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How widespread is Sexism in Sailing?


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Guest Dry Reach
Can't find it but the crux of the doc said that if they'd "done it" once every day for their entire relationship (probably being a bit optimistic, but you never know) then he shelled out something like 27K (USD) per bonk! He was clearly a dumb arse for not protecting his assets (I mean his financial assets DR!), but was she an entrepreneur or just a bloody gold digger?


Woop Woop - thread drift alert!!!



Defcon 9... frantic drift alert...


its funny you know. i looked at that Ropey tart that was hanging out of Mel Gibson and said to myself "she will get pregnant ASAP then seperate and go for the money!"


and wallah!... & i bet most others saw that coming.... except poor old Mel! :crazy:



Trouble is you cannot protect all your assets when a child is involved as the support payments can be in the millions!

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