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  1. Jon

    E books

    I’ve got an iPad and tried reading from it but it’s hard on your eyes, and hard to hold for hours, but if you could try it first. as for books I’ve got them on my desktop at home and laptop on the boat, I’ve passed them on via a memory stick or hard drive (needs to be 8Gb or larger, but smallest you get now is 32 I think) Then you just plug the kindle into laptop, open kindle books file and drag and drop the book file into kindle documents file. I can copy them and send to you by mail, but then you will have to forward to 100 cruising yachts I’m currently in Wellington until n
  2. Jon

    E books

    Backlit Kindle is the way I went, touch screen so can be a little tricky to get used to when reading on watch, because if you touch side of screen it changes page,so you quickly learn to put it down and pick it up carefully. Probably the first thing I pack for a voyage now. Ive also got approximately 4-5000 books that have been collected from the cruising community that I’m happy to share
  3. Jon

    SSANZ Triple 2021

    Everything is fluid at present One of the reasons we put a date out
  4. Pay to run this by Angus
  5. The organising authority may need to consider allowing skipper declaration on Cat 3 to make this event go ahead, its a two year cert so half the fleet should have one ? And maybe safety checks at the finish for a large percentage of the fleet.
  6. You always look like you’ve got a reef in off the start line, but never on the results sheet Only 15 to max of 20 on the start line, wait until it’s really blowing
  7. Don’t you need a bigger mast Phil
  8. Jon

    SSANZ Triple 2021

    Working on both Covid will ultimately decide
  9. Our dyneema backstay vibrates a loud harmonic through our carbon rig right into the master cabin. A sharp dig in the ribs fixes it every time. (I get up and let the backstay off completely)
  10. Jon

    SSANZ Triple 2021

    We are looking at a couple of options if the magic fairy doesn’t sprinkle L1 or L2 dust over us all by next weekend 1 A stand alone twohanded race on a Sunday in October 2 A Friday rum race with prize giving afterwards ( out of towners could jump on Westhaven boats if need be ) Prize giving would be for the two race series. 3 Both of the above Series entrants would get free entry but others able to enter and join in. This is an unofficial update as we haven’t a clue how any of this is going to turn out, but fingers crossed we can make something happen along these lin
  11. My must watch is Sailing Yacht Florence No hype just a pommy couple circumnavigating on an older 37’ Oyster Worth going back to beginning if your really bored
  12. “Your engines like a drunken sailor” How do you mean like a drunken sailor ? “Piston broke”
  13. From Wiki, so it looks like it was the admin base for the gulf defence guns ? Work began on the Motutapu counter-bombardment battery in 1936.[13] In May 1936 roads to battery had been formed, and the battery and observation post completed by June 1937, guns mounted by end of August 1938, and a temporary camp established at Administration Bay in 1937. War broke out in September 1939 and the military population on the island went from 10 to 200, requiring the construction of additional buildings at Administration Bay and at the observation posts
  14. Administration Bay was to be the American naval base in ww2 They were planning on filling in the south side of the little island to the main island with the dredgings This may be like Wiki, may need editing but this is the story I was told, the base was to be on the island so they could keep the sailors out of Auckland at least some of the time
  15. Jon

    SSANZ Triple 2021

    Not looking likely to get race 3 but we are definitely looking at running a third race if at all possible, would be a standalone if we can’t run on the same weekend as originally planned I personally believe we will see many more cases before this outbreak started to improve
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