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Functionally complete....

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Terrapin's forward tramp failed about 10 days ago.   Nearly catastrophic since I went through to my waist!   While underway, in good wind.   ON AUTOPILOT!


Tragedy narrowly averted!


I built a new one out of vinyl coated poly mesh w shelterite edges.   Borders are 1/2" schedule 40 PVC conduit (UV rated).  I'm no seamstress, so the stitching lines suggest perhaps I was drinking heavily while cussing at my POS sewing machine.   Tie lines are 3mm Dyneema. except along the hull where the fabric bolt rope is bolted to the hulls.   The result seems to be up to the task.


All thread is PTFE.


A big job complicated by the fact that the boat remained in the water.   My canoe got a work out!



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good save + repair


multi's won't wait if you fall behind

Ain't that the truth!   I inspected over the winter and found no issues.  In April we stepped the mast and found a small hole afterward which I patched.   Over the next month, I patched two more new holes, praying I could nurse it through the season.


But UV is insidious.   It attacks everyday....

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