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  1. Jon

    Something Fishy

    We saw flying fish in Port Abercrombie in the first week of the year, blue water inside the barrier too which is not that normal, so where there’s flying fish there will be mahi
  2. Navionics with base chart and with sonic chart
  3. No, I’ve got a power point just below that’s powered by a 300W inverter, I also use it for phone charging etc Old one was 24” and 12volt, replacement was over $800 and only one option as not a common size any more Replaced with 32” smart tv $250 plus $100 inverter that I already had
  4. Tell you the truth, I had similar issues Ended up binning TV and replacing it with a smart tv with Netflix installed, I just hotspot tv off my phone now and it works Probably an age thing
  5. In Huse bay tonight 20 boats in the north end of channel, seen more in a winter weekend I think most have gone home or are further a field
  6. Mean while North Harbour is practically empty
  7. Left Barrier yesterday (it has emptied out to quite quiet) Arrived Bottom End mid arvo, ManOwar was full but everything else was like a weekend outside holidays
  8. Speaking of strange messages I keep getting one or two targets showing in my target list of boats that are thousands of miles away, up to 8000nm They are in range or I’d not pick them up, so either they are transmitting an incorrect position or my raymarine system is receiving it incorrectly anyone else with this issue ?
  9. Lots of boats left GB this morning on the easterly today A few arrived this afternoon Fitzroy looked normal to light this afternoon
  10. Left Moturua Is (rabbit) at 0900 this morning Anchoured in Red Cliffs, 1245 Nice little downwind sail 33nm Saw 12 to 14kts apparent in the channel doing 9 to 10kts so probably 24kts wind speed
  11. Been in Deep Cove last three nights A mate has been on eastern side of Ruapukia the last few nights and has said that’s been good, sandy beach and good island walk. probably head to Moturua (Rabbit) Island today Then Fitzroy next year
  12. Could also seem more as this SW is keeping everyone from spreading out
  13. Lots of boats in Coromandel area, 50% more at a guess
  14. Easy enough to do yourself here https://www.maritimenz.govt.nz/commercial/ships/registration/part-B/default.asp hardest part for you is you firstly need to de register your boat in the UK, but you will probably know how this is done, you need to send a copy of this with your application as above, it can all be done online at this end
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