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  1. Completed the deal on this beauty last week, soon to be renamed Rogue 3. She's a 2009 Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 44i, fully kitted out with everything you could ever want in an offshore cruising boat- 200L an hour watermaker (+a spare katyden emergency watermaker), washing machine, watt and sea hydrogenerator, hydrovane self steering, bow thruster, electric winches, full lithium battery fit out with a massive solar setup, all new instruments and radar, Satellite coms, furling inner solent jib, Diesel heater, upsized 75hp Yanmar engine with 1890hrs on the clock. Literally fully cocked. She's cu
  2. He's back.... https://www.trademe.co.nz/3726926900
  3. This is what I did to my Marauder transom, very similar to the Lotus 9.2. Made a huge difference to the boat.
  4. Yeah they are bloody legends! What a massive effort. We thought our night was hard after arriving at the weiti river bar at 4:45am and having to anchor and wait 2hrs for the tide. Lovely day for racing. Much lighter than we thought. Lots of reaching on the long course. Nice 5-10kt tactical beat up the inside of corromandel. We opted to make a ballsy call and fo inside all the Islands and were glad to have a few other boats follow us but it paid off. nicely. Beat from durville to flat rock wasn't that pleasant with up to 25kts. Run home was frustrating as we were geared up for the
  5. It is true that he was rescued, I have a friend that knows him well and filled me in on what happened. He kept everything on the downlow for this one I think and from what I was told it wasnt really a rescue as such, he had rudder issues and then took an opportunity to get off the boat onto a passing ship or something. I didnt think he was anywhere near pitcairn island though, would have been well south? On another note I had a really intereting meeting last week with some guys who plan to do a 2 handed world circumnavigation record in a boat uner 20ft (globe 580) next year. Boat is
  6. Wasn't he attempting to do a solo circumnavigation?
  7. All good. I was watching it for a while and just should have brought it but only needed that part so seemed a waste if someone wanted the whole thing.
  8. Winter did you buy the whole thing? I would be keen on the actuator if you didn't need that part.
  9. We are at pigeon bay in the corromandel rafted up to friends. Not too bad here but still fresh and wet. About 25 boats in the bay with us. Found a westhaven berth so off at 5am so I can at least get the afternoon at work. We have moved the Evolution loft to westhaven for the rest of the year until the new loft is finished.
  10. Hey David, what's the bar like right now? We were planning to come home today or tomorrow but I'm worried about the river entrance and then need to get to westhaven for the Anzac race on Friday anyway but they are completely full and not taking any bookings. Anyone got a westhaven berth they are not using for the rest of the week and would rent out to me?
  11. Im no expert but mucked around on a few diesels. I guess the first thing to check is if there is diesel actually getting to the engine. Could be a blocked filter or Air in the system but normally it would be a gradual fuel starvation and slow loss of power rather than an abrubt stop. The 2 fuel filters should be both on the intake side, a primary and a secondary. primary being combined with a water trap and then the secondary being a much finer filter. When were the filters last replaced? That oil filter looks like its been there a while... Normally these would be done eve
  12. Its really just amazing.
  13. B00B00


    Good idea thanks Andrew. I know Tony well so will ask him.
  14. B00B00


    LOL a flatdeck truck should do the job I think...
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