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  1. Pretty much exactly what im thinking. Id have no idea what it would be worth at the moment. If it was in Auckland id go take a look and chat to the seller considering i missed out last time. Coastal is cat 3 which needs life lines doesnt it? so that could be an issue, but things like simrad and the other harbour courses would be cool. Looking at the chord length of the keel, its a little shorter then the standard T750 one, but probably not enough to make enough difference to warrant sailing with both the keel and Canard if on traps. I guess you'd just end up trying both and seeing
  2. Its for sale again! Had a bit of progress since last spotted. http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/boats-m ... 912282.htm
  3. Saturday Went out to the boat with dad, ran the engine, checked how much diesel and water were on board, and went up the mast for a once over before the summer cruising begins. We were planning on sanding and varnishing but the weather wasnt great and it looked like it might rain Sunday Rode over the bridge!!!
  4. BvanVugt


    Saw you gybing down the harbour after your finish, man were you smoking, is that when you got the top speed? Its interesting watching the leward hull dig in, looks like its reasonably hard pressed before it starts, and it only takes a small ease of the traveller to get it out again. Thats obviously from off the boat, bet it feels a little more hectic on board
  5. Hi guys. What's a 40' Davidson - 1988 - composite in Pittwater, NSW @ 49,900 asking - worth in real terms. Older boat but - how would it go tweeked-up a bit. Within reason ($ wise) could it be competitive in NZ with all you hot guys? Sure is cheap for that money. Any thoughts? thanks, james Theres one here for $99k, but thats had a cruising interior and cat one gear aboard. There was one up in the bay of islands a couple of years back for $70k, which then turned up down south at $30K after the insurance company had paid the ex-owner out for it due it having been stolen. But in real t
  6. BvanVugt


    The worst thing is theres loads of people who would be more then keen to take it off his hands and have a cheap entry 8.5 on their hands which they would actually use. Like Stephen, im at uni and so in no position to spend loads of $$$ on a boat, but if for a few k i could buy into something like this id more then happy spend the money. Hope the guy one day gets a clue, chucks it on Trade Me for a few hundred dollars and lets someone else have a go.
  7. Thanks Mate Hes PM'ed me, sounds like the boats are heaps of fun Byron
  8. Hey Anyone know anything about the Thompson 750's Theres one on Trade Me which has been modified for a canting keel, does this sound like a good idea or a waste of time? Anyone sailed a regular one, or know the owner of any that i could have a talk to? Regards Byron
  9. Hey Guys I totally agree with Huey, a great class that i personally feel has the potential to get alot of support down here in NZ. Im planning on building my own Mini after ive finished uni and its good to see there are other people who have already started building or have an interest in the class. Whats currently avaliable for such a small boat in terms of offshore/coastal racing in and around NZ? or is this typically only restricted to getting cat 1/3? Hope there is still some momentum behind the class and that by the time im done (5-10yr's away) there is some sort of fleet already tear
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