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  1. Just buying a top down furling adpator (from Beau Marine on here) for my code 0 furler, so I can also use the system for a couple of Gennakers. Im just sussing out Anti-Torsion ropes. I have a good quality 10-11mm halyard (vectran) that I changed for a size smaller, which I could cut into two, and splice the ends into a solid thimble. Would this work as an anti-torsion rope for a furler. I know you can buy special anti-torsion line. But wondering why a tightly tensioned line between the swivel wouldnt do the same job. As most double braid isnt biased L or R, so would think it would be o
  2. Hi Pete this is What I have on squealer. v good but control head is fogging (unit less than 6 months old) can steers to apparent wind, as well as usual compass course. Need to fit a bigger battery bank to keep track of it though!
  3. RedLine

    Water in bilge

    I had something similar a few years back. Till i discovered the rudder tube (was a spade rudder in a tube) leaked at the base of the tube where it exited the hull. had to take it out put some goop on it, then pour epoxy/glass mix around the area on the inside of the hull. that fixed it for good. At rest it didn't leak but with the rudder working at sea there was enough movement to cause water to come into the boat..
  4. thks willow, will have to get on to it!!
  5. Hi Did a a Coastguard Advanced Sea survival course back in 2010. And wondered how long they are valid for. If it has expired do you have to re-sit the whole course again or is their a refresher or simple test you can take to re-new it?
  6. software routing I'd guess sometimes it pays sometimes it doesnt. Time will tell tho!!
  7. Looks like Gucci are home now, and two others have withdrawn / DNF This was the 7am Sched KM. Go the Ross boat, no bad for an old eh?? Might be a little biased thou!!
  8. Tail Enders seem to be getting a pasting now. Gucci is a long way further offshore? Looked like an awesome ride for those that made it in b4 the Sw'ly change!!
  9. Ok had to remove my lifelines the other day to get a stanchion base welded. Noticed a few broken strands, and have had to shorten the old wire by cutting it off, and putting a new eye on it. So was thinking about replacing them again soon. So what's the deal currently with SK75/Dux/Dynex/Dyneema etc what ever its called these days being used as a replacement. I can splice it easy enough, and if you put a bit of plastic tube to stop wear thru the stanchions, would that pass Cat III safety insp. Think this topic has been up b4. But hard to find old topics on here? Cheers
  10. RedLine

    Deck Hatch

    These Guys are Prob ok if you don't need a custom one. Been waiting two years now for my custom hatch, that was always coming next week.
  11. Hi KM its not so much the emails take long (as long as there are no attachments) but if you connect an Iphone, Android phone, or tablet , windows8 pc etc to one of these gadgets it will simply lock up the connection, as those gadgets are built to run on broadband. Untill the speed is good enough its a waste of time. Better off with a second hand phone & data lead connected to something like an old netbook PC. Turn off all windows and automatic up-dates and stuff like skype, bookface etc and you have half a chance of it working. I've set up several sat phone email systems, and know ho
  12. Having an Iridium Sat phone that works @ the same speed I can say I don't think this new device will be up-to much. As if you try & use it as a wireless hotspot as advertised for Tablets/phones/pcs's any/all of them will ordinarily try to download up-dates, and instant messaging face-book etc and that will eat the connection. Till the new faster Sats are up I don't think this will be of much use. Having a dedicated PC with all updates & skype etc all turned off, its still slower than watching paint dry. And even then u need a specialised email client (like uu plus that zips up/compre
  13. RedLine

    Cheap Instruments

    Hi KM I have an AIS built right into the VHF ( Std Horizon) it shows targets etc on the VHF and if you interface it to a plotter, it will also show them on there, or a tablet if you go down that route. Radio & AIS are all in the same unit and only require one VHF aerial (with no spliter) so uses the one at the top of the mast. IT all works very well, I already had the little Garmin GPS plotter, so was pretty cheap to set-up. You can turn the alarms off, so that when ur cans racing it doesnt bleat about every ship in the harbour.
  14. RedLine

