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    Pier 21

    Bucklands Beach has 2 travel lifts at Half Moon Bay. I have used their hard stand for the past 5 years. Great service!
  2. We have all of our insurance with BNZ underwritten by IAG. All means house, contents, 2 cars, Cavalier 26 keeler, inflatable RIB, RIB trailer & 2 outboards. We have had 5 keelers over the years insured with them including a full $15K right off after the boat slipped her mooring and a couple of other marine claims including theft. We have also had 2 burglaries at home & several car dings. All paid out without any fuss. Some of this may of course be that we have so much cover with them.
  3. Hi Kenny. I have sent you a message. Cheers Ian

    New Genoa

    I got a brand new main for my Cavalier 26 approx 3 years ago through Brent Gillies at BG Sails in East Tamaki, Auckland. He outsourced it to Hydes in London who I believe have their loft in the Phillipines. I received a fantastic sail with awesome stitching which is still going strong and still looks like new several years later for approx 2 thirds of the price quoted in NZ.
  5. Thanks Lindsay! That's her Pam. Hope that helps Fiona Cheers Ian
  6. Try https://www.sailbrokers.co.nz/
  7. Not exactly in the vicinity of the Bay of Islands but there is a couple who restore old wooden boats at Whangateau near Leigh. Can't remember their names or the name of their business at the present time but I have met them and have seen the awesome work that they do. Maybe ask Sandspit Yacht Club or Lees Boatbuilders for a lead. Cheers Ian
  8. FOR SALE CAVALIER 26 SAILS I have changed my headsails to a roller furler & have headsails surplus to requirements. All 3 are hank on & I have a storm jib, no. 2 & no. 3 available. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/boats-marine/parts-accessories/sails/listing/3505490282?bof=TgqemoIG https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/boats-marine/parts-accessories/sails/listing/3499636606?bof=WFjDMsnl https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/boats-marine/parts-accessories/sails/listing/3499631502?bof=E0E1GCgs PICK UP ONLY PLEASE FROM MANUREWA, AUCKLAND
  9. Thanks David. I have sent you an email.
  10. Hi all I have a 26 foot keeler moored at Little Bucklands Beach in Auckland. I enjoy weekend cruising either day sails or overnight. I often have space on board for an extra crew member or two. If you are interested in finding out more, please message me your email address & mobile number. Thanks Ian
  11. We saw 3 Coastguard vessels heading out one behind the other on the same day & around the same time as posted above. One turned back shortly after so I am guessing it was the same boat as this one in distress poor people!
  12. Hi Soph I have sent you a private message. Cheers Ian
  13. Hi Daniel. Have sent you a private message. Cheers Ian
  14. Hi Kate. I replied to you via email 18th November but don't appear to have received a reply. Can you please reply to iangabriel1968@gmail.com even if you are not interested in sailing with us? Many thanks Ian.
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