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  1. If you want the best long term performance coating, then yes, use both. But you can also get good life from just the one.
  2. "Quickest way to rot a wooden boat is to wash with Fresh water. " Washing any boat type in fresh water is not essential. I wouldn't worry about it.
  3. I guess one has to weigh up cost of hydrogen from BOC vs 60W of energy, as to it being worth it. I haven't done much research into who has what in the way of Fuel Cells available yet. Been meaning to. I do know from reports I have read that there are several new designs on the tables, making them more efficient, having the cell last longer which has been an issue and having much higher output. I am sure many of these new ones will be available. They can now power a Truck and keep it efficient as well.
  4. If the unit runs on pure Hydrogen gas, yep nothing holding you back at all. The question would be, how expensive would a bottle of Hydrogen be from BOC. And in fact, does BOC sell Hydrogen? The only Fuel cell I know of that is able to be bought right now, uses Methanol for the Fuel. The Cell gets the Hydrogen directly from the methanol.
  5. Poorly. Depends on where you expect to be anchored, but you need to be fairly close to a good signal for a multi directional to work. I would suggest you could make it work in the Auckland Marinas, but I doubt it will from even just Waiheke. And it would have to be line of sight. Any island in the way will likely drop the signal too much. The next choice is to go for a dish. If you can anchor and have a couple of stern lines so as you can stop the boat moving too much, there are some auto seeking Dish units available for Caravans that are not anywhere near as expensive as the Marine ones. Bu
  6. (all my comments are of a larger world wide view, not just here in NZ). There is one thing that pushes technology forward at a fast pace. Competition to be first. And the competition between Hydrogen and Battery is huge with the goal being the first to dominate the market. It's kinda like the old days of VHS and Beta. Sadly the Beta system was far superior, but lost the race. Hopefully hydrogen won't lose this particular battle. The problem with Hydrogen is that it it technically challenging, but has the better "Green Footprint". Even if we look at Coal or Oil as the source of the Hydr
  7. I can do better than just one. Catalysts are big in the table right now. About a dozen (that I know of) researchers have variations of Catalysts that very economically divide Oxygen and Hydrogen from water. Two different researcher (one was actually two universities working in conjunction) were releasing their inventions at ACS. But due to Covid, ACS was "Virtual" instead. So the discoveries were presented as papers instead. Instead of using electrical energy to convert water to the two gasses, they use a Photocatalyst. A Catalytic reaction, stripping oxygen away from the Water mole
  8. I would have thought doing so would be energy hungry as well. But I guess Coal is cheap. There are many different and very efficient ways of producing hydrogen cheaply now. I don't think there is a downside to turning Coal to Hydrogen, apart from the energy taken to d so. It takes something that produces harmful effects otherwise and causes it to be burned cleanly.
  9. Yeah, but I wouldnt buy one right now. There are a heap of companies about to enter the market and I expect prices will fall and technology will greatly improve.
  10. I have said before and I fully believe that Hydrogen is the fuel of the future In fact it is fast heading that way now. A large overseas Truck manufacturer is going to be releasing a range of Trucks into the NZ market very soon. They had been hoping to have the first range here by the end of the year. But I think the C19 issue has messed things up time wise. They are also going to be installing Fuel refilling facilities through out the Country. There is going to be a range of Truck sizes and they have a range of 500Kms before needing to be re fueled. They have a Truck in Oz(or if not yet
  11. The concept of LTO's have been around for awhile and is a great example of the length of time it takes for these new designs to get to market. The first commercial application of an LTO was way back in 2012. Yet it is only now that the technology is really taking a big leap in use. The downside is that it has a much lower energy density than standard LiPo. 30 to 40% less. However, that is totally compensated for by it's real big advantage. Charging time. It can have huge current punched back into it and be fully charged in just a few minutes. In China, there is a Bus that they can fully
  12. Still just a lab experiment though. There is a product made by IBM, but it's not a true superconductor and there is nothing available as far as a standard vehicle battery that exists yet.
  13. Depends on what the cost would be, how good the chain is and wear of old chain vs cost of new Chain. KM has high quality chain at the such a good price, you may as well go new. You need to check each link for wear on old chain. It is where the link joins the next that wears and if you have any wear at all. then the strength is compromised and it will not be fitting the Gypsy properly causing wear on that. It is not worth the hassle of getting re galved.
  14. Yes, it is really weird this Galv Arc spray. The Guy around the corner from CRA showed me it. He could spray the Galv onto a sheet of paper and nor burn the paper. Yet it applied to the surface of the metal part perfectly. The finish looks like Galv that has had it's surface sandblasted. Which of course is due to the little bits being sprayed on. Just a heads up, the guy can spray all sorts of metal onto a surface and also he has a Teflon. I had alwasy wondered about spraying Teflon onto a Propeller.
  15. Several different ways of doing this. The denso tape is not the best. It is messy to work with and hard to seal up everything that is exposed. I would go down the road of painting it. Here are some choices. 1: Rust remover, (usually Phosphoric acid) then paint with Cold Galv or Zinc Rich paint. If you want additional protection, you can also paint over the Cold Galv with a top coat. I would suggest a Zinc rich top coat like Galmet. 2: A Rust converter, This is a thick milky white liquid that dries black and converts rust to a hard paintable coating. Then apply a paint such as Galme
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