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  1. Vendée Globe: Damage to HUGO BOSS

    Published on November 22nd, 2020


    (November 22, 2020; Day 15) – Vendée Globe favorite Alex Thomson (GBR) has paused racing to address damage to his 2019 VPLP-design HUGO BOSS. Ross Daniel, Technical Director at Alex Thomson Racing, has released the following statement at 11:30 GMT on November 22:

    “Yesterday evening (Saturday 21st November), while Alex was carrying out a routine inspection onboard HUGO BOSS, he spotted what he believed to be some structural damage in the bow area of the boat. He immediately notified myself and the team on shore, and we provided clear instructions to allow him to carry out a full inspection of the damage.

    “That inspection has revealed some structural damage to a longitudinal beam at the front of the boat. The damage appears to be isolated to that area alone. It is yet unclear what caused this damage. There have been no incidents of concern onboard the boat during the race so far.

    “Together with our structural engineers and naval architects, we worked through the night to put together a full repair plan for Alex. During this time, Alex took some rest onboard in order to prepare to begin that repair work this morning.

  2. So Seymour had a relationship with a press secretary for National - this is an absolute disgrace and Seymour should be fired!!! 😃

    Looks like the election will be very light on policy this time around as the poli will be played, not the policy.

  3. I have no idea. Scenario of say a coastal classic weekend with crew cars all over the place would give Westhaven severe conniptions. Oe a week away for a crew member on your boat. Presumably will have to register with Westhaven beforehand.

  4. We are getting in touch with you to let you know about an upcoming change to our current parking permit process within Westhaven Marina.

    With all current long-term paper permits expiring 30 June 2020, we have taken the opportunity to implement some improvements to the parking permit process by introducing an electronic system which eliminates the need for paper permits. Going paperless means all parking permits will be registered and monitored electronically using licence plate recognition.

    The expected launch for this system is early August, and your current parking permits are automatically extended to be valid until the new system is in place.

    What changes with the new parking system?

    • Instead of being issued a physical parking permit, you will now need to register a vehicle licence plate online to allow that vehicle to park within Westhaven Marina.
    • You can register as many licence plates as you want, and select which licence plate(s) you would like to have as active at any one time based on how many permits you have.
    • Please only park within Westhaven Marina when on site for a marina related purpose.
    • Both yellow (berth holder) and white (public/guest) spaces will be monitored using licence plate recognition.
    • Z pier will be upgraded to Pay-by-Plate, moving to a completely paperless system. Users can pay using the Pay-by-Plate app or on-site machine.
    • Parking enforcement throughout Westhaven Marina will still be undertaken by Parking Enforcement Services (PES).

    We will be back in touch closer to the time with an exact launch date and to pass on instructions on how to use the new system, but until then if you have any questions, please let us know.



    Improvements? Face photo recognition at the marina gates soon?

  5. We already have Orion's, they need to be maintained, operated and flown anyway. The current Coastguard do no more or less than the volunteer based version of a bygone era - just costlier and flasher. Yes, I am a member but only as an AA on the water if needed - in 40 years of boating have as yet not needed them.

    The proliferation of local units in Auckland over the last 20 years, all racing to the same event sometimes, was very evident to me when I had an active role on the harbour. And they all wanted funding  and had ideas of bigger better boats.

    Volunteer skippers provided boats and crews who filled the need, some built their weekends and boat ownership around their passionate duties and still provided as good a service as now at a fraction of the cost.

    I'm in Black Panthers  camp.


  6. Island Time - did you buy the Noelex out of Westpark - off Derek Blackies family? I had Current Affair moored adjacent to Flashpoint and we had a bit of an arms race going on. I put a bit more lead on the bulb as I thought the Noelex was a bit tippy so he got a bit of a wing keel added designed by Kevin Lidgard - still never beat me.

    I think Derek, who did not enjoy good health, had a fatal heart attack on the helm on a Wednesday night race - a good way to go. Long time ago now.

  7. Discussions with daughter about what is the inside lane on a two lane each way road - after me trying to give instructions to her driving on Aucklands motorway and confusing both of us. She told me I am the only person she knows that calls the inside lane the one on the left. A quick googgle seems to show English (UK) supports me, US is the other way around (just like their buoys and beacons).


    Or has it become a generation thing.

  8. Seems on the nose that responsible boat owners are penalised for the lack of ability of Councils staff to maintain an accurate database of its mooring holders and boats occupying moorings in terms of the permits it issues and charges for. Surely a requirement that all moored boats need annual proof of insurance would sort this as a condition of the permit - as happens with marinas. Keep boat standards up and maintain an annual link with mooring holders aside from an annual invoice.

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