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  1. Have a set of Musto which has done a Volvo - hand me up from my son. Good as gold apart the neoprene collar and ends of sleeves. And I've thrashed it since then - about 6 years more. Good gear. Simple though - more a smock with a front pocket and no bullshit stuff.
  2. The junk at T pier was not the Golden Lotus but a charter boat. I last saw the Golden Lotus moored on a swing mooring off Bucklands Beach - back in the early 70's. Read the book as a kid and have just got an old copy of the book.
  3. Plastic bucket with lid - chuck in soap laundry and hit wind against tide in Motuihe channel
  4. Still in discussion. Dived boat last race weekend before race and no fan worm. Advised Council of this and that I was fully aware of my responsibilities in stopping spread of such pests. Again reminded them of fanworm all over marina. Reply was could I advise when boat will come out for antifoul and no mention of fanworm. Just sitting at moment - want to point out the apparent two faced Council approach - we don't like antifouling versus we don't like pests. Maybe suggest a subsidy from Council - to pull my boat out and antifoul is at best a 5 grand exercise.
  5. Was on a larger boat doing island racing last time - from memory our total sailing time was less than 6 hours for the whole regatta. A great week and I wouldn't miss it but a lot of effort in getting boat and crew up there and a big expense by owner for the time spent sailing.
  6. I dive the boat myself and have done for years - this will be the next bastion to be taken from us. I am reasonably confident the boat is, and was clean, and was done before I knew of this, so await a response with interest. Not too au fait with PrivacyAct provisions - I know Westhaven will not provide details of boat/marina ownership to private people and would be the only party to pass this on to Council.
  7. Can't seem to copy and paste. Resource Management Act and Biosecurity Act both quoted.
  8. Notice in its entirety. In my red mist phase misread notice date - have to 11 September to comply in full - have to submit plan by 11 August. Received by Email and copy allegedly in post. Will advise of response if any. Some great titles for the team and the people who head it up - must be really well compensated and educated to even remember that lot.
  9. Forgot to add I cannot move vessel until plan approved by a warranted officer. Gunna be some fun come next race day
  10. Just received notice that my yacht at Westhaven was inspected by a Council diver and that I need to supply a pan to Council for approval to clean my boat by 11 August. My reply below. I am somewhat surprised at the contents of your recent Email advising my boat has a small amount of Fanweed on it. The boat is regularly raced and cleaned and in fact has been cleaned twice since the date of your inspection (11 June). Given the time delay between your inspection and the notice from you today, some 6 weeks later, I was unaware of requirement to seek approval to clean
  11. Was working in Westhaven when Pier 21 building was first built - for marine related activities - yeah right. Could not get tenants that fitted profile (surprise surprise) and was suddenly full of advertising companies, a de facto pub on ground floor and various bit players a few of which were possibly marine related. Like the new bar/nightclub moving into the new building ex J marina carparking - marine related? Insidious but relentless, the facility that was originally funded by boat owners buying into the concept of a boat harbour for boaties through the old Harbour Board has be
  12. Not the plastic I was concerned about - the inappropriate colours are what pushed my buttons. Natural toning's with the beautful background including the Mansion House, marred by these large garish shiny black and white things. Surely a soft green or brown would be more in keeping in an area of high visual amenity and large public attention. Should have taken a photo!
  13. Popped into Mansion House Bay yesterday - first time for a while. The view into the bay to me is dominated by the new large shiny black and white topped piles on the wharf - they are so incongruous they almost pulse. Wonder which landscape architect/visual amenities expert/planning consultant came up with that one. To me is an absolute shocker and detracts from the whole character of the bay. DOC should be ashamed of itself.
  14. Went really well. 11 starters, 1 withdrawal at Whangarei but that was always a possible stated intention, a hard beat next day to Nagles Cove with last boat finishing at around 11pm, then a "Covid Convoy" home on the Sunday as under lockdown we couldn't race . For safety reasons we made the fleet gather at one point to set off home and we checked them into the harbour at Rangi Light. All made it with no dramas. Some tight racing and I think a different winner on handicap for each leg.
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