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  1. Jon

    New Genoa

    Asia will definitely be cheapest Cruise laminate that’s radial cut will last twice as long as cheap Dacron, not physically but hold its shape twice as long. All depends on are you looking for a 5 year solution and don’t sail upwind or a 10 year solution that will still point well it whole life. Dont be disappointed if you go cheap and it doesn’t last, but that’s what some people want, to me a heavy 40’er is probably over the limit for Dacron, but others will disagree
  2. Just received this via email
  3. Yes tracker, battle flag and clothing all included plus a little salt
  4. Zest will be a good match for you to race, Craddock 36 sailed by an older couple that won overall in 2008 in a varnished S&S 39 There’s always lots of races within the race Poulpito is a Sydney 38 out of New Cal theres a Beneteau 36 still to come and a couple of entries that are place savers until they sort actual entry boats
  5. Fleet so far. Arbitare C U Later Distraction Drinks Trolley Evolution Express Focus Gale Force High Voltage Kokomea Los Molinos Marshall Law Miss Scarlet Motorboat II Mr Kite Niksen Poulpito Relapse Serena Shimmer Simply Irresistible Simply the Best Southern Fun Start Me Up SweatWaters Vixen Waka Whichway Wired Zest *Pending*
  6. Entries opened last night with a good mixture of boats, one from Australia and one from New Cal 31 spots gone 9 available here https://www.ssanz.co.nz/2022/04/12/10966/ fleet will be posted tomorrow, just checking all entries are legit
  7. Adrian has been around at least once before, won last leg overall actually Think you own him one
  8. We have often had boats in this position and mostly they decide time on the water to be more beneficial than close racing, in RNI leg two you will only be in sight to North Cape and may not see another boat until you enter Cook Strait Enter longhaul, if no one else similar does and your going to be all alone we will swap you to SH. I did this in 2011 as was doing 2012 RNZ, in the 100 we were caught on the wrong side of a wind change, the finish boat said just send us your finish time That was the year the 40kts can in from the north and the yachts ahead wiped out and dropped rigs
  9. That could be almost anywhere in the States
  10. When do you want it ? Ive got one but may sell it after this winters cruise
  11. I could do this for you, However I’d really suggest you should be on board even if not skippering if you think your going to ever go offshore. Sure you would need to arrange someone to look after your kid but this is the perfect chance to gain so sea time with others that have it. 4 day passage in good weather with possible stop at Mahia or Napier if needed
  12. https://www.ssanz.co.nz/triple-series-2022/
  13. Jon

    SSANZ Triple 2021

    Triple Series dates have been on the SSANZ website for 8 months ( Racing tab, Triple Series 2022 ) Prizes will be handed out at this year’s briefing Believe it or not there’s been this thing called Covid with all sorts of restrictions on gatherings Announcements coming out next few weeks about new event sponsor and more. RNI entry scramble 8 days away Triangle Prize Giving this Wednesday
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