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Volunteer wanting to crew around NZ

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Hi. I am looking to volunteer as crew for short open ocean sailing trips around NZ. I have plenty of harbor and estuary sailing experience both as a crew and skipper. All of my experience is on small dinghies and trailer sailers (Laser, Sunburst, Phoenix, Noelex 22 etc.). I have no experience on the open ocean. However, my dream is to be able to sail around the world someday, so I figured I'd better start learning how open ocean sailing works.

Positives I'd bring to your boat are:

- I have a cheerful personality and can get along with just about anyone. I like to avoid conflict so am extremely unlikely to start any wars.

- I understand the importance of listening to the captain and doing as you are asked now (in my experience if you don't you capsize haha)

- I already understand most simple rigging and sailing techniques. I'm good at taking advice and constructive criticism. Hopefully these things mean I'll be a fast learner. 

- I love everything to do with sailing and am very adventurous (I'm not put off by exciting weather)

- I can cook and help out with other chores

- My work comes with set holiday dates a year in advance so I am very reliable and can be booked way before the sailing date



- I'm a novice when it comes to ocean sailing so would need to be shown the ropes

- I can only get time off during set dates so I am not very flexible

- I can get motion sick. I've never thrown up, but sometimes look a bit miserable

- I don't drink and am not really into partying so may not fit your crew if you are looking for someone with party animal vibes


The dates I'm looking to volunteer are between:

- 30/12/21 - 30/1/22

- 15/4/22 - 1/5/222

- 9/7/22 - 24/7/22

- 1/10/22 - 16/10/22

- 20/12/22 - around the 28th to 30th of Jan 2023

- Also any public holidays/long weekends (e.g 23-25/10 and 12-14/11)

I am happy to fly to where ever you need me in NZ. However, at the moment with Covid, it is unlikely I can go overseas as I'd need to book MIQ which is both difficult and isolation takes more time than I have.


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Hi Laura

Thanks for your post. I have a Cavalier 26 moored at Bucklands Beach in Auckland. I work full time but sail most weekends. Generally they are day sails but we go out on both a Saturday & Sunday weather permitting. We will do an overnight if people are keen. Some of your dates match mine as I generally take 3 weeks leave around Christmas time & either go away for a full period of time or divide the time up into shorter trips depending on crew availability. As a result trips various but in the past we have completed coastal passages to Bay of Islands, Great Barrier Islands, Coromandel & some of the islands around Auckland including Waiheke to name a few.

I also have a trip scheduled for Labour Weekend. This however hinges on Auckland's current Level 3 lockdown. I can sail at the moment but can't take crew so looking forward to hopefully going to Level 2 despite the dismal case levels at the mo!

Please get in touch if you would like to find out more. I have a crew information email & a link to my interactive crew spreadsheet.


Ian Gabriel

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