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  1. Hi Soph I have sent you a private message. Cheers Ian
  2. Hi Daniel. Have sent you a private message. Cheers Ian
  3. Hey Zozza Thanks for getting in touch. Sounds good. We will definitely keep an eye out for you. If the weather lets us, we will be sailing in daylight only. Overnighting at Kawau, Tutakaka, Whangamumu & then into Deep Water Cove. We are white hull & white sails. Cheers Ian
  4. Hi Kate. I replied to you via email 18th November but don't appear to have received a reply. Can you please reply to iangabriel1968@gmail.com even if you are not interested in sailing with us? Many thanks Ian.
  5. I have a Cavalier 26 based at Bucklands Beach in Auckland. We intend to depart with a full crew 27th December for the Bay of Islands if wind/weather permit us. Alternatives may be Barrier, Coromandel or the local islands around Auckland if the weather doesn't favour us. The crew except for the skipper intend disembarking in the Bay of Islands & travelling home on thw 30th/31st. I then have 1 other crew member joining me. I have room for 1 individual or 1 couple to join us for the rest of the trip.We will spend some time cruising the Bay of Islands & perhaps further North before ba
  6. Hi Laura Thanks for your post. I have a Cavalier 26 moored at Bucklands Beach in Auckland. I work full time but sail most weekends. Generally they are day sails but we go out on both a Saturday & Sunday weather permitting. We will do an overnight if people are keen. Some of your dates match mine as I generally take 3 weeks leave around Christmas time & either go away for a full period of time or divide the time up into shorter trips depending on crew availability. As a result trips various but in the past we have completed coastal passages to Bay of Islands, Great Barrier Islands,


    Morning BP Thanks for the referral to HMC. I emailed them last night & Richard rang me this morning. He was very helpful & discussed application techniques. He is going to send me a quote through.


    Thanks for the advice ScarecrowR31


    Great thanks for the tip BP
  10. DBLRUM


    Great. Thanks for your help :)
  11. DBLRUM


    Thanks BP. Very helpful. I just googled Coppercoat & got Parker Marine Group. Does it need to be ordered from there or do other retailers have it?
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