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  1. I did not say they sailed poorly. I said they are a Cruising Boat. As in, not a light weight flat hull fin keeled fast machine like many modern boat designs,
  2. Never be in a rush to buy. There are always deals if you remain patient...... I need to take my own advice as well. I see deals and wish I had some money. One day
  3. While that's true Kevin, the owner is probably not going to be happy with holes punched into his Hull. So I would suggest a less aggressive means of testing. Yes it's a good deal Lewis. There are many very good deals to be had at the mo and I suspect it could become more and more common, for a raft of reasons that are all coming together to pinch hard Boat owners struggling to keep a Boat. The questions you need to ask is what are your sailing plans for the future. These are not fast boats, but more a Cruising vessel and well suited to take you off shore if you want. They have plenty of
  4. Opps, spelling mistake if you didn't catch it. Should have been Reset, not Rest. I edited it
  5. wheels

    Pump head?

    In the future. more detail would be very helpful. 😒
  6. A waste of time and money. Just one step up from a fan, in that it uses evaporating moisture to cool the air the fan is blowing out into the room. Max that can be achieved this way with a large proper unit is ruffly 3deg below ambient. So I doubt this thing is going to do anything.
  7. You must have the one for the northern Hemisphere 😁 I have one of these. So I assume the House Bank is on 1. Does it come up with an error code? ie E 12 or 13 would mean the sense wires on bank 1 or 2 are OC respectively. Lo Batt = Batt more than 50% of declared capacity of EITHER Batt 1 or 2. So check the start Batt as well. Try powering off and on again. Failing that, check the discharge floor setting for that bank. Do you have the manual?? I don't know why that would change, but??......Normally you have it set to 50%. Yes I do see the voltage at 29.05, so if the discharge floor h
  8. wheels

    Pump head?

    It's a TMC, not TML. Macerator pump, so it has a rubber impellor. Max head is about 5m mark. These will still pump at nearly full flow at that height. The head pressure is more in regards to strain on the blades of the impellor rather than actual pressure/flow. Too much restriction can cause the impellor to break off fins.
  9. Not a problem at all. Although dosing a tank is not needed to be done stringently. So unless the tankful has not been used for the last 6 months, then another couple of weeks waiting is won't hurt. By the way, Super Cheap do a good one. Several actually, but I not think all of them would be available here in NZ. https://www.supercheapauto.co.nz/search?q=diesel+additive&lang=en_NZ Penrite and Chemtech are brands I trust.
  10. I had to do a lot of plumbing for my land based inside out boat with PVC pressure pipe. I was shocked at the cost of fittings etc. So I looked on trademe and now use this business to supply all my fittings. Always been very fast delivery and parts are at a fraction of the cost. All stamped with the proper ANZS numbers as well. Look on trademe for https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/marketplace/business-farming-industry/farming-forestry/irrigation-drainage/pipes-distribution/listing/2906199433 I noticed a couple of others as well, so could be worth a comparison.
  11. sure it is ABS? It's easy to test. Using a cotton bud or corner of a rag, soak in some Acetone or MEK and place it on an area of the plastic where it will not bee seen and give it a few seconds. The cotton bud will "weld" itself to the ABS. It is the only plastic type what will do this. I question if it is ABS because that plastic is normally brittle and does not take impact well. I kind of expected a mudgaurd to be PVC or one of the more durable plastics. Assuming it is ABS, any of the solvent type glues work by dissolving the plastic surfaces and then as the solvent evaporates, the plas
  12. The fact that the system has charged the battery to 13.5 volts is the guide here to be confident that everything is working fine. Depending on the charge controller type(MPT or PWM) make and model ( may or maynot give you user controllable paramters) determines just how exactly the controller will actualy work. But as IT said, 13.5 to 13.8V is float voltage. If a battery never reaches that float stage, then there is something wrong. If the charge voltage is always above 14.4V or maybe higher (providing it is not in equalization charge) and never drops. then something is wrong. If the
  13. It was a comment in regards to splat's Post Heading calling them LiPo. Also as IT and I previously stated, they are made up of multiple numbers of 26650 cells which are as I described above. IT has already covered why these are not suitable. You may also have noted that the Units that can be paralleled tend to be the really expensive units. The Cheaper units often cannot be and the cheaper units tend to be Chinese ones, of which chances are, they will be the same make up as the one we are discussing. Not real LiPo, multiple cells of Li-ion and no proper BMS.
  14. Do you want Corten because you want a rusty look? or are you considering it for tensile strength. If the look, then you could consider other cheaper steels and then coat it. There are now coatings that do the same thing, but better. Creating a rusty coating that then acts as a barrier to further corrosion and thus keeps the steel protected for much longer than just bare Corten steel is.
  15. They should be able to be paralleled. The BMS is monitoring the cells inside the Casing and has nothing to do with anything outside that casing. So another Battery would do it's own monitoring of it's own internal cells. HOWEVER! WARNING WILL ROBINSON!!!! These Batteries are NOT LiPo. I think Jaycar need to be taken to task on this. What the Battery is, is hundreds of 26650 Li-ion cells all wired up in series/parallel configs to give the rated Voltage and Current. This is pretty much the kind of Li-ion that you get as battery packs for Battery tools. The individual battery is designed
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