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  1. Hey Captains,, Would you like a big of fun with great people for a good cause? We are looking for captains to come out and join our boat in the Pacific Islands as we do some cool things. The vessel is mostly stationary and only moves to avoid weather or to relocate to new island groups. Pretty much the job is just to relax and keep people safe. We are a volunteer operation of researchers working to understand the huge problems in our key reefs. The areas of operations are the Ha'apai group in Tonga, Vava'u group in Tonga, Lau group in Fiji and around Lautoka a bit for chats and presentati
  2. Absolutely this is an issue. However, you don't really need that many parts (aside from regular service items) if you just don't screw up the motor! I've spent a fair bit of time in a couple of workshops in the islands and had chats with owners (who are normally lending me their space to fix something on my boat). They see the most ridiculous stuff. Normally with such an idea, we just run a pilot program and see how it goes. Then we try get sponsorship, get some tools up there. Our 'Island Mechanics' are the only ones allowed to access the tools and if tools go missing then they have to
  3. Wow thanks all! Yeah I met Shane actually. Is a lovely guy, owns Moorings and Tonga Beach Resort. I should actually reach out to him. Deadline is coming a little close. Just purchased a lovely little sunburst dinghy for over there (trying to get another one so I can get two villages racing them). Maybe he can strap one to his deck. Shipping is over $800. Yeah, transport around the islands is bottle-necked by a shortage of in service vessels. This is for a reason however. We'd like to offer a free 2-stroke engine maintenance course in the Tongan islands next year. Another thing we found that
  4. Hi all, We are urgently looking for cargo space to Tonga for: Medical Equipment (boxed, sealed, certified) A wooden sailing dinghy (for teaching kids to sail) 10xVHF radios (for each village to escalate emergencies) We are a NZ charity that gives medical training and supplies to outer island villages (teach a man to fish ideology). A sailor myself, I sailed to Tonga on my 30 foot wooden yacht and found that there were problems in these communities that we can solve. Our boats have a full offshore kits, at least one trained medic, yet communities of 300 have nothing. Help us help others
  5. 3A fridge running 60% of the time = approx 550Wh so would require about 90W solar panel to cover it. Would buy a 120W in this case. I normally assume 6 hours light at about 70% of the panels capability. In my opinion (as this whole reply is!) if you are running a fridge, you don't want to have to choose at some stage between warm beer or low voltage Also: The independent Waeco fridges etc are actually real efficient. I have an inbuilt isotherm which could probably do with more insulation. I can't keep my volts up on a hot day with my 80W panel.
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