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  1. Yep, Aluminium. You need to tap and machine screw them on, or use monel rivets. Alloy ones are not strong enough. Heaps of different ones available - like this https://www.fishpond.co.nz/Sports_Outdoors/Sea-Dog-Folding-Mast-Step-Aluminium/0035514328609
  2. It would be interesting to know what hatch it was, 2 dogs or 4? It can’t have been a frame install failure, as a crew member closed it again. If it was a 2 dog hatch, maybe the deck could flex sufficiently for it to open, but if a 4, then I think that unlikely. Be interesting to ask that crew member, and also if he recalls any damage. to fit storm shutters as described in the mnz report, IMO is likely to cause more issues - sheets stuck around them for example ripping them off. Although small, Island times hull windows have storm shutters - from the inside. The windows are instal
  3. I've read the MNZ report. 1stly let me again express my condolences to the families concerned. We all need to see this as a learning experience, to try to prevent another similar event at a later time. IMO most core construction vessels cannot simply screw "storm shutters" to a window surround without weakening the whole area. External shutters screwed on would have made little difference in this situation unless they where actually in contact with the window material or frame, and hence provided additional support to resist the internal pressure. A few screws in a composite structure ar
  4. Nah, not mine! I dont have any lawns, detracts from boat (maintenance!) time
  5. Yeah Right! You have owned a boat, right? The jobs list is eternal!
  6. Seems about right! Pic shows mast now with alloy primer and one undercoat, you can see on the boom on the ground the state of the paint before I started...
  7. Went to replace the vhf antenna in mast cable on Island time. Broke it off in the mast, conduit seems blocked. Rig needs painting as well, so pulled the mast. Disassembled and bought rig home. Spent the last couple of days removing conduit, wiring, then sanding and painting.
  8. No - well, yes, easy but still pretty costly/
  9. IMO Changed, this is a very 2nd level option. In my experience in really strong winds, it can be difficult or impossible to stop the tensioned luff from vibrating -can be severe - with a harmonic. Enough to shake the rig and cause wear. A decent track gate, above the lowered main, and a feeder track below is a much better option (but of course more difficult and expensive to do for something you may never use!) or alternatively a separate trisail track (that's what I ended up doing).
  10. Contrary to what you may think, many of the bearing plastics are actually meant to be either self lubricating, or water lubricated. Grease is likely a mistake....
  11. Yeah, not that warm the last few days, around 20. Still, warmer than home!
  12. Island Time


    Yep, but I’m still stuck in Ausy. Hoping to be back at work Tuesday...
  13. Island Time


    Part of the ais standard is that they are supposed to run fully independently of the network, although some don't meet the standard ( cheap Asian mostly, like matsutec)
  14. Fusion marine use a trailer and tractor. I had a customers boat out there last year. Good deal, and a couple of multis out up there too. You could try Jorn Douglas, NZ shipwrights, 0276992674 for a price using that yard. Tell him Matt from Neptune's Gear referred you...
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