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  1. under xi all chinese companies need to further integrate 'the party' into their business structure + governance and if that means handing over the data on their servers for some targeted asymmetric warfare, it'll happen The notice requests all regions and departments to implement the new policies and “encourage private enterprises to participate in the reform of mixed ownership”. Companies are also being urged to bolster their own internal Communist Party committees, which can influence commercial decisions. “Party committees at all levels must strengthen their leadership o
  2. can't resist posting this OLD dyslexic classic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=leyLDaX2uns&ab_channel=45RPMRecordsForSale
  3. sure most of you have seen it but even if 1 hasn't it's worth reposting the 2 ronnies "four candles" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNTM9iM1eVw&ab_channel=BillJames
  4. ^ looks like the dream didn't stand the light of daylight buyer must pick up from nelson???
  5. bought for $5 and intending to make its home a comune in nelson... A conditional contract was signed, and the deal was done. The harbourmaster was in touch soon after, saying Myers wasn’t legally allowed to depart Wellington without their approval of seaworthiness.
  6. can't help but think a few too many corners got cut somewhere along the line pretty lucky for that guy to survive in just a life jacket, guess it was because they were within range of a well funded helo + SAR doubt he'll be feeling too chipper about being the sole survivor
  7. A survivor has been rescued from the water after a ship with two New Zealanders and 41 others onboard went missing during a typhoon off the coast of Japan. The ship, Gulf Livestock 1, carrying about 5867 cattle left Napier on August 14, was carrying 43 crew members.
  8. erice

    American Magic

    American Magic’s second generation America’s Cup boat is on its way to Auckland. The 75-foot boat is being flown in a chartered cargo plane for its trip to New Zealand from the boatbuilding yard in Rhode Island on the east coast of the United States. The boat will be the one American Magic use for the Prada Cup challenger series. The boat’s swift arrival in Auckland again signals the precision of the syndicate that is backed by the powerful New York Yacht Club. American Magic’s Kiwi helmsman Dean Barker has hinted at big changes on their new boat, saying: “It definitely loo
  9. hi all, looking for some old worn mooring chain in the auckland area, to act as a security device for some motorcycles that have to live outside pm, if you need to get rid of some or swap for rum
  10. 65.9% as of this morning hoping for 66% today https://aucklandwatersupply.co.nz/
  11. i wonder if it has anything to do with the crashed drug plane last month? presumably the png authorities were working on intelligence supplied by the australian federal police https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-07-30/aussie-pilot-detained-in-png-over-mystery-plane-crash/12508584 https://www.fr24news.com/a/2020/08/pngs-biggest-drug-bust-plane-crash-death-and-half-a-ton-of-cocaine-world-news.html the cartels seem to have many buyers in oz and use png in the same way they use central america
  12. The Papua Defence Force’s Navy has intercepted what news media have described as a suspected Chinese pirate vessel and have detained eight crew members, one with gunshot wounds. At present, all crew members are being interrogated by PNG Customs officials with assistance from the Australian Federal Police. In 2017, the same vessel was intercepted in the Milne Bay waters, with cocaine also being seized from the vessel. https://eveningreport.nz/2020/08/26/drama-at-sea-png-navy-detains-8-alleged-pirates-1-wounded/
  13. He completed that voyage anyway, steering by the stars. And if it was possible to navigate without instruments by night, he reasoned, perhaps it was possible to do so by day. “By the time I got back to shore two and a half weeks later, I had figured out that daytime steering was no problem at all,” he said. “We would use the wind as a reference; we would use the waves as a reference.” doesn't sound very efficient during the day, but wasn't this pretty much how they believe oceania was navigated before 1500? but with the advantage of good charts
  14. on that The Sankei article also says the Chinese stated that Japan “is not entitled to demand” the fishing fleet cease its activities. If that part of the report is accurate, China is saying, “This is our territory…and from now we are going to prove it.” https://asiatimes.com/2020/08/china-japan-island-dispute-in-new-sharper-focus/?fbclid=IwAR2hw4j60KZAhur3GOm09MOHwnTOps4oN16awIwx3B82d61ignETEuDxEFc
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