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  1. I was 50nm south that night and we had over 50 and over 200mm of rain from Saturday afternoon until early hours Monday ‘Monday we headed further south in a good 3m swell some bigger
  2. I know a few that have been with him and know someone that was on the next trip, plus reading the comments about him, if you got good weather it was a great trip but if the weather was crap you either went or forfeited your money Not a great sense of responsibility towards safety, all about the money. I passed him coming home from the Kings as he headed out on that trip, we were coming home because we knew the weather was about to pack up in a few days, all the other charter boats came back at least a day ahead of him or the commercial boats stayed out (cray boats) He got it wr
  3. Good doco, watched it a few weeks back, as BP said mostly better sails, if the keel was that good everyone would have gone that way no. what the keel did was get it’s centre of gravity a lot lower, as in the bulbs we see now on racing yachts. The old 12 metre yachts had a very high CoG
  4. Well I’ve joined the racks of the unpopular So if anyone wants a Cat 3 for coastal give me a shout Im off to Fiji to sail a cat back on the 4th of October but can do most days between now and then 0274779745
  5. Looks great If anyone comes closer than 3m tell them not to be rude and stop invading your personal space
  6. Opposes the lifting force of the turning bocks at the deck collar
  7. By settling out of court the council has avoided a finding of negligence Therefore the next person who this happens to need to go through the whole process of proving the council is at fault If the council had lost this it would have meant that if they put you on a mooring and it fails then they are liable
  8. It’s doable but you would need to be prepared to hop from harbour to harbour on nice days, First big leg to Napier would need a big high, then pick your way north in light westerlies. Need to go very soon or wait for summer would be my suggestion
  9. Snapper Bay is definitely a contender but let’s give it another day and a half for the forecast to firm up. Calypso if it goes NW as Metvuw is saying or Issy Bay if it’s looking windier Tomorrow night we will make the call
  10. I’ve frequently seen ships at 30 to 40nm however class B to class B will be only 7 to 10nm depending on the mast heights and sea conditions Transmission intervals vary according to your speed and theirs also so if when they transmitted if you had a house or land in the way you wouldn’t receive their transmission VHF will bend around corners but not reliably so that’s why sometimes you would pick them up. Hope that helps
  11. We are open to feedback as I said above, but don’t necessarily expect everything to be changed to suit the loudest voice. The main metric on success for us is entry numbers and comparison of these against the Coastal and previously the Akl Regatta SSANZ is run by enthusiastic volunteers on a not for profit basis, there’s no way to please all the people all the time, if you think you can do better please come and help, it will open your eyes to how much is done by so few, all for nothing other than providing good yachting.
  12. The problem with asking for suggestions is if we don’t adopt them then people get offended. And they may not be adopted for all sorts of reasons that aren’t apparent to the one that suggests them. Often opposing suggestions that make more sense. Covid has brought forward the opportunity to try lots of small tweaks, one that’s here to stay are the 3 mass starts. One that needs work is the Evolution Sails 2 division, this needs splitting on waterline length, weather it should be 2 or 3 divisions I’m not 100% on. It’s the growth area and needs work but with any splitting there’s always winne
  13. Probably add Illiomama buoy after Motukorea buoy and drop Bean rock But that’s getting a bit ahead yet Call will be made on finish location in a week, could even end up with a raftup in Islington Bay yet if the weathers not playing nice Handicaps will be posted on Thursday as per previous two races
  14. Lots of 15 or 20min sleeps I believe Listened to a sleep specialist on RNZ recently and sleep is something you can’t starve yourself of, eventually it just takes over (I’ve woken up on watch before and I’d suggest anyone who says they haven’t hasn’t been there)
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