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  1. Next sailing date Saturday 23rd January. Also sailing Sunday 24th January.
  2. Next sailing date Sunday 20th December.
  3. Hi. Thanks for your reply. Can you please send me your email address and mobile number and I will send you more information. iangabriel1968@gmail.com 027 457 8220 Thanks Ian.
  4. Next trip Saturday 19th December. Also sailing Sunday 20th December.
  5. Next trip Saturday 12th December. Also sailing Sunday 13th December.
  6. Heading out for a day sail this coming Saturday 5th December. Also sailing Sunday 6th December if anyone is keen.
  7. Heading out for a day sail this Saturday 28th November. This may turn into a weekend overnight if anyone is keen.
  8. Heading out for a day sail this Saturday 21st November. Also sailing Sunday 22nd November.
  9. Heading out for an overnight this Saturday 14th November. Returning Sunday 15th November. We have 3 on board & have room for 1 more.
  10. Heading out for a day sail this Saturday 31st. Also going out Sunday 1st Nov.
  11. Heading out this Labour Weekend subject to weather of course. Have room for one couple & one single or two singles. If interested please contact me at iangabriel1968@gmail.com. Thanks Ian.
  12. Next trip Saturday 17th October. Also going out Sunday 18th October.
  13. Next trip Saturday Saturday 3rd October. Also going out Sunday 4th October.
  14. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/boats-marine/dinghies-rowboats/inflatable/listing/2724289834?bof=cVdKl2DC&fbclid=IwAR34jSKYvAKuNBSZ79m9tRHRxzQWbI9pSdbTkpw6mU4ZD8hiTlR9eC_9BHI
  15. Hi all I have a 26 foot keeler moored at Little Bucklands Beach in Auckland. I enjoy weekend cruising either day sails or overnight. If anyone is interested in coming along as crew, please get in touch. Please drop me an email if you are interested or finding out more. iangabriel1968@gmail.com Thanks Ian.
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