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  1. I love these boats. There is something very similar for sale here in the Sounds. So many times I have thought about her, but also quickly follow my thoughts with the consideration of what it must cost to keep one afloat. The most beautiful craft on the water in my view has to be one of these. The mighty J Class. Similar design lines, but huge. I shot to Trademe to see if it was still listed, but sadly it's not. But I came across this beautiful Logan classic is for sale. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/boats-marine/yachts/keeler/listing/3039879011
  2. Firstly, the FET one IT has suggested has 0V loss, so you get full charge voltage to banks, There are two ways of connecting a VSR. Either a Disconnect and a Voltage threshold so as the Start bank is never fully drained. Or as you said, charge one, then the other. However, in either situation, the second is switched back in at an unequal charge state compared to the other. Thus even identicle batteries will present different charge loads. The Battery presenting the greater load hogs all the current. You would expect that the batteries would even out, but that is not often the case. So one en
  3. Keep it simple. Simplest is to not worry about the VSR. Use a charge splitter to divide the charge to which battery needs charge. This ensures your batteries will always get a trickle charge when the boat is not in use and Banks are full. It also means that two batteries that are at different charge capacities do not unbalance the draw of current and one gets all and the other very little. VSR's were designed for a small power boat situation where it was about having a spare start battery and ensuring at least one battery was left with enough charge to start the motor, incase the Radio was on
  4. Thanks for the sentiment. I try not to look at a glass half full, but am also rather hard on myself at times as well. I have just turned 59 and now steering down the barrel of 60. So just another one of those "midlife" crisis we Men often have.
  5. Yes and you have nailed it in a nutshell. Horses for courses. There are many splendid boats on the water. The HR is not neccessarily above some others. The reason why this name has had my attention for years is all about passage making and living aboard. A 1020 will run circles around them as far as performance. But the HR's have a Character and comfort level about them that make them something inviting to live on and cruise in. In my view of course. One thing I particularly like is the Keel. Any Boat that is now 40yrs old with a Bolt on Fin Keel would keep me awake all night. A Boat like th
  6. No not this "specific Boat", It's the HS stable that I hold in such high regard. There are many boats out there that I would be very happy to be the owner of. And I guess that if a boat was a true "dream", I really should not worry about price and consider something brand new. I agree the price is a tad high on this one and she is long in the tooth now. It may not just be the engine needing replacement. And to be honest, All and any boats are going to remain in dream land. I doubt I am ever going to have enough money to buy another one day. Just not sure I am ready to be honest wit
  7. I know I have said this before. And to that, yes there are many Boats I would be very happy to be the owner of. However, I have always had one make close to my heart of Boats to have if I could ever own one. Hallberg Rassy. No particular model, just in general I have always adored them. Such a well designed vessel, designed and built by some of the greateest names in the industry. Just incase anyone is looking for a boat at the mo, I though I would post this link. I don't know the owner or the boat personally. It is fairly long in the tooth now and it needs a new engine. Hence price and
  8. Interesting point here, because two seperate rivers and issues there of are being melded together and we have a belief in a view that actually is incorrect. I wonder if this is part and parel to the problem. The general public think the majority of our rivers are polluted due to Dairy because of one or two situations that may or maynot now exist. So in answer to the Bird/E.Coli situation. The Ashley does not have a great deal of irrigation. Some, but not to the effect that the mid Canterbury Rivers do. I would suggest that therefore, E.Coli has always been an issue. I used to swim in the
  9. The answers are many and alluded to in the many of other posters here. It comes down to narrative and how data is collected, interpreted and published. As shown, the way a headline is published can make a story sound one way or another. So lets just go with the Cattle pee and Nitrogen fertilizer leaching into waterways narrative for a start. Lets assume that they both filter down and/or wash off into underground water and above ground runoff, as suggested. Thing is, if both of those nitrogen polluters were 100% stopped today, one yr from now, there would be very little difference in me
  10. Great questions and I so wish many more would ask them. Another poster has also made the comment about seeing Dairy Cows on flat land near Rivers. The issue here is that the Picture is not portraying the full and accurate story and to many assumptions are being made. The main arguement and probably correctly attributed, has been the ability for Cattle to walk into waterways. Much has been done to mitigate this and it is now very rare to find a Farmer allowing that to happen now. But the squeaky wheel brigade is still pushing that line as if nothing has changed. Another arguement is the N
  11. NO THEY ARE NOT. Sorry for the capitals, but I want to make it clear. You need to understand the vast changes that have taken place in Farming in NZ and that is not just recently either. Most of my generation that have remained on the land and took over the family Farm went to Massey and Lincoln etc and learned all about better Farming practices. They came home with degrees. That is my Generation and I am now 59. Nitrogen. Do you have any idea what the cost of adding fertilizer is? We don't go throwing it on in vast uncalculated quantites just for giggles. It is calculated and added in
  12. The thing that annoys me the most is that the vast majority of Farmers in NZ are and have worked very hard and at great cost to mitigate pollution. But the story making Farmers sound like the Villians is still pushed as if nothing has changed. Yes sure there are a few that farm with poor practice. But they are a very small few. Yes I am one that does not believe the Mackenzie Basin should be dairy. But that was not realy the fault of the Farmer that owns that area, but the powers that be allowing it to happen. Now that it is dairy farmed, with the huge investment poored into it, it is not goin
  13. Complexity is not just about moving parts though. In fact moving parts can be more reliable. It all just depends. If you use electronics as the example, the complexity is the individual components couple with solder joints and all coupled to the PCB and then all coupled to multiple units maybe. Any one individual connection can fail and bring the system crashing down. Then there is the complexity of the software. Yep something can last a lifetime and other things can fail out of the box. Many of the larger Superyacht and Ship mishaps have come down to failures in electronic control of stearing
  14. I have never understood why water pumps are so expensive. There is nothing too them. No electrical parts. Compare to something like say a winch with all the complexities in them. Even the parts to recon a pump are stupid expensive from the makers. As said, bearings and seals etc are a fraction of the price if you go to the bearing supplier. And impellors. Why so expensive?
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