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MAY 2023 NZ=>PACIFIC ISLAND - Intermediate Level Crew Member Available

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I am a 31 year old french woman (fluent in english, intermediate level in German and basics in spanish).

I would like to join a crew or a family to explore the pacific islands (or Australia), ideally Vanuatu, Fiji or New Caledonia,  in May.

I have sailing experiences  in Bretagne and Mediterranean sea in France, and I have my motor boat permit.

I am now travelling for 8 months and I am a very easy going person. I adapt easily to every situation.

I can participate in all tasks :  sailing, night watch, cooking, cleaning, take care of children....

I eat everything (no allergie, no vegetarian), I can drink or not drink alcohol! I don't care if the food is vegetarian as well. I don't smoke but I don't mind if people smoke around me. Fully Covid 19 vaccinated (3 injections).

I am used to live in community, camping, tent dormitory.

And the most important, I am a positive person with a good mindset.😃

I will be happy to help you fixing the boat before departure, if needed. 

I will be so happy to join a crew for an amazing experience in the ocean!!!

Please, feel free to contact me, if you know someone interested.




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I am currently in Tahiti and planning to leave French Polynesia around 20 June, sailing through the Cook Islands, Tonga, 3 months or so around fiji and then sailing to New Zealand around mid to late October   Currently seeking 2 crew members   Financially it is easier to work on a day rate including all food and supplies and fuel, berthing etc.  So far it has worked out as $25US per day excluding wine etc.  oyster 46 in excellent shape and safe, comfortable sailing, Open to discussion 





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