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  1. Jon

    SSANZ Triple 2021

    Yes enter now We only upload PHRF a couple of days before
  2. Jon

    SSANZ Triple 2021

    If you enter then think your in the wrong division, you can just let us know before entries close and we will change you to a better fit. So enter early and it helps others see like boats to race against
  3. I’m heading north Thursday, I think the Three Kings is as far as we are allowed at this point, hope we don’t get lost and end up 1000nm further north.
  4. Cat 3+ and yes to two handed division was the rumour I’ve heard
  5. Jon

    SSANZ Triple 2021

    All good feedback, thanks We meet tonight to finalise Sailing Instructions All opinions will be weighted carefully See you on the water. J
  6. Jon

    SSANZ Triple 2021

    The reason we started doing it this way was we get great footage of the whole fleet as the mixup happens, really demonstrates that you don’t need anything flash, just what you have and a mate At this stage I make it 2 for and 1 against
  7. Jon

    SSANZ Triple 2021

    Two largest races on the calendar Maybe someone’s doing it right ??
  8. Jon

    SSANZ Triple 2021

    Hasn’t been decided yet but surely if you know that your going to have bigger boats sail through then you should be placing yourself on the course where your going to be least affected We your given limes make rum punch surely
  9. First foreign boat on list also
  10. Full details will be sent to competitors but effectively you need to do a radio check with Maritime Radio on VHF at a range of no less than 20nm from their transmitter ( Waitakere for Auckland Maritime or Great barrier for Barrier Radio ) Westhaven is only 12nm from Waitakere so Motuihe or Tiri or the likes are mid 20s. Call Maritime asked them for a radio check and also ask them if your visible on AIS including your recent track, ask them to email you a copy of this check, job done. Maritime doesn’t use the private receivers, all their data comes off their sites or via satellite so
  11. Jon

    SSANZ Triple 2021

    Current plan is a month out at the latest Just finalising NoR and Sailing Instructions So any changes you’d like to see please post here, can’t guarantee anything but good to have feedback to add to the mix.
  12. 7.926 is 26 ft and it’s boats under this However we can and have taken boats smaller it was always based around Raven 26 being the smallest Doesnt mean we won’t exclude a larger boat if it’s deemed unsuitable
  13. We are looking into this, most likely it’s a data entry issue with the cert or possibly info supplied incorrectly Weather the boat is capable of handling the conditions that could be encountered will be the next step we will work through. Just because a boat has been entered doesn’t mean the entry has been accepted For the last RNI we required extra proof of suitability from some of the let’s say more marginal boats. We are still hoping to get a few more boats off the wait list, but probably not all unfortunately.
  14. My pick is it will sell out inside five minutes
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