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  1. Jon

    Pogo 36

    Amazing amount of room for a 36’er 3 queen size bunks and really nice saloon plus goes up wind better than you’d think but it will be a weapon on a reach, could be hard to beat in a normal coastal
  2. This is exactly what I did, used a can of etch primer after power wire brushing it, then sprayed it with another coat of cold galv now in forward cabin to hopefully never se the light of seabed
  3. They told me they are no longer renting them for you but you can do it privately Getting anything back would be better than leaving it empty for 4 months
  4. Still available and willing to subsidise it if someone wants to take if for most of this time
  5. Halo is a Mull 9.5 Stormy Dawn won a RNI with the designer and his wife
  6. We are heading to the islands mid June back end of September. I can get the marina to rent it temporarily but thought I’d try here first.
  7. Here’s something for everyone https://www.ssanz.co.nz/enduro-2023/
  8. Wondering who’s invented this wheel Off to Tonga and Fiji this winter and mostly for Fiji I’m wanting the best option for either overlay or seperate device displaying google earth or similar images on my iPad No I don’t want to get an android and like my iPad as it’s simple like me, been googling this for a while and they get technical and start saying download to your laptop bla bla bla Don’t mind paying for an app, but which one works, navionics only show’s images on land or where it thinks the reefs are but we all know that in Fiji there not usually where the chart says
  9. Definitely NZ registered says so on the side
  10. Don’t expect it to be quick or comfortable
  11. I’d be keen to join your group We are heading to Tonga via Minerva early June then Fiji early August Not interested in rallies either but be good to get and share some collective knowledge
  12. One other thing, make sure you can get to your batteries fast One of the yachts in the current RNI had a small electrical fire in the back of the panel and the main battery isolator didn’t kill the supply Power was from something that required permanent connection and lid was securely screwed down and tools were well stowed Luckily it was controlled but could have been disastrous
  13. Mechanical issues looking at options at this point
  14. Finish line between tower and ODM CU decided 600nm upwind wasn’t fun anymore Tiny said they are doing the rum race
  15. Doing the right thing isn’t always easy
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