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Lanolin available

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Thanks Wheels. I PM’d KM last week and had no response. The person who answered when I called earlier had no idea and KM wasn’t there that day. I clearly need to go back to TM and check what spelling I searched with as that is just too obvious.



Two things you can try.

I sent some tubes of a solid thick Lanoline grease to KM and Chains Ropes and Anchors. Call him to see if any is left.

Failing that, search Trademe. For instance https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/motorbikes/parts-for-sale/lubricants-coolants/listing-2435416242.htm?rsqid=1be733dc6eaf4bd581fbf8f164ac3d9f-004

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I emailed KM and yes he still has some tubes. Seeing as what Trademe listing prices are, this stuff is cheap as chips.
KM hasn't been able to log on to Crew so far, but has been too busy to muck about trying. this time of the year, things are nuts for them.
fjp, you need to email him or if you ph again, ask for Alan. He will be the only other one that will have a clue what you are on about. I will email Alan and give him a head up that you might call.

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