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  1. Cant say I have ever stopped at new Plymouth. Can you just anchor near the moorings and then leave your dingy by the ramp or by the yacht club? Are there moorings available to rent short term. I hate anchoring around mooring areas due to foul ground and old mooring gear,chains ect.
  2. Interesting question on the grounding and eventual capsize. The first few photos show the boat sinking but clearly upright, then a photo of the boat upside down. Do you think the keel was still attached in the first few photos then as it sank (or hit the bottom) the keel came off. Not a lot of stabilty in a hull thats full of water without a keel and a heavy alloy rig and furled genoa up in the air.
  3. Wow long tough trip. Which way would you go? Southern ocean, shorter quicker but likely more risk. Over the top of aussie, longer, safer, more places to stop, covid debacles?
  4. I make my own hot Sauce these days, me and the kids really power through it, they even have it on toast for breakfast. Otherwize its culleys as our favorite, especially the green one. Still have a bottle of Culleys #10 thats been in the fridge for over a year, its just a wee bit hot for us and only gets used for Biltong and jerky these days
  5. Might be too small for me. Looks to be about 380mm? I have a 35fter and 28hp.
  6. I could be keen to take a look at it. What size boat and engine was it on?
  7. Maybe we need to talk Mutley into bringing the Honking Jack down from Sandspit Marshy. Make a rule that each T750 need to have at least one kid!
  8. Thinking I might have to take the blokart for a hoon along orewa beach this evening. Low tide and strong onshore breeze. And the rain will be keeping the beach pretty empty as well.
  9. Outgoing tide too. would have been horrendous on the weiti bar. We were out there yesterday with the kids in the sailing dinghies and it was only 20kts nshore with outgoing tide and that was rough enough. Got the starling mast caught in the mud at one stage which was interesting and then on another capsize the young fella almost got swept under one of the big multhulls on the mooring. Fun day on the water.
  10. Yes fish I agree, the river seems to be a great inviroment for growth at the moment. Even my dinghy can have barnicles on it after a week or 2 in the water... My keel and rudder which were painted about 8 months ago are fairing much better to the growth but the waterline which has very thin antifoul now really grows quick and is hard to clean off. I think I will be adding a few extra layers to the waterline this time around.
  11. Anyone have experience with Warpaint? My boat currently has warpaint on it, around 1.5 years old and pretty much toast now. Barnicles on it after 2-3 weeks these days. Much easier for me to just stick with the same paint but I will be changing color from green to grey. Boat lives up the weiti river.
  12. B00B00


    2.6:1 reduction.
  13. B00B00


    Can you quote a new Prop? Lombardini 1003(28hp) 3700kg 35ft yacht on a shaft drive (1 inch shaft I think), 16.5inch prop. Was running a gori 16.5x12 3 blade but lost a blade, now a Kiwi prop. Looking to increase motoring speed.
  14. B00B00


    We have a kiwi prop on our Ross 10.6 with a lombardini 28hp. I have not been overly impressed with the motoring speed even after playing with the pitch a few times and reverse is to far over pitched for us. Any growth on the prop and the engine just stalls in reverse unless you slam it hard to full throttle. I believe they are good on cruisers with bigger engines but i think they suffer a bit on smaller engines as the blades are not that efficient at getting the horsepower to the water. Customer service seems to be very good. We hit a log very hard with the prop and there was
  15. Everyone in our group drank the whangaroa water and had no issues. But we did put it though a filter. The same with the Russel water.
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