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  1. had a small 1 on a boat i bought the bearings never got lubed and weren't sealed well enough so all the grease got washed out the bearings got hot enough to melt the plastic holders they were in so the fan started wobbling enough for the rotor to touch the stator and cut into the all the windings ruining the whole thing this wasn't picked up by the previous owner as the regulator also controlled the solar which worked perfectly at keeping the house batteries charged i guess they have their place but for most sailors more solar would be better
  2. nail-biter great racing! but deano's done like a dog's dinner
  3. yes, congrats to the brits all that hard work of xmas/new year paid off and the cup race has become interesting again prada didn't look good rounding the city top mark and into the breeze at okahu bay twice they followed ben round into the breeze and appeared to fluff it the 3rd time, with the race lost, then went round the east mark and away from the gusts...
  4. erice

    Fuse Panel

    be sure to try push +twist
  5. course C, the best course for land based spectators so plan for north head, go early and be prepared to walk far https://www.americascup.com/en/news/907_PRADA-CUP-DAY-1-RR1-RACE-INFO
  6. guess it's easier for them but it's not easier for spectators to plan their day when the course announcement keeps getting pushed back First race will start at 3:00 PM NZT weather permitting, exact time of the start and selected race course will be published on americascup.com and social media channels at 11:00 AM NZT. pretty sure the teams were told yesterday morning https://www.americascup.com/en/news/903_PRADA-CUP-DAY-1-RR1
  7. ooppss https://www.nzherald.co.nz/sport/americas-cup-2021-team-new-zealand-capsize-in-practice-race/QLS765MQ2Q7WQWGPKHWO4RHEWM/
  8. thanks, went down to the viaduct and got a bit of information from the yellow clad guides as above plus ineos seem the only team interested in a semi-organised 1 on 1 race with etnz prada and america magic preferred not to go up against etnz today
  9. the usual websites currently don't seem to have anything up about today and tomorrow's races the teams will already know wonder when we will?
  10. erice

    Boat on Boat

    i guess that's the steel alloy foils humming at much the same frequency that steel alloy turbine blades hum
  11. what are you trying to cut through and how thick? the air tools spin very fast but you often can't use the speed in deep frp as the resin melts most electric drills are variable speed now, you'll know when the little gearbox in the right angle is unhappy then you back off on the drill trigger a bit
  12. looks like more practice races monday, tuesday...but not much information on when and where yet A compromise has clearly been reached and the Herald understands all four teams will have practice races on Monday and Tuesday before the challengers' boats are officially measured on Wednesday ahead of the Prada Cup opening round robin starting on Friday.
  13. erice

    Fuse Panel

    isn't there a little knurling on the outer ring of the black circles on the left? could that push + twist off?
  14. A - it'll be ready hard to cut the shaft off B - it may be very difficult to seat in a small 3 jaw chuck, you "might" get a better grasp with a larger chuck and/or wrapping the end with some shim stock .... however if you're drilling to drill in a confined space this is what you really need, an air-drill with right-angle head and compressor?
  15. a bit like the stereo speakers of old most people simply buy the biggest 'number' ....so check it's actually continuous in this case aussie jaycar list this 1500w inverter as continuous https://www.jaycar.com.au/1500-watt-12vdc-to-230vac-pure-sine-wave-inverter/p/MI5708 note the comment on the input, which can be seen between the fans at back " Input connection: Heavy duty screw terminals" unfortunately jaycar nz's 1500watt inverter doesn't list input, even in the manual, or have any pics of the back, but you can assume screw terminals https://www.jayca
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