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  1. Note the Lidgard sails on her. And no, I am just observant.
  2. Try C B Norwoods - farm machinery. Kubota agents without maritime pricetag.
  3. Oil is a natural product which weathers and disperses in time. It's just a major problem in large quantities. With slow seepage over the years, this may well be less of a problem than uniformed people make out.
  4. Had my 14m berth with Westhaven office for 3 months for rental. Not a nibble - I assume they have a heap of new berths of their own to rent out. Did it privately.
  5. Why do bigger boats require thicker wire - bigger blokes need bigger wire!
  6. If your hull is solid glass, just epoxy transducer to inside of hull making sure there are no bubbles in the bond. No box or liquid required.
  7. Had a fair bit to do with Mr Bolton over the years. Deep Purple sums it up well - he had a yacht he could not afford to maintain let alone berth properly. Had flogged the guts out of the boat and engaged in dodgy trips to off shore island with contributing crew (not a charter!!) Was a menace around the harbour until Council let him use one of the old barge moorings - a temporary arrangement that dragged on (excuse the pun). Recollect the turn of the century dawn celebration where the wakas emerged from the mist at Okahu Bay, a no anchoring area had been established along the Okahu Ba
  8. The flash buildings on the waterfront were, in the main, erected on a shoestring with volunteer labour, donations and support from the then land owners (eg Auckland Harbour Board). Ground rental was cheap and Clubs could focus on their reason for being. Subsequent land owners, zoning changes and changes in philosophy have forced Clubs to look for revenue to pay the commercial rate leases now charged. No club really wishes to concentrate on running a business with venue hires and outside rentals- they are forced to do so to stay alive. And some are dropping by the wayside or are clos
  9. Not tea towels dear -- Tell Tales!!
  10. $150 for straying into a bus lane on Queen Street (and I still don't know where), really p###d me off. $200 for endangering a ship (and potentially the whole local environment), seems rather lopsided. We must appreciate Councils can only operate within the tools they are given but bus lane fines are automatic, arbitrary and revenue generating. Infrequent Nav and Safety infringements cost Councils (us) with no return.
  11. Would have been probably fined under local Navigation and Safety bylaws - maximum $200.
  12. To a large extent our sport is self policing, particularly at Club/ amateur levels. If so many admitted after they were over but kept on because they were not pinged, shows to me a complete lack of sportsmanship, a disregard for the honest ones and a two finger salute to the Race Committee . I would not like it known amongst my peers that I am a blatant cheat and if I can get away with something I will. And if you feel aggrieved, yell and put up the red flag - that is what it is for. The main problem with racing in the ditch is that there is always a favored end to the line - with about
  13. The old Radphone calls with a bit of alcohol involved, especially to an absent partner, used to provide good entertainment.
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