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  1. Next trip is an overnight this weekend 17th & 18th April. 3 currently on board & I have 1 spare space. Please contact me if keen. Ian Gabriel iangabriel1968@gmail.com 027 457 8220
  2. Next trip is a day trip on Saturday 10th. Also going out Sunday 11th. Planning an overnight 17th/18th April. One spare space.
  3. Hi all I have a 26 foot keeler moored at Little Bucklands Beach in Auckland. I enjoy weekend cruising either day sails or overnight. Next trip is Easter. Going out Friday, coming back Monday. Have room for one couple or one single. If anyone is interested in coming along as crew, please get in touch. Please drop me an email if you are interested or finding out more. iangabriel1968@gmail.com Thanks Ian.
  4. Next trip Saturday 27th March. Also going out Sunday 28th March.
  5. Next trip Sunday 21st March.
  6. Next trip Saturday 13th March. Also sailing Sunday 14th March.
  7. I have room for crew on my Cavalier 26 on both Saturday & Sunday this weekend. Please make contact if keen. Thanks Ian.
  8. We are heading to to Rotoroa Island & the bottom end of Waiheke Island for this coming Waitangi Weekend on a Cavalier 26. Leaving Saturday morning & returning Monday evening. We have room for 1 couple or 1 single. Let me know if keen.
  9. Just a reminder about the long weekend coming up this weekend. Thanks to those who have got back to me saying that they can't make it however at this stage I haven't got any crew so if anyone wants to come out for a 3 day 2 night trip then please let me know. I can take 1 couple + a single or 2 singles. I am also open to other suggestions ie 1 overnight instead of 2 or just a day sail or 2.
  10. Next sailing date Saturday 23rd January. Also sailing Sunday 24th January.
  11. Next sailing date Sunday 20th December.
  12. Hi. Thanks for your reply. Can you please send me your email address and mobile number and I will send you more information. iangabriel1968@gmail.com 027 457 8220 Thanks Ian.
  13. Next trip Saturday 19th December. Also sailing Sunday 20th December.
  14. Next trip Saturday 12th December. Also sailing Sunday 13th December.
  15. Heading out for a day sail this coming Saturday 5th December. Also sailing Sunday 6th December if anyone is keen.
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