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  1. Hey there ! Any chance you are looking for Crew between Vanuatu and New Caledonia ? I'd be keen to enjoy some inter-island cruising with an experience captain I've got 2000nm of experience sailing between NZ and here Cheers,
  2. Hey Andrew! DO you happen to look for any crew between Vanuatu and New Caledonia on your way home by any chance ? Would be very keen! Got around 2000nm of experience as crew
  3. Ps: sorry but the mail notification for your message ended up in my spams somehow, just saw it unfortunately ...
  4. Hi Nico! I've sailed through Fiji and now I've just arrived in Vanuatu. I am in Port Vila at the moment. Is there any chance you need someone from Vanuatu to New Caledonia ? If so, don't hesitate to send me a mail directly at diego.massange@hotmail.com Cheers,
  5. Hi all! I'm around Vanuatu (sailed from NZ) and still looking for a cool crew (or captain) to join on a journey toward beautiful New Caledonia ! In a nutshell: I'm a keen cook, social, and very much into any kind of sports! Would love to give a hand on a boat and continue to learn more about sailing through the seas on the way If it matches your plans or you know someone, please hit that message button! Ps: I speak French, Spanish and Dutch as well Peace!
  6. Hi dear captains! My name is Diego, Belgian 25yo traveller and currently looking to give a hand on a boat I've done the crossing between NZ and Fiji and will be going to Vanuatu soon. Other than that, I've passed my ICC license (in French though) and adapt very well at sea (+ can cook with a 35° angle)! If Vanuatu is on your route and you need an extra hand with a sense of humor, let me know Ps: If you want to reach out more directly or call, try my WhatsApp +32472300596
  7. Hi there! My name is Diego, I'm a Belgian traveller looking to help as crew on a boat in direction of Oceanian Islands. I'm a beginner sailer with experience in in-land sailing but not (yet) overseas. I've passed my ICC license but would like to gain some experience! Do not hesitate to contact me if any of your plans matches this route (going or back or both) Cheers
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