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  1. For the amount of hassle and costs involved, compared with the reduction in an, already minimal, number of accidents,, licensing is not worth it. BTW. The most stupid thing, affecting me recently was a boatload of MNZ staff, insisting on going under a bridge up tide, when I was going down stream with limited power, maneuverability and space. Enforcing some of the worst examples of breaches of existing rules, could help. Most boaties are sensible. What I see, mostly, apart from the speeding powerboats, are mistakes, not inattention or disregard. Wannabees wanting more power, and thi
  2. I only need to add a couple of eyebolts at the waterline to try the spin pole as a prod. Have a broken angle so will not be able to experiment for a bit. The drifter/reacher is 3oz dacron with a wire luff. Set from a tack line between blocks on the bows. Works from a tight reach to downwind and up to 25 knots wind on a broad reach. I have a light air symmetrical spinnaker as well. All sails are from the first iteration of the boat in 1985. The main, jib and genoa are the only ones that have had a lot of use. As the drifter/reacher puts us into double digits in moderate winds i want to
  3. Main was probably too full. Just got it recut after last sail. Sails are all from the early 80's when the boat was a race boat. Can't test it at the moment as on crutches.
  4. KJT

    Dawn Treader.

    Dawn Treader. Then, and now.
  5. Hi Boat sails level. 3 sail reaching with genoa and drifter/reacher. Control is OK up to about 14 knots then it starts to require too much rudder. Rounding up. Boards are all the way down. Most of the fleet has prods so wondering about setting up the spinnaker pole with water-stays from the bows, as a prod, for the reacher, to get the centre of effort further forward. With the end on the front of the bridgedeck through the anchor fairlead. I am putting up some photos of the boat on the Gallery.
  6. Was dreaming material as a teenager. Will be good to see back here, if it happens?
  7. Hi It is with large rudder angles. Have to put up to 20 25 degrees to counter the helm. Which is why i suspect it is stalling. Losing the flow attachment. Section is as per the original design by Ron Given. Looks close to NASA 0012.
  8. I have a 32 ft cat. Having problems with weather helm and rudder stalling at over 15 knots. I thought after lengthening the boat, and moving the rudders further aft, the balance on a reach would improve. Any suggestions? One I already have in mind is adding a prod to get the reacher further forward. Currently tacked down on ropes from the bows. Fence?
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