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Planned mods, effect on safety cat

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back in the day things were engineered to ABS, or ...


From July 2010 the new construction standard is ISO 12215


For any significant mod the structures must meet these standards, of which there are different parts to the ISO 12215 e.g. keel or rudder or rig attachments, superstructure etc.


Most structural engineers have and work to these standards.


then technically if racing under ISAF you need to have the plans approved by a body such as Germanisher Lloyd. this is not cheap.

as the process and cost are centred around production boats where the cost are spread between the boats.


YNZ have/had recognised this expense, and are/were being lenient on the stamp duty on modified boats in such cases as Cat 2


This may well have changed. I recommend that you talk to a structural engineer regarding this and YNZ about the current legalities.


There is a grey area as in say you had/got an existing 930 mod plans pre 2010. ( I do have a mod keel fin if your interested )


I will be going through the same process with the rebuild/mod of wrecreation with engineers

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I'm thinking about some structural mods to a 930, like retractable prod, keel, chain-plates, interior strip-out. Is any of this going to affect ability to get Cat 2?
Prod shouldn't done properly and knot thru the stem meaning chain plate changes. Keel is a yes. Chain plates is a 50/50 depending on what you are doing with them. Interior strip out?? judging by mine it would be hard to make the interior less structural so anything you do will probably only make it stronger. The key word is 'significant' hence the keel gets a yes as that is a large change by anyone standard but the rest can be done without being biggies .... depending exactly how you do it.


The thing is that boat is older then the date where everything has to be fully engineered so as long as you don't get too carried away you can do a fair bit without triggering a full re-engineering, that should only show what history has already done.


I've asked YNZ a few questions about the very same thing. Never got even an acknowledgement so I've gone direct to Maritime NZ and I have one of their Surveyors overseeing the tweak in conjunction with one of the YNZ Inspectors. Both have been there done that in terms of boat building and sailing so they are also very good to bounce ideas off. But that has lead to a spike in me hearing the phrase 'You'd be a dickhead if you do' :)


So I'd say speak to a YNZ inspector before you start the chainsaw.

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