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  1. Was working in Westhaven when Pier 21 building was first built - for marine related activities - yeah right. Could not get tenants that fitted profile (surprise surprise) and was suddenly full of advertising companies, a de facto pub on ground floor and various bit players a few of which were possibly marine related. Like the new bar/nightclub moving into the new building ex J marina carparking - marine related? Insidious but relentless, the facility that was originally funded by boat owners buying into the concept of a boat harbour for boaties through the old Harbour Board has be
  2. Not the plastic I was concerned about - the inappropriate colours are what pushed my buttons. Natural toning's with the beautful background including the Mansion House, marred by these large garish shiny black and white things. Surely a soft green or brown would be more in keeping in an area of high visual amenity and large public attention. Should have taken a photo!
  3. Popped into Mansion House Bay yesterday - first time for a while. The view into the bay to me is dominated by the new large shiny black and white topped piles on the wharf - they are so incongruous they almost pulse. Wonder which landscape architect/visual amenities expert/planning consultant came up with that one. To me is an absolute shocker and detracts from the whole character of the bay. DOC should be ashamed of itself.
  4. Went really well. 11 starters, 1 withdrawal at Whangarei but that was always a possible stated intention, a hard beat next day to Nagles Cove with last boat finishing at around 11pm, then a "Covid Convoy" home on the Sunday as under lockdown we couldn't race . For safety reasons we made the fleet gather at one point to set off home and we checked them into the harbour at Rangi Light. All made it with no dramas. Some tight racing and I think a different winner on handicap for each leg.
  5. Route 66 was moved to this weekend to accommodate the Americas Cup, a richman's race run by a richman's club in some eyes. The world stage however must prevail. That club then schedules its Commodores Cup race to Te Kouma, part of an important series for Squadron , on the same weekend as the ROUTE 66. Despite the clash, a near record fleet with entries in mid 60"s and 11 entrants in the inaugural Gulf triangle - New Zealand's first 3 leg single hand race. Given the first Route 66 had 3 starters and has grown to this, the future of the Gulf Triangle looks promising - nothing vent
  6. Predecessor to Lotus 10.6. One off which did an early round north island race - same owner since built.
  7. Retired Deodar sergeant on education versus fines - "after 3 fines they soon learn"
  8. Vendée Globe: Damage to HUGO BOSS Published on November 22nd, 2020 (November 22, 2020; Day 15) – Vendée Globe favorite Alex Thomson (GBR) has paused racing to address damage to his 2019 VPLP-design HUGO BOSS. Ross Daniel, Technical Director at Alex Thomson Racing, has released the following statement at 11:30 GMT on November 22: “Yesterday evening (Saturday 21st November), while Alex was carrying out a routine inspection onboard HUGO BOSS, he spotted what he believed to be some structural damage in the bow area of the boat. He immediately notified myself and the
  9. The big T

    Boat Names

    Launch off Bucks years ago called Bringyagrogalong
  10. Still in the sailing instructions for Richmond and probably the other Westhaven Clubs.
  11. The big T

    Boat Names

    Was a launch called Sharon Won
  12. Probably America - opposite to most of the world
  13. I have no idea. Scenario of say a coastal classic weekend with crew cars all over the place would give Westhaven severe conniptions. Oe a week away for a crew member on your boat. Presumably will have to register with Westhaven beforehand.
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