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  1. As above will be very interesting to see who fronts, maybe every other club is missing something Cant see how it’s classic if it’s never happened before Want to get numbers “ then don’t put obstacles in the way - make it cheap, use racetrack, have a party afterwards. Once it’s established and classic then it will stand on its own feet, just my thoughts but I could be wrong, hope I am for their sake Maybe it has something to do with it being on first of April
  2. Spirits Bay is also a good anchorage if it’s SW and your waiting for it to go more W
  3. West coast every time ‘Get to top and then only need a two or three favourable days and your there East coast you will get hit somewhere
  4. Never seen one there but there’s usually one in Man-o-war bay Waiheke this time of year There maybe a skip on the coromandel wharf ? It comes under Waikato Regional Council and TCDC
  5. Jon

    VHF radio help

    If you’ve replaced the aerial and radio and still not working can only be power ? are you receiving on any channels ? Try listening on 60 or 62, there should be endless chatter of trip reports with Coastguard, especially on weekends Turn volume to max, adjust squelch until it screams at you then back until it stops. Check your on International not USA or Canada As long as the Ariel is screwed in tight and the red wire is connected to a positive supply and the black wire to a ground/neutral they just work. Maybe post where your cruising whilst away and someone can row
  6. Jon

    VHF radio help

    Do a radio check on Ch 16 with Maritime Radio Assuming you have a license
  7. https://www.rnzys.org.nz/rnzys-events/the-christmas-race/ looking like a fun evening with extras and non extra divisions 35 entries already
  8. New main looks smaller still, maybe it’s the offshore version
  9. Probably Div 4 Zest Shimmer 2 Distraction Start Me Up Playbuoy C U Later Hans Up SY SweatWaters Arbitare Global
  10. Division splits will be done after last phrf changes have been made. Date for last changes is 7th February but these won’t come through until these are processed But I’d be counting on being in Div 4 Shimmer top limit for D4 will be about .800ish
  11. Jon

    a big sail

    Plus boats are cheaper there so you could either make on the deal or upgrade
  12. Jon

    a big sail

    24 to 25 hours if you mean sailing then a whole lot more info required Option 1; Are you taking a 200nm offshore high latitude yachts with tonnes of fuel and happy to round the horn ? Option 2; or are you going to stay in the tropics and average 4kts option 1 is 65 to 70 days non stop option 2 is a year or more
  13. Let’s hear from the editor, but believe it’s all in cahoots
  14. REGISTER FOR OUR CHRISTMAS RACE TODAY! Wednesday 21st December
  15. Just catching up with this but don’t see why Northland Councils are so pissy about this We cleared into Marsden Cove about a month ago and there’s fan worm on the pontoons there The stable door is open, horse bolted and a spark from its shoe set the whole farmyard alight.
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