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Europe Nationals


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1st NZL107 Antje Muller BOIYC

2nd NZL9 Tom Arthur PBBC

3rd NZL116 Jake Weeks NSC

4th NZL118 Ben Carrick YVC

5th NZL112 Susie Weeks NSC

6th NZL110 Andy Greager BOIYC

7th NZL4 Ross McGreagor PBBC

8th NZL126 Tim Scott PPYC

9th NZL10 Dave Carrick VYC

10th NZL122 Nick Grant NPCC

11th NZL114 Grant Radford PBBC

12th NZL77 Anna Spyker PBBC

13th NZL98 Justing Dowell PPYC

14th NZL58 Tony Samson WSPBC

15th NZL60 Diane Sowerby CBYC

16th NZL2 Maree Andrews PBBC


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