    Cheap Instruments

    Thought I'd get in on the cheapo instruments idea also. Using a tablet or smart phone in the cockpit or small Netbook at the chart table. Idea is to be able to get data on a small mobile tablet in the cockpit on wind/laylines/time to start line etc. So bought a vyacht nmea wireless multiplexer(http://vyacht.net/) that can take either NMEA 0183 or Seatalk as inputs (as those are the instruments I have). And it collates the data and sends it wirelessly as NMEA data over small hotspot that it creates. However cant get it to o/p any NMEA data wirelessly. It will give some data if you con
  15. If it were me, I wouldn't use crimp connectors at all, borrow or buy a Butane soldering iron, and solder the wires (end on end). The existing wires will need to be cut back and clean for the solder to run properly. Use heat-shrink of an appropriate size over each wire, pulled back far enough to not get shrunk during soldering. Then when done use self amalgamating tape to wrap the joint. If done well it will be neat/waterproof and last for years.
  16. Well Done Peter (Outside Edge) Only a couple of miles to go now, been following you all the way across. Great effort 3rd mono-hull only the two Classe 40's ahead of you. You must have got ur Sat Phone going to get the weather info on the laptop after all. Cheers Stu
  17. The Classe 40's are a lot different, was aware Daltons was a much newer generation. But the Y11 was pretty close to them both this morning. But looks like Daltons Huapane is not up-dating the tracker, which would account for his position not being correct. Might be Krakatoa isn't first mono-hull by now?
  18. Met Peter Gedes(Outside Edge) whilst he was here in Nelson tried to set-up his Sat Phone to talk to his Laptop. But had a panicked call day before the race to say it wasn't working. Looks like he must be getting good weather info tho , as he's only 30-40 miles or so adrift of the two Classe 40's pretty impressive for a Y11 after 1000 miles of racing. Peter has fished off the east coast half his life so prob has a good idea about what to do to avoid the worst of it. Atom Ant I'd guess will be limping with only a back-up tiller pilot, under headsail only @ 4.8kts?
  19. RedLine

    RNI 2014

    Ditto I think the Yellow brick tracker is working gr8. Well Done SSANZ/Yellow Brick.
  20. Wx was gr8 in Nelson yesterday, but bit breezy up North. Which of the web sites is supposed to be posting updates, as none of them said no racing, or any updated info that I could see. What's the URL for results??
  21. Hi Anyone know where results/updates are being posted for A class nationals, day one today. Cant see any updates or results anywhere? Tried these: http://www.sailingeventstakapuna.com/ https://www.facebook.com/TakapunaBoatingClub http://www.takapunaboating.org.nz/ Looks like a star studded event, 1/2 of Team NZ as well as my neighbour in the competition!
  22. RedLine

    RNI 2014

    Thks for the offer Might see If I can drum up a crew for the RPNYC regatta, and bring Redline over I'll let u know. Cheers Stu
  23. RedLine

    RNI 2014

    Hi Due to lack of prep time (due to loss of the Mast) my crew bailed in New Plymouth having not been out of Tasman Bay in a 930. Ideally we would have done a few races two handed, and our pre qualification miles in plenty of time. Last summers build up to the Central Triangle was much more organised, and we both put in some miles as a team before the event. We did quite well and I really enjoyed the challenge of that event, and the RNI was a logical progression from that. Spent a couple of days trying to phone up/fly in a replacement. IF you were one of the guys I phoned, you'll know w
  24. RedLine

    RNI 2014

    Thks Think we have everything we need, will leave the main behind & use an old cruisy main for delivery, and have the tweaked main sent up to Akld. Good luck for the Welly Nelson race, looks like a reasonable stiff southerly in the straight & fairly big swell running. But once ur clear of the S Coast it should be all good, usually not much breeze the other side of Stephens Isl. Cheers Stu
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