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Fun non-profit seeks chill captain for relaxed job in the Pacific

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Hey Captains,,

Would you like a big of fun with great people for a good cause? We are looking for captains to come out and join our boat in the Pacific Islands as we do some cool things.

The vessel is mostly stationary and only moves to avoid weather or to relocate to new island groups. 
Pretty much the job is just to relax and keep people safe. We are a volunteer operation of researchers working to understand the huge problems in our key reefs. 

The areas of operations are the Ha'apai group in Tonga, Vava'u group in Tonga, Lau group in Fiji and around Lautoka a bit for chats and presentations.

You don't need to do the passages (more pay for those if you do) but we are looking for someone who wants to help a charity out on a private ship in the Islands and have a cruisy lifestyle for a few months.

Aboard the ship will be 14-18 great people from all over the world coming together to solve problems and do research. This will be our fourth year of operation in the Pacific and we have excellent safety systems and management. Mostly we are just doing dive and tender operations with the ship moving every week to two weeks to a new anchorage.

The boat is a great big reliable and strong steel vessel. She is 113 foot overall and very safe and fairly easy to operate. 

I will be there to assist in all operations and know 2/3 of the island groups very well. The ship is going through a 3 month upgrade and checkup before the voyage this year.

Our pay isn't great for a captain but we hope will be enough to make this adventure fun and not financial suicide.

Experience is needed in the Pacific and on larger boats if possible. Engineering experience is also appreciated. Masters IV ticket or equivalent appreciated but not needed in lieu of experience and references.

Please let me know if interested.



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