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  1. Rogue 3 will be supplying the obnoxious music.
  2. Yup my battery monitor is a Victron BMV 702 as well as my 3 Solar regulators. All Bluetooth on my phone. see attached screenshot of all victron units. Note that screenshot was taken in at night and the top one is on the start battery hense the different voltage readings. Yes there is alternator and battery temperature sensors on the regulator. Also a picture of the alternator type and boat for reference.
  3. All makes good sense thanks Rowan. Might have to employ you for a few days to have a look at it. What is the advantage of keeping the 3 way splitter and adding the DC-DC chargers as well? Would you ever drop the thruster/anchor winch out of that circuit and then just use a bigger DC-DC charger onto them?
  4. Were you expecting there to be an additional BMS somewhere in the system? This was all installed in 2017 and done alot of miles. Nothing wrong with it I just think I can get more out of it. The only change I made was an upgrade from the Balmar 612 to a 612 party due to a terminal breaking off the 612 (fixed a while ago but not perfect) and I thought the Lifepo4 charge profile might extract a bit more juice out of the alternator. Obviously I have played with the belt manager and other settings to make sure the field current is not being limited.
  5. The BMS is built into the lifepo4 batteries.
  6. Pretty sure the BMS is not connected to the Balmar 614 but it could be. It's all a bit above my skill set. I have a victron 30a DC-DC charger which I was going to use to the start battery and then look at getting another one for the thruster batteries. You are right that if I connect the Anchor winch to the house bank then the start and thruster batteries will not need a huge charging setup. They don't do much work really. What do I need between the alternator and lifepo4 bank to protect the alternator if the BMS shuts the batteries off?
  7. Haha only 3 amplifiers and a couple of cooling fans. It's the smoke machine and laser lights that really do the damage!
  8. Bow bank is currently just for the Bow thruster. I have no real way of measuring the discharge on these other than the voltage but it's only used in short bursts.
  9. I can only get around 50A into the house batteries. Charging goes into a 3 way battery isolator to the house, start and thruster battery banks. Biggest issue right now is that the new balmar smart regulator is set on the Lifepo4 profile and cuts out all charging when the house bank is full until they get down to around 90% again. Anchor winch feeds off the start battery which isn't ideal when the regulator has shut the alternator down. Fine to just drop the anchor but if you have to reset a few times the start battery gets very low. I can put the solar into the start battery if needed.
  10. Could work for me. I currently have a 100A balmar alternator and MC614 Smart regulator charging 400AH lifepo4 but the whole setup is under performing. The charge is split 3 ways to the bow battery bank, house and start. I was considering changing to a DC-DC charger setup.
  11. Nigel I have one you can borrow for the race if you want.
  12. B00B00

    Moonraker 17

    Top marks for that observation! Its the Kinsman, David designed and built it for his brother Alan. My brother and sister in law have brought it have been giving it a birthday. Going back in the water shortly. There is a other one that lives on the end of our wharf too.
  13. B00B00

    Moonraker 17

    Huge cockpit!
  14. B00B00

    Moonraker 17

    Don't you worry about us Cam..... Great first outting last night. Sails pretty well. Kids had a blast rafted up to their mate
  15. B00B00

    Moonraker 17

    Haha, well it's not exactly a palace downstairs so got to make the outdoor space a bit more usable! Kids are planning a boat warming party out at the weiti river mouth Beach tonight with all their mates. Not sure if I'm invited yet... I'm just amazed that there is literally nothing online about these boats.
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