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  1. Spartite is a multi use pourable Urathane based Adhesive Sealant. It is available in a Kit which comes with a boot, to be used as you say, for between Mast and Deck and is designed to "chock" the mast in position. It can also be used internally as a seal. It is not the only Urathane bases Adhesive sealant available. Electrical Trade suppliers have a similar product for pouring aound cables to seal them. But I cannot say if it will be perfect for such a job, where as Spartite is purpose designed for the job. The main issue of course will be adhearing to the aluminium when it is gong to be
  2. Spartite is what you are looking for. A chandlery may sell it or ask a boat rigging business.
  3. Just the Kit? You mean a bag of plastic ball bearings and a couple of Races they sit in is $2K? I believe that even though they are " sealed" some have found they can be pulled apart (although it could be the LS series, or Drum type furler) and a good clean and lubricate has fixed the issue for some. It's going to have to be removed to work on of course. Worth a look. Even if it is the LS series I have heard about, I see no reason why the Flatdeck can't be dismantled. Unless some part is swaged, my view is that if it went together, it must come apart. Then just replace the Delrin ball Bearin
  4. wheels

    New Genoa

    Only problem with Chinese is ensuring the quality, specifically the UV quality of the material. The place I work out of are Canvas workers and they struggle big time compeating with Chinese made product. It is a fraction of the price. Often the fully finished Item retails less tht just their Buy price of the NZ supplied material. The difference is, if the item is for outside use, the customer might at best, get 18months from it. Usually it is severely faded in 6months and falling apart in 12. If it is something that is brought inside after use, they tend to get 3years from. Sadly the Chinese s
  5. wheels

    New Genoa

    How worn out is your old one, what is the size and how much would you want for it? Oh and is it furling? I have a mate badly needing one for my old Boat, just to get him around for now, till he can eventually afford a new one. His came unfurled in a storm while he was not aboard and was shredded. Oh and when you get a new one, please let me know what it cost you.
  6. Poor electrical connections tend to be the most common cause of such problems. Internal issues with an ALT is less likely, especially on a newly rebuilt unit. Not impossible, but the least likely. Do you know how to use a multi meter in both Voltage and Ohm's mode?? There could be a clue to a problem in what you have decsribed with the Tacho and turning engine off and on again. The ignistion Key may have a faulty/dirty/worn connection internally. That internal switch is sending a "sense" voltage to the ALT. If that switch has become "noisy" as in a poor connection, the ALT will be getting
  7. Two small things to check first. Any chance the belt could be slipping? I know you will likely hear a slipping belt, but there can be times when it slips and it does not squeal. Which brings me to the next thing to check. A slipping belt means that under high load, the ALT may not be spinning fast enough to produce full output. The same thing happens if the engine is idling too low. Does the light go out if you raise the Revs? High Load will be if the batteries are very low in charge state when you begin Charging. So also check that the Batteries are in OK condition. If they are not accept
  8. Wild Violet has the proper solution. Wooden Dowel and glue. Next is to use epoxy filler. Kneadit does not have much in the way of "wetting" ability. Epoxy with a little more "excess" of liquid will soak into the timber fibres better.
  9. Haha, I didn't click. As some of my students used to say, the Wurry Furry (spelt phonetically) to be a play on the Maori pronounciation of it.
  10. Initially Durapox was never meant for the Marine Market here in NZ and is why we don't see it well promoted for such here. It was used mainly in the Automotive and Industrial markets. Some of you that have a bit of Car paint background will know the name 2K, which is the primer. In fact Resene actually advertised it to the Automotive Industry as having been used on the AV boats. Yet as far as I know, it was never promoted as such in the Marine industry. Go figure. Maybe Resin view it as they already have enough products in the Marine industry, why complicate it more. Oz promote it heavil
  11. Is it in Whanganui, or Whangarei? I have a feeling that is a comment that has sailed right over my head But in case not, the original Wharehouse was in Auckland.
  12. The problem Hempel had in NZ originally was that the Owner was mostly interested in Commercial Shipping. He was originally one of the big cheeses of Nalder and Biddle of Nelson. The NZ operation did do retail, but not a lot more than someone walking in off the street into the front of their Wharehouse. Possibly the biggest advertising they got was me talking about the product. Now that Hempels own the wharehouse, I can only assume the product range will be increasing and maybe advertising. Psyche is correct that International and Altec for that matter are recognised because they both have
  13. There was another listed in TM recently. Just one pic of the outside and that looked bad enough. Asking price was $5K. I jokingly sent the Pic to a mate and asked if he thought that was a fair price, or if I should ask the lister for more to take it to the dump. There are still a few out there that think their Boats are worth way more than they are ever going to get for them.
  14. Thats a good article. But I need to correct one error. 5 Boaties sitting around discussing the subject will result in 10 answers, not 6. The overall article highlights the one common point. There is no one simple answer and for every attempt to reduce Hull resistance through the water, there is a whole new set of Physical laws that fight against you. There is one important point that always needs to be kept in mind. Friction and Resistance to movement is as much your friend as is your enemy. If you have no friction/resistance, you will never sail into the wind at all, nor even sail bea
  15. Using different words to say the same as been said, "Ain't no such thing as a cheap yacht". Boats cost you twice. As an example, lets say it was $100K to build. Over it's lifetime, it is going to one day cost you that $100K again. You can chip away at it year by year with maintenance, or do nothing and eventually have it get to the point were it is gong to cost you $100K to get it back to being a usable boat.
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