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Hong Kong to Vietnam race

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For anyone interested here is a link to the boat trackers for the nam race.


There are heaps of kiwis up this time, more than ever.

andrew potter (booger) kev peat and andy pilcher are on the A35 red kite. dave swete, chris burgess and munders are on the TP52 lucky. chewy, harper, ant crosant and mutley ane on the tokolosh 90. adam minoprio, jono rankin, tom powrie and phil robertson are on the kerr 40 kukukerrchu.

Im sure I have missed some but that just some of the guys that i have bumped into at the bar over the last few days.

Myself and gray gibson are on the TP52 freefire.

Its looking like another very fast race with our weather routing saying it should be under 50hrs for the 660 nm race.

I have a go pro camera so hopfully get some epic footage.

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Very jealous Booboo. Not jealous of the navigator and helm who will have to have eyes everywhere in that part of the world. Fishing nets, unlit boats and HEAPS of traffic. Have a good one and can't wait for the video!

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well that was another epic nam race. we had a few issues, broke a halyard and trashed the A4 heavy running gennaker also broke the tack line. it really was a race for the A4 so we suffered badly not having a heavy runner. top speed some where in the late 20s. didnt get a huge amount of footage as most of the good breeze was at night.

shame about walawala sinking with 3 kiwis on board. glad to hear all are safe.

sitting in saigon now on my way home. over asia for now....

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