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  1. Jon


    That’s what happens when you buy a French boat
  2. Got some great shots of committee boat though
  3. The improvements seem to be working
  4. Yes that’s what someone else has said, haven’t seen the paperwork yet but I’ll be getting my employment consultant (offshore crew) to give it the once over.
  5. We’ve ( current YNZ inspectors ) have been asked to apply as casual employees
  6. The process seems like it my be easier for cruiser than the old as a lot of the difference was racing requirements that YNZ included, plus you don’t now need to be a member of a yacht club I think single handed will still be a possibility, the idea is you get sign off for your intended voyage on paper then get your boat signed off as being suitable There are going to be issues to work through however if they are willing to adapt the system as these arise it could be better than the current system where it’s often up to the inspectors discretion Watch this space and if you can
  7. New process outlined below for taking your NZ registered boat offshore https://www.maritimenz.govt.nz/recreational/boating-basics/taking-your-boat-overseas/
  8. No that’s if you lose it they send you a physical copy but also electronic move got multiple laminated copies on board
  9. I charge a small fee on top if a first timer wants me to walk them through the prep which includes a preliminary look over the vessel Usually works out to between $30/$40 per hour, sometimes less for the whole process and usually I can save them more with ideas that I’ve pick up from either doing myself or from others that I’ve inspected
  10. Fee for Cat one varying from $300 to $400 ynz get $115 of that
  11. Ok, small up date as we don’t know much yet but this much I do know If Olly’s boat was closer I could start the process on the 30th and he would have 60 days or could get 30 day extensions o top of that As of 1st July I lose both my delegation to issue Cat 1’s and my ability to issue Cat 2 and 3 certs The New process will be something like the following MNZ will call for applications for new positions of VAA (vessel assessment advisor) some of these will probably be ex YNZ inspectors ‘YNZ will also ask current inspectors to reapply as cat 2,3 inspectors (however they
  12. I can do your cat 1 up until 30th June which is valid for 60 days
  13. your offshore, have you run out of wind or something ? Starlink must be working well
  14. I can’t see it Sounds more like you will probably need both sign off from YNZ to race and MNZ to depart as YNZ won’t have the delegation to issue the clearance cert
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