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  1. Interesting post from Jarle on facebook just now replying to the stuff article. I actually did a bit of sail work for him before both voyages. He was a likable guy but clearly a cowboy who loved defying the rules. https://www.facebook.com/101634540870/posts/10159564377035871/?sfnsn=mo Text pasted below. Hi sailors and adventurers out there! Here comes todays conspirational from a New Zealand journalist who contacted me in regarding to speak about the Berserk incident. Interesting reading for those who do not believe in a government cover - up. Lee Kenny writes tha
  2. Sad indeed. A great source of knowlege and always happy to share it. Anyone able to share a picture of him, I want to put a face to the name as I have likely met him but cant be sure.
  3. I love this new division aimed at parents wanting to do it with their kids. I plan on entering with my 11 gear old son as crew. Anyone else up for it?
  4. No warning but I figured something had to come down this way when i saw that Fiji had some effects too. I heard the current from the first one at about 11pm from the house then sat on the wharf until 3am watching. was also talking to friends about 12.30am who had evacuated their boat at tutukaka. Pretty strange that there were no warnings especially after the Tutukaka wave did so much damage.
  5. Some freaky stuff on the weiti river last night too. At least a 0.5m surge (properly measured on my tide level gauge) and some strong currents. At least 5 surge cycles. I sat on the end of the wharf until 3am watching it all. No damage anywhere here that i can see.
  6. Quite fresh and a few hours of rain here at kawau.
  7. ETA kawau at about 5am tomorrow morning. Is bon accord ok in the SW right now? We are just past Tutukaka on our way south.
  8. I would say about a normal amount of boats up north. In whangaroa now and managed to fit a 5 boat raft up in lane cove even with our late 4pm arrival so its certainly not jam packed. About 8 or 10 boats with us last night at the Cavallis. Not much wind up here the last week we have been out but amazingly clear water. snorkeled the rainbow warrior this morning. 22m of water and could see it clearly.
  9. Certainly a tough start to it with 25-30kt headwinds.
  10. Does the ram need to be attached every time you use it rather than being able to be left on?
  11. I'm not sure where how I would attach it to my X5. I will do some investigation.
  12. I know what you are talking about. I just went through the same thing helping a mate sort his one out. He unplugged the gyro and it was usable but no where near as good as it used to be and we have since put another whole computer in his one with a working gyro. I don't believe my one works the same but maybe?
  13. So im still having problems with my Autopilot. Its like its just not using the full extent of the tiller drive and not enought to correct the course. There is no rudder reference unit as its designed to work without one and there is no easy way to fit one. The display can show a rudder bar which is just what rudder the computer is thinking it is applying but this just seems to not equate to what the tiller drive is properly doing. It will give quite a bit of rudder initially for a course change, then back to near centre before the boat is on course, the display is showing that it is
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