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  1. C Tech's phone number is 810-8406 we have some good carbon prod tubes for an Elliot 7.9 (we have done a few of them)
  2. The sqaddy event at kawau weekend has been dying a slow and painful death for a number of years now. Many of us love the event and we often have other multi support boats there as well. But why oh why is it a closed event? Fair enough when it used to be super popular but today? It's just nuts surely we want all the boats possible to sail? Even with sqaddy weekend I will still support Tims idea because the old mahu rangi weekend has been getting too crowded.
  3. TimW

    Beau 770

  4. TimW

    Venturi vacuum pumps?

    a Rotary Vane pump (which most single phase pumps will be) are oil cooled and require a pretty good vacuum before the oil starts to circulate properly. These pumps can overheat when evacuating large volumes of air from big bags. Its also true that a better vacuum (as close as possible to 1 bar) will produce the best results and result in the lowest void content in the laminate. The only time you back off on a vacuum is if you have a water cooled pump and the water starts to boil. Not also that autoclaving is an extension of vacuuming. An autoclave increases the pressure that the
  5. TimW

    Venturi vacuum pumps?

    Venturi's are a great way to take a lot of air out of the bag before you apply a proper vacuum pump to a job. As FNG says they require a lot of compressed air, as a guide a portable single phase "15' with 280 litres per minute free air delivery will not keep up with the air required on a fairly small job for more than a few hours. A vacuum cleaner is also a good way to evacuate air from the bag but will not pull an effective vacuum. How the long the vacuum needs to be on for basically has to do with the temperature of the epoxy. As epoxy starts to cure it creates heat. The vacuum mu
  6. Hi Ishka Check your messages. Go to the top of the page and click on "you have 1 new message" Regards Tim
  7. New mast finished cooking and now ready for fit out and painting. There's not a lot of work to get the Wolf sailing again so anyone keen on doing this years Coastal Classic in their own ultra fast Trimaran should get in touch soon!
  8. TimW

    West 410 fairing

    A cost effective way to use Microballooons (407) is to blend with Microspheres (411) in a ratio of 2 parts 407 with 1 part 411. This gives a nice stable fairing product which is easy to sand and works out considerably cheaper than 407 on its own. I haven't used Microlight (410) for a long while now as it used to give us a lot of problems. Another trick using 407 or 411 when filling is to add a little aerosol (403) to the mix. This helps the edge of the filler stand up and reduces sagging. Sagging is a problem when the Epoxy cures , as it heats up the mix goes a little runnier, th
  9. Timberwolf's new mast is now Laminated and Ready to be cooked in the autoclave..
  10. Yes Timberwolf is definitely still for sale If anyone wants a quick boat very well capable of winning Division 7 in the Coastal Classic then this is the boat for you New rig offers even better light air performance.
  11. Finally some progress. New carbon mast section underway for Timberwolf Many thanks to Adrian Pawson for his help on getting me some of the Intermediate Modulus Fibre we are using
  12. TimW

    Carbon Head

    Yep KM is right I have taken a mould off a toilet and made a few Carbon ones off that a few years back along with a number of Carbon sinks. As a one off unfortunately some owners would start to cry. When I was fully tooled up and another order came along it would invariably not fit, and the mould would need modification. Since those days I think we could have a good go at it. Probably start with a cnc plug made from MDF because taking the mould straight off the existing bowl is quite time consuming and unfortunately the existing bowl gets wrecked and can't be re used. Happy to l
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