to enable start and alt when it fails again. Yes, my alt used to output 14.75 (with old AGM's that could take 14.8v, with alt being controlled by the Nordkyn alt controller to get 3 stage charging. When I changed to lithium (LiFePo4) the max voltage was restricted t0 14.2v, and solar to match. VSR - yep, just joins the banks together. Not ideal if batts cannot operate at same voltages If your chemistries require different voltages, the best way is to set up for the house bank (Where most charging is required), then use a DC-DC charger to t
  10. Volvo where and who? The MDI units "should" be ok up to around 15v which is when the Alarm goes off. The MDI should be powered off when ignition is off. Volvo are well aware of the issue and issued the attached recall. Your dealer is not being straight up! Its worth reading the link above from Eric at Nordkyn. There is also lots of stuff on cruisers forum. Print out the attached recall, and maybe some other stuff, and have a go at your dealer. I have had 2 MDI's replaced under warranty... MDI BOX RECALL.pdf
  11. The correct position for mounting is 460mm forward of the rudder post center (pivot point). The issues are power, motion range and speed. Mounting the pin 460mm forward of the pivot gives the best performance of these 3 requirements. 85kg on the standard pin is fine, but with one of extended length the torque on the tiller can be quote a bit... and, set up correctly + with the right sail combination, they can steer pretty well. The single best improvement you can make is to add a decent compass - like a precision 9 - the difference in steering accuracy is HUGE. This is due to th
  12. just remember that the TP32 max thrust is 85 Kg. The pin must support that, and the longer it is, the bigger the lever....
  13. all sanitation hose breaks down eventually. use a rag with boiling water on it - rub it on the hose - then smell the rag. if it smells, replace the hose....
  14. So the AP is simnet and the NSS3 is NMEA2000, Which are basically the same with different connections. Is the simnet network actually connected to the NSS3?
  15. looks like one of the originals, may be 50 yrs old! Possibly a Parkercraft. Have you float tested? They can leak from the riveted seams - all of them!
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