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  1. Slightly off, but related. Who owns the old wharf at the old yard now and is it still usable, or is it closed off. I note that the Shed is still there, but the area nearer the road now has new Homes built on it. With Wharf access with deep water being limited in the Bay, I have always wondered if Jorgensons Wharf was still usable. I used to be in the Chandlery game back in the days when the yard was operating. The guy I worked for was related to Pop. Thinking back, Picton was a thriving Boat building industry. So many businesses no longer existing now.
  2. Why is it too expensive to defend here, as against defending overseas. Is it a situation of being able to get bigger and better sponsorship if they are overseas? I would have thought the cost of taking everyone and everything offshore would be far more expensive.
  3. wheels


    All three of the major rivers need on the coast need reat care and the best of weather before considering entering. Westport has a Bar that shifts, but it also has a Harbour master that can give you advise before entering. He can also Close the entry if deemed too dangerous, although the local Fisherman have " educated" Harbour Masters in relation to who deems whether the Mouth gets closed or not. Greymouth is deeper and I have never heard of it being closed. But the Seas can be spectacular and down right dangerous on that one. Hokitika I have never been too and cannot give accurate inform
  4. wheels

    Fiddly Repair

    Another idea. I don't think the slides of the top hatch slides back that far. So you could squeeze some glue into the cracks and fix that part, then screw a small piece of SST in the track behind the cracked area to stop it being broken out again. You will need some SST thick enough(say 3mm) to tap a thread into and then use two countersunk machine screws fitted all the way through from the front and into the SST plate. Both screws will have to be to the side of the slot of course. The plate could have a L shape bent into one end to encapsulate the slot around its front edge to protect it all
  5. What I am meaning is that the combined load of all stays around the hull trying to pull the boat into a Banana is 80T. For instance, the Americas cup mono's have some 70t of load trying to Banana the Hull. All that force pushing down on the mast and onto the Keel. The 80T figure is what I remember the lad saying when he was first tensioning the rig up. I must say I was shocked at first and also shocked at the diameter of the wire used.
  6. First car was an HA, then I went to an HC.
  7. Not sure it is fair to blame on build/design issues. For instance, the first Cat that lad bought was one of three out of several thousand, that still had the rigs standing. That was one of the reasons they chose the boat. The Hull was swiss cheese and that should have been the glaring obvious for Not choosing that boat. It had been hammered hard up against other Hulls or jetty or something. These Boats have absolutely enourmous loads on the stays. This is not exact, but I am not far from the correct numbers when I say a 45ft'r has some 80 tonnes of loading on the main stays, which are trying
  8. Listening to an engine is as accurate as pointing your finger into the air to predict the future weather. It tells you which way the wind is blowing and the rest is a guess. But testing an engine is not simple and thus not cheap. A compression test tells you not a lot more than the finger. You need to get a " Leakdown" test to give you the real info. Then a good look internally with a bore scope at the manifolds and exhaust etc. A test of the oil and a test of the coolant. It's not a simple job. Or you simply use your finger so to speak and do the listen test and get an educated guess as to ho
  9. The Turps comment was for " wet" adhesive. Which is usually recomended on many of the products for clean up. Acetone doesn't seem to hurt the Acrylic immediately. But I found that some acrylic had crazed in areas that I had also used either thinners or Acetone when I installed it. I had just assumed it may have been the solvent that caused the damage. That is simply an observation though.
  10. I do suggest the use or turps for cleanup. I have noticed any acrylic that has been wipped with Thinners seems to craze much earlier than acrylics that have not. Maybe it is coincidence, but I have always wondered if thinners may remove something from the Acrylic surface that causes UV to break it down faster. The issue of using the sticky tape stuff is the UV attacking the Adhesive over a long time and likely causing the tape to release eventually. The Sika products use a paint on stuff that is actually about stopping the UV from attacking the Sealant, not just better adhesion to the acr
  11. wheels

    The Walborg

    In the news articlew, the name is spelt Walbourg. Can you confirm which way it is spelt.
  12. Wow, a great example of people not looking before posting. The very answer being in the thread directly below this one.
  13. I spent a huge amount of time initially in getting rid of FB suggestions and calling them spam or not interested or something. I think FB now has no clue what to send me because I don't get advertising or suggestions hardly at all. Which is the way I prefer it. For me, FB was just a way to keep in touch with close friends and I have always wanted to keep it that way. I simply do not have time to go looking at the suggestions it offers me.
  14. Not so sure on that. It does only to "firends" but not to general public, unless someone specifically searches for a relevant page, no differently than they would googling for a page topic. For instance, no one would know about Crew unless they searched for the word Crew or a word (perhaps "sailing" for instance) in their search is tagged to the Crew page. Otherwise, no one knows a particular page exists. Or am I even worse at this interwebing thing than I think I am???
  15. The only negative I find with having a FB page like that, Is that they are a pain in the A to use. That's what I find anyway. I look after the Hartley Ferro Cement Assoc page. I find it nearly as slow as paint drying. OK, so I am on copper, but it's still slower by far than any other site I visit. I find it difficult to use and navigate and do any sort of Admin on. Well.....I am nearly 60, so not of the right generation perhaps. But I do have to ask, why a FB page when you can do the same right here and much easier. The Forum is aleady created. People already ask questions and many a
